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Well, it's true. It's also been sort of my catchphrase/thing I'm most associated with since it's my usual Delphi sig.

And it's true. Didn't I just say that?

It's incredibly wavy and curls like no other. My mother refers to it as a big bird's nest because of the messy state that I wear it in. She prefers the combover over these new fangled hairdos that are all the rage. I constantly hear the same "Get a haircut" phrase from friends and mostly family members. It just looks so out of place in hip hop lovin' NYC.

But it continues to grow and grow. It's up to 3 months now since my last haircut, which is regarded as either a short time (usually from someone who listens to "Rage Against the Machine" or "Soundgarden") or a long time (usually from someone who knows the words to every Tupac Shakur song ever made).

Should I get a haircut or keep my locks and them flow like the free spirit that I'd like to think of myself as? That's the thought that runs through my mind about every other minute (well maybe not, but it's prominent).

These comments I make about my hair are important to me. In my middle class and minority upbringing, hair has become universal.

Even in professional wrestling. (Hey, it's a wrestling column!)

When watching some of my favorite athletes perform for 3-4 days is one of my great passions other than listening to my mp3s or umm...whatever else I like doing. Watching pro graps makes me feel like I know these athletes - hell, I know more about these people than I do about my neighbors.

So when I see these performers do something to their hair, it helps me realize that they are human - not just these robots set out to give us WORKRATE and SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. They're people, too, ya dig?

Let's take Chris Benoit. Yeah, I know that EVERY COLUMNIST/ REVIEWER (ha)/ RECAPPER/ SMARK has voiced their opinion on him, but it's always been the usual one dimensional "BENOIT is GOD.....he's SO underpushed....His match with Sasuke was A BILLION STARS!" comments.

It bothers me a little bit. He's an Internet deity because of his all around kickass workrate and stiffness, but he's also a man.

A man of ever changing hairstyles.

He's always had things about him that have stood out, particularly in that hair of his. During the WCW years, he would get a short haircut and after 3 months, that thing would be all full-fledged mullety! Especially when his hair wasn't wet or gelled (sorta like mine), it gets puffy, which increases the mullet look a lot more.

He's also got the kewl bald spot on his head I must say, I respect him a whole lot for not trying to cover it. I've got the slight reduction in hair, but my baldness anxiety has lapsed; I thinking of the Michael Stipe of REM look if I ever have that Bob Ryder thing happen to me (you know the hair surrounding only the sides of your head thing). Benoit doesn't seem to care about his bald spot, unlike Saturn, who went all baldie after his bald spot got all big during his Flock days.

Now Benoit's got the slicked back hair. The bald spot isn't hidden with any spray on hair or any pathetic hair weave. See, now THAT'S the reason you gotta love this guy. He's not trying to look like a million dollars; he does his business - bald spot and all.

The point I'm trying (and probably failing) to make is that we can't judge our favorite wrestlers based only on their workrate - we've got to look elsewhere sometimes, even if it's their hair.

Even our politicians. Gore or Bush? Well, based on my hairscale, I'd say neither. Gore looks too blase with that combove. Bush reminds me of his father with that curly 'do on his head. Maybe if Ralph Nader can get his hair slicked like Benoit....

Tanvir Raquib
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