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Tanvir Raquib




They fit me well. A staple in my life for the last 6 or so years, they are of the highest utility. They've been through battles with me - walked through rain, sleet, snow and the summer heat in 'em.

My loafers. They're important, even when I don't realize it.

Because without them, I'd be wearing my adidas lowtops all the time. That would just not do.

They're slip-ons, which means they look really gay when I don't wear socks underneath. But I don't care. Not in the slightest.

I could buy myself some new shoes to walk around in. But I don't care. Not in the slightest. Even if they look like they've been through WARS.

Kinda like how I feel about ECW, even though I only started watching it back in '97. My first (or was it second?) viewing of it was the show after Pillman's death.

I blame my friend. He was so hyped about the product - he was almost Joey Styles, but Greek. Vivid markouts of Sabu and RVD were his own. Ahh...the mem-oh-ries.

I finally decided to start watching the shows and tape them. It was all very unique to me - excessive use of just about everything: chairs, tables, blood, high spots and TITS. Big tits. Yeah.

But it's different now. ECW's been on the ropes financially for God knows how long and because of it, their product has struggled tremendously.

(Yeah, everyone else has said it, too, but I might have a point somewhere here so bear with me.)

So why keep watching? Why should we fans give a shit about a promotion that most people believe will die, especially when we learn about wrestlers not being paid for what - the last 6 or so weeks?

Well, some of us have gotta have alot of malice. Getting a kick out of a third rate promotion with fifth rate production values featuring a wrestling product that fails to live up to its former self can be quite intriguing.

But I'd like to think some of us are just clinging to the better days. The times when we were truly excited about the product - when our markish tendencies engulfed our cynicism. Back in the good ole days...

At least, that's how I feel, because these loafers are gonna STAY, regardless of how old and beat up they may be.

Tanvir Raquib
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