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WCW Critics Can Kiss My Ass!

I am so sick and tired of WCW bashing. It's getting fucking ridiculous.

Steve Anderson goes on and on about "How the fans have spoken" in his WCW Ringside column at Wrestline. According to Steve, the 2.6 first hour rating and the 2.3 second hour rating for Nitro screams out loud and clear that wrestling fans hate the new WCW. Hey Steve, the second hour rating for last week was 2.4! That's a tenth of a point of a drop, dipshit. The WCW fans who stay with Nitro when Raw comes on stayed with it as always, slapnuts.

Sure, the first hour was down. The first hour has been a damn roller coaster for the four Nitro's of the Bischoff/Russo era. Remember how everyone proclaimed gloom and doom after the second Nitro? How the big first hour drop off meant that the casual viewers didn't like the new WCW? Of course, the next week pops a 3.7, and everyone is stunned. But since this week drops to a 2.6 first hour, no need to bother with next week's, fellas.

For Christ's sake, people, chill.

Instead of worrying about ratings, check out the PPV buys and ticket sales first. If those don't go up, then you can proclaim WCW's death again.

David Arquette as champion is a joke. Every fan, via mark or smart, knows that. And that's how WCW is treating it. This goofball got lucky, pinning Bischoff and getting the World Title. Now he's going to get his ass kicked unless DDP and Kanyon can protect him. WCW isn't trying to play Arquette up as Goldberg. He didn't beat a real wrestler. He beat Fucking Bischoff, people. I think Vince beat HHH, right? Which was the bigger crime? Vince never even defended the damn belt; at least Arquette will at the PPV.

Others have written about how stupid it looks that Mr. Cox tries to be so cool around Courtney but is scared shitless by the wrestlers. Haven't any of you ever played macho for your girlfriend before? Fucking retards.

Still others are crying about the same guys still being on top. The big shots aren't being pinned clean <pout>. Why doesn't Hogan let Kidman pin him clean <WHAAA!>. I ask you, when was the last time the Rock was pinned clean in a straight one-on-one battle? Rock gets pinned all the time, sure. Right after he's been chaired by Vince, beaten on by five guys, Pedigreed by HHH, and the ref fast counts. The fan favorites are so supposed to lose because the heel cheated.

Honestly, who in their right minds thinks Billy Kidman could win a shoot fight versus Hulk Hogan or Kevin Nash? Kidman weighs about 160 pounds, for God's sake. He has to play the cocksure heel that cheats like hell and runs scared when up against the big boys. Hey, it worked for Flair for several years.

Right now, nobody in WCW is Superman. Anyone can beat anybody. Remember how Hogan would never take a table bump? How many has he taken in the last few weeks? Sting and Vampiro is a toss-up, as is DDP-Jarrett, Hogan-Kidman (because of Awesome's potential influence), and Flair/Package-Douglas/Buff-Kronic. Scotty Steiner is a complete wildcard. Nash is in the mix again, as a giant badass. But he's taken two poundings from Awesome and Kidman. The heels/faces are going over each other equally.

Personally, I think everyone with a column got pissed because Russo called them out. They're all WWF marks, plain and simple. Hell, I am too. But I can recognize when the WWF sucks ass, like at Wrestlemania. That main event absolutely sucked ass. Not because Rock lost, but because it was an overbooked piece of shit. And it's taken the great Backlash PPV for most WWF kiss asses to finally admit it.

Hell, even your hero and mine, Chris Benoit, stated as much on Heat a couple of weeks ago. He called WWF fans a bunch of trained monkeys, who pop for entrances and stupid moves. And Jericho, after his huge pop for his entrance, counters with a "crickets chirping for Benoit entrance versus "Gigantic roar for mine" line. And, naturally, the fans cheered. Uh, you just proved Benoit's point, you dumbasses.

The only people Russo took shots at the last week were the internet faithful. Who the hell else listens to WCW Live, besides ultimate WCW marks? You got blasted, and now you're trying to shoot back in mass. Hey, you can get pissed off all you want, but don't leap to a fucking conclusion that the fans have spoken because of one bad ratings hour.

From where I sat on my couch, I heard laughter, boos, and cheers for WCW Monday night. What the hell else do you want? Can you honestly predict who's going to win any matches at SlamBoree? I sure as hell can't. And that's what makes the show interesting.

I swear, I don't know who I hate more right now. Fucking internet writers who would pay $100 to blow Vince McMahon versus "Japanese wrestlers are the only ones that matter" arrogant pricks.

It's pro wrestling, people. Do you argue this much for your favorite band/actor too?

Ya fucking marks.

Scott Rees
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