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June 10 - RAW
Bi-Lo Center
Greenville, South Carolina

The show begins with a recap of last week's main event, with Austin tapping to Angle.

We're in Greenville, so we of course start the show with Ric Flair. Huge pop, naturally. He announces the RAW half of the King of the Ring Brackets. Also, he announces that Steve Austin will take on Kurt Angle at King of the Ring for the Unified Title at the pay-per-view.

Match 1: Hurricane/Tajiri vs. Moore/Kidman - Tajiri gets his heat back by pinning Moore with the Dragon Suplex. During the match, Torrie and Ivory almost come to blows a few times.

Backstage, Arn and Malenko come upon the Godfather's escorts, who are still upset about the brutal attack on their boss by Brock Lesnar. Arn says that he's out of the hospital and should have been here by now. He'll check into it for them.

Match 2: Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton - Orton wins with the Superplex.

Match 3: KOTR Round 1: Brock Lesnar vs. William Regal. This begins as a scientific match-up but Lesnar's power moves are too much for Regal. Lesnar wins with the Spider Bomb.

Match 4: KOTR Round 1: Val Venis vs. Chavo Guerrero - Venis comes to the ring with Heyman, instead of Ivory. Chavo controls most of the match, but gets sidetracked by Heyman, making him an easy target for Val, who wins with the Nagata Lock.

Top of the hour, here comes Heyman and Angle. They again show a clip from last week's show. They tell Austin to shine up the belts because they are coming home. There's the breaking glass. Austin says that match doesn't mean anything, since the title wasn't on the line. Things will be different at KOTR.

Backstage, we see the Canadians in their lockerroom. Edge has his arm in a sling, still smarting from the Eddy Guerrero sneak attack last week. We wishes that he was healthy and could take Lance's spot in KOTR against Eddy. Storm promises to win the match, because Canadians always keep their word.

Match 5: Eddy Guerrero vs. Lance Storm - Edge and Christian both come to ringside with Lance, but are soon sent to the back by the ref. This is a phenomenal match, where Eddy reverses the Maple Leaf in a roll-up for the win.

Backstage, the Dangerous Alliance is celebratings its success tonight. Angle points out, though, that Val and Brock have to wrestle next week in the second round. Heyman says that Val knows what to do for the good of the Alliance. Val says, Yes, win. Lesnar gets in his face and soon the two are nose-to-nose when we go to break.

Match 6: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Misterio - Another great TV match, shades on 1997 Nitro. Misterio goes for the Dragoncanrana, but Jericho reverses it into the Double Power Bomb and the Walls. After the match, Eddy Guerrero comes on the Titantron and says not only is he Y2J's opponent next week in the KOTR, but he's got a surprise for him. The camera pulls back and Eddy is standing next to Benoit, who says Eddy is the next member of the Four Horsemen. Jericho goes crazy in the ring. Fade to black.

June 13 - Smackdown
Phillips Arena
Atlanta, Georgia

The show begins with the shocking events of last week, as the N.W.O. fell apart and the Undertaker created the Group of Death.

Backstage, Vince announces the KOTR brackets for the Smackdown participants. Tazz is annoyed that, as Harcore champ, he deserves a spot in the KOTR. Cole says that for once, Vince is right, since you can't have Hardcore matches in KOTR.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd interviews Molly and Michael Hayes. They are still laughing about Spike. Trish interrupts them and challenges Molly to a match tonight. She declines, but says that she and P.S. will wrestle Trish and a partner of her choice and if Trish wins, she can have a match at KOTR. Trish accepts.

Match 1: KOTR Round 1: Bubba Dudley vs. Goldust - Bubba wins with the Full Nelson drop.

Backstage, the Big Show is at catering (shock of shocks) when he's approached by Rikishi. He's disappointed by Show's actions. Big Show says if he's that upset about it, then they can settle it in the ring tonight.

Match 2: KOTR Round 1: D-Von Dudley vs. Mark Henry - D-Von not only gets revenge for the loss last week, but he advances in the tournament by defeating the big man with a susnset flip off the top rope.

Backstage, Vince gloats about seeing Dudley vs. Dudley (since he doesn't like either of them), when HHH storms into the office. HHH wants to know what happened last week and this thing with the UT. Vince says he never liked the N.W.O. (I mean, Bischoff thought it up) and he's glad they're gone. HHH says gone, but not forgotten. He starts to leave, but Vince tells him he'll be wrestling UT tonight.

Match 3: Trish/??? Vs. Molly/Hayes - Trish's partner is Spike Dudley. Hayes is rusty and gets manhandled by Spike. The end comes when Trish hits the bulldog on Molly and gets her title match at the PPV.

Top of the hour, here comes the Group of Death. The UT says, more or less, he was tired of being a babyface and he likes kicking butt and being a heel. And he rescued Waltman and Leviathan from the stagnant shadow of Kevin Nash. He then proclaims that he's not done recruiting for his new family. And then, holding up his two fists, UT says "This is what you want. This is what you get."

Match 4: Rob Van Dam vs. Test - RVD wins with the Frog Splash. After the match, he says that he still hasn't gotten his rematch for the I-C title. X-Pac comes out and says that he can have it next week, but it will be a ladder match. Tazz says that no one gets as high as RVD and X-Pac and adding a ladder will jack it up.

Match 5: KOTR Round 1: Leviathan vs. Al Snow - Squash. Leviathan wins with the Torture Rack.

Match 6: KOTR Round 1: D-Lo Brown vs. Booker T - A much-needed win for the Euorpean champ. Of course, D-Lo's reward is to fight the monster next week.

Match 7: Big Show vs. Rikishi - The Giant manhandles Rikishi and pins him quickly with the chokeslam.

Match 8: UT vs. HHH - This is a big brawl and HHH gets color. A ref bump sends X-Pac down to the ring to interfere. HHH gives him a pedigree for his trouble. HHH pedigrees UT but there's no ref. Here comes the Giant. He chokeslams HHH. X-Pac revives the ref. UT gives HHH the Last Ride and gets the pin. The beat-down continues as we go off the air. With no help, HHH is a dead man.

Next week: The KOTR Quarterfinals

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