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June 3 - RAW
Reunion Arena
Dallas TX

The teaser is a package of clips from last week's main event and the tease of Steve Austin of joining the Horsemen.

Match 1: Jr. Title - Lance Storm vs. Billy Kidman - This match of heels starts out clean, but quickly degenerates. Storm wins with the Maple Leaf.

Backstage, Eddy apologizes to Chavo for not being here last week. He promises to be in his corner tonight when Chavo takes on Christian in a singles match.

Match 2: Randy Orton vs. Stasiak - A quick squash, which Orton wins with the wheelbarrow suplex.

Backstage, we see Raven and Hurricane discussing the Spider-Man issue Raven wrote. Hurricane says it was okay, but as a writer, Raven is no Brian Bendis. This quickly degenerates into a shouting match about the merits of various comic creators and the end result is a match later tonight between the two.

Match 3: Bob Holly vs. David Flair - This is a grudge match from last week. Flair has Holly in the figure-four, but slugs the ref for the cheap DQ finish. After the match, Crash Holly hits the ring for the two-on-one, but Orton quickly runs out to even the odds.

Backstage, there's a meeting of the Dangerous Alliance. Everyone is grousing at Heyman, due to their individual situations. Lesnar and Benjamin want shots at Edge and Christian. Venis wants out of the mid-card. And Angle, of course, wants Austin. Even Ivory feels slighted. Heyman throws a tantrum and starts screaming. He says it's not easy dealing with Flair and he's been holding us down. But they just need to trust him. He's got a plan so cunning you can put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Match 4: Tajiri vs. Shannon Moore - Tajiri is in control, but Ivory comes out and starts manhandling Torrie. Tajiri gets distracted, allowing Moore to hit the Viagra Driver for the win. After the match, Ivory leaves with Moore.

Backstage, the Horsemen and they're walking.

Top of the hour, here come Flair, Arn, Malenko, Benoit and Regal. Lawler asks where Stone Cold is. Ross says he's sure they'll be an explanation coming. Flair gets on the mike and puts over Dallas, bringing up the Von Erichs, the Freebirds and Bruiser Brody. He says that he loves the Horsemen, but Benoit is running the day-to-day operations of the group. And Arn and Dean are just advisors, since they are front office employees and can't show any bias. He then gives the mike to Benoit. Benoit says that Steve Austin is a great wrestler, the Unified Champion, but he's also the Rattlesnake. And his motto is "Don't Trust Anyone." That's something we can't have in the Horsemen. We are a well-oiled machine and we don't need a squeaky wheel disrupting that. And there's the broken glass. Here comes Austin. Huge pop. Austin has no problems with the Horsemen, as long as they leave him alone. And now, here's Jericho's music. He complains about the Horsemen interfering in his title match last week. (Ross doesn't remember it that way.) And tonight, he wants the Horsemen and Austin right where he can see them. He challenges them to a match tonight against himself and Edge. The faces accept.

After the commercial, we see some backstage footage that occurred moments ago. The Godfather and his escorts are getting some catering and sees Heyman walk past. He stops him, wondering when Heyman's going to pay him the money he's owed. Heyman mumbles something under his breath and tries to run. Godfather grabs him and is ready to punch him when Lesnar decks him from behind. Lesnar then grabs Godfather and gives him the Spider Bomb on the floor. The medics are seen, after a jump cut, putting into the ambulance.

Match 5: Raven vs. Hurricane - Before the match, Hurricane stops at the Titantron. He says that Raven is a great wrestler, but as an author, he's lacking. But he knows someone that is. We hit the 1960s Spider-Man (the Ramones cover) and out walks Stan Lee. Ross does his best to sell Stan's achievements, mentioning he co-created Spider-Man, Captain American and the X-Men. Of course, with the celebrity second, Hurricane goes over. After the match, Stan and Helms celebrate in the ring.

Backstage, we see Heyman gloating with Lesnar and Benjamin. In comes Angle. Heyman is bragging about the hit on the Godfather. Angle doesn't care about some no name. All he cares about getting a title shot. Patience, Heyman says.

Match 6: Chavo vs. Christian - Eddy comes out with Chavo and Edge with Christian. A back-and-forth match ends with Chavo turning the Unprettier into a Gory Special, which Chavo drops into a backslide for the win. All four start brawling and Eddy runs Edge into the post (covering for a shoulder injury Edge got last week).

Match 7: Austin/Regal vs. Jericho/Edge - The faces come out first, but only Jericho follows. He says Edge is in no shape to wrestle, after that vicious attack by Eddy Guerrero. So, he found a new partner: Kurt Angle. Regal of course plays Ricky Morton so that Austin can make the hot tag. The chaos portion of the match finds Regal and Jericho chopping each other in the corner while Austin and Angle brawl in the other. The faces try and double whip, but the heels reverse it and send Regal and Austin crashing into Nick Patrick. Here comes Lance Storm with a chair. He swings at Austin, but gets a stunner for his trouble, dropping the chair. He tries to stun Jericho, but Angle waffles him with the chair. He then puts Austin in the Angle Lock. Jericho revives the ref. Patrick sees Austin and out and stops the match. Angle goes crazy. Lawler says that Angle has Austin's number. We cut to the back and see the Alliance celebrating and Heyman has a huge smile on his face.

June 6 - Smackdown
Oklahoma City

The show opens with an announcement of tonight's huge 6-man main event, the N.W.O. will take on the Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and the Big Show.

Match 1: APA vs. Test/Albert - The former T&A score an upset by defeating the APA when Test ducks the big Lariat and hits Bradshaw with the Big Boot.

Backstage, we see Vince with the N.W.O. First, Vince says it's great that Big Kev is healthy enough to be back in the ring. More importantly, the N.W.O. has had its ups and down since coming in and this will their biggest match yet. Nash tells Vince not to worry, because things won't be the same after tonight. Standing back Nash, X-Pac and Leviathan look at each other and nod.

Match 2: Hugh Morrus vs. Goldust - Hugh gets the win with the moonsault.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd interviews Spike about the Dudleys' problems. Molly, who just wants to say that she can't believe they ever went out, interrupts him. He starts to grab her, but he's sucker-punched by Michael Hayes. Molly pulls out the Freebird Hair Cream and puts it on Spike. She starts laughing and says his hair has never looked better.

Match 3: Billy/Chuck vs. Justin Credible/Stevie Richads - Rico tries to come over to do commentary, but Tazz runs him off, as he's paranoid about Rico wanting his Tazz's Hardcore title. Rico takes out his frustrations on their opponents, interfering freely. Billy wins with the famouser on Stevie. After the match, Rico gets in the ring and pounds on Stevie until Billy and Chuck pull him off. Tazz just laughs.

Match 4: Rob Van Dam vs. Bubba Dudley - Van Dam wins with the Frog Splash. Cole wonders if the two singles matches tonight mean the end of the Dudley Boys.

Top of the hour, here are the faces in the main event. Hogan goes over the history of the N.W.O. He promises tonight will be the end of the N.W.O. Undertaker, who has been standing not quite with the others, takes the mike. He hasn't always seen eye-to-eye with Hogan over the years, but it is one thing they can agree on: tonight is the last night for the N.W.O.

Match 5: Mark Henry vs. D-Von Dudley - D-Von makes a big comeback after getting tossed around like a rag doll. D-Von is ready to come off the top rope on Henry when Bubba runs down to the ring and pushes him off the top. Henry catches him in the bearhug and D-Von submits. After the match, Bubba puts the boots to D-Von until the refs break it up.

Backstage, HHH is on the phone to his lawyer, wondering when the damn divorce papers will finally come so he can sign them when Vince interrupts him. He tells HHH that he's been putting his little girl through hell and tonight, he'll do the same, as HHH has a match with Booker T.

Match 6: Women's Title - Trish vs. Victoria. This is a quick win for Trish with the bulldog.

Match 7: HHH vs Booker T - HHH wins with the Pedigree. After the match, Mark Henry hits the ring and the two beat down on HHH. Vince stands out of the top of the ramp and eggs them on. Finally, he calls them off and tells HHH this is just the beginning.

Match 8: UT/Hogan/Big Show vs. N.W.O. - No aspirations here, this is no mat classic and pretty much a brawling type match. The match here is really just the appetizer. Hogan wins with the leg drop on Leviathan. After the match, the faces are posing in the ring when UT and Giant both turn on him, and just pound him. The heels celebrate on the floor and they call them into the ring to join in. Nash climbs in the ring and tells X-Pac and Leviathan to hold him up for the boot. As Nash bounces off the ropes, he's clotheslined by UT and Giant. X-Pac and Leviathan look at each other for a second, panicked, and then high five other and then high five UT and Giant. Cole and Tazz are dumbfounded. UT grabs the mic:

"Oh yeah, Big Bad Hulk Hogan. Big Bad Kevin Nash. You two are the two biggest locker room cancers in wrestling. Well, some of us decided enough was enough. So, it goes like this. Hulkamania is dead. The N.W.O. is dead. Say hello to the Group of Death, where everyone goes home unhappy except us. And they go home in a body bag."

They pose together in the ring as the camera fades to black.

Next week, we announce the King of the Ring format and brackets.

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