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First of all, the midcard in WCW isn't looking that putrid anymore. Booker T and Kidman should be Tag Champs right now. Did you see the Harriseseses' sorry attempts to bump for Booker T's Rock Bottom? I was ready to puke. Get the CW belt on Psychosis, The US Title on Vampiro, and the World Title on either Sting or... uh... there's bound to be some scheme next week to get Jarrett a title shot.

Kudos to Torrie Wilson for starting to take more bumps. I sure hope Kidman's taking the advantage that WCW's given him to get some serious mack on with his valet outside of the ring. I think Booker T's making his move and maybe we'll see a little Jungle Fever action. Remember when Eddy put the moves on Torrie in the bathroom once? That was cool. Hey, we finally got an "Eddy Sucks!" chant, and the Radicals are getting some nice heel heat. Too bad they came up empty on Raw.

WWF -- Am I the only one who thinks it is morally wrong to have Rock, HHH, and Big Show all schmoozing together on network television during one of the most heated feuds is recent memory? I'm not of the Cowboy Bill Watts mentality, which says that heels should not be seen in public with faces under any circumstances, but come on, these guys are arch-rivals for the WWF Title! Just have Vinny Mac and Foley on the show with The Rock, and everyone's happy.

T&A -- Finally, two guys deserving of a push are getting one. What the hell happened to Test. Not long ago I predicted Test vs. HHH for the WWF Title at No Way Out. He is one of the most stiff, powerful workers in the WWF! Did you see the match he had with Benoit a while back? That was the most energetic 3 minutes of wrestling on TV in a while. Even Benoit said he was humbled by Test's performance and should have done better to keep up with him.

And Prince Albert is the most talented big man in the WWF, second only to Mike Awesome in all of wrestling. He has two signature moves that are new to the WWF (Choke lift into a liger bomb, and the Torture Rack into the Rude Awakening), he can fly off the top rope, he's a somewhat stiff worker, he can put together a fine 5-minute TV match, and gets heel heat based on his appearance alone. In one match, he got hit with a couple dropkicks to the knee in the 1st minute, and was still selling the knee in the 5th minute! This guy has talent. Push him to the European Title, please!

Then again, the last thing the WWF needs is another tag team, unless they're going to implement a secondary Tag Team Belt (like the NWA's US Tag Titles). They showed that they've got at least 4 Tag Teams that are World Championship quality (Dudleys, Hardies, Edge+Christian, The (ugh) Radicals), and several that are getting there quick (Too Cool, Head Cheese).

Does the WWF's backstage cameraman WANT to torture us with low-angle shots of Rikishi's massive cellulite deposits?

Let's count Ric Flair's current offensive arsenal. 1) Low Blow. 2) Belly-to-Back Suplex. 3) Chop (he has made it an art form). 4) Figure Four. 5) Knee Drop to the head.

Now let's count The Rock's. 1) Rock Bottom. 2) Samoan Drop. 3) DDT. 4) Sorry ass Spinebuster (a friend of mine once commented, "If Arn Anderson were dead, he'd be rolling in his grave.") 5) People's Elbow? Does that count? Hey, if the kneedrop counts, so does this. 6) Russian Leg Sweep.

Hmm... 6 to 5... something to think about. Either Ric Flair needs to retire, since he's now worse than The Rock, or The Rock should have our respect, since he is better than Ric Flair.

Then again, numbers always lie.

The Repo Man

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