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French Fries

Just some random thoughts here and there today. A few things that have been on my mind, and some impressions I've picked up about No Way Out.

  • I saw a WM ad yesterday. Funny thing, it features HHH and the Rock! Huh? I thought the Big Slow won the match. Could this be an omen? Could this be a swerve? Could this just be advertising?

  • The Rock and Foley both did the job at the PPV, and a funny thing happened. Neither of them lost any heat! In fact, I'd have to say that the standing-o that Foley got was incredible. Absolutely incredible! Talk about blowing the roof off! Hey, Hogan, you watching? That's how it's done!

  • Something that's been bugging me recently as I read the ratings. You know, Nitro got a 2.6 in the final hour, with a 3.1 in the run-over. Hey, why count the run-over? People aren't tuning in expecting to see a match, they're expecting to see a TOTALLY DIFFERENT SHOW! Most keep the channel there because it's just easier to wait out the 5 minutes or so, rather than get hooked on something else. So, all the talk about how Hogan brought in all these viewers for the overrun is CRAP!

  • Gregg Mixdorf made me think in his last column. He may be the kid who is standing up and yelling "Hey, the emperor is naked!". Gregg, I do hop that you're on to something here. I want Foley to complete the dream as much as anybody. I want the happy ending. I only hope that Vince and the gang are in agreement. I would love to know that Mick got his chance to give the fans the ultimate blow-off match. And where better than at the WM of the (allegedly) new millenium? If you're right, Gregg, I want to use your crystal ball for the next world series, before the season starts, so I can head to Vegas and get the rent money down now.

  • During the Kane/X-pac match, while they were brawling on the floor and near that garbage can, was I the only one who was hoping Kane would pick the little weasel up and dump him head first into the can? That sight alone would have been worth the 30 beans I spent on the PPV. Oh well, there's always the blow-off. (Please let it be soon. Make it a hospital match. The match goes on until X-pac goes to the hospital. (There, Rebecca. Short of a mortuary match, this will have to do. :-) )

  • Timing is everything. I'll be out of the area for WM (I'll be visiting my mother with my sons), so I won't get a chance to see it, plus I'd have a hard enough time convincing my wife that I need to spend another 35 simoleons on a wrestling PPV. Oh well. I'll have to content myself with reading about it, and if it's the killer that I'm sure it will be, I'll just have to wait for the tape. However I will be in God's country, so it does make up for it a tiny bit.

  • I was going to try to stay awake Monday night for RAW because I wanted to see if Foley would be there. However I fell asleep, and next thing I knew, it was time to get up to go in to work. No overrun that night, but after reading the review (Thanks CRZ), I'm glad I missed it. You all know my feelings about the "Mae Young is Pregnant" angle. Now, can we just let this one slide into the "who drove the hummer" abyss and get on with our lives?

  • Will that production error on the PPV make it to the highlight reel? It couldn't have come at a more opportune time (unless you count when Mae Young traumatized an entire generation of young adult males by exposing herself).

  • So now Curt Angle has the IC belt along with the Euro belt. Does this mean that the Euro belt will be retired soon? (I certainly hope so). My personal opinion of this belt was that it was a sop thrown to the Bulldog which has lost it's original purpose. After all, how many Europeans are there in the WWF? Time to let that one go away. Please. Throw it in the same black hole of bad ideas as the Mae Young "pregnancy", and "who drove the hummer".

    Jerry Root
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