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The Return of the Bride of the Son of the Mat Potato

Some things just puzzle me to no end. Then again, I'm easily puzzled, so why should this be a startling revelation?

Chris Hyatt is back on-line and I welcome him back. I love reading his mop-ups over on The only question I have for SCTc is , do you know the difference between a broom and a mop? Sheesh!

WCW continues in it's seemingly never ending quest to draw attention to it's rival.

Sid uses the "crippler cross-face" as a finisher?


What happened to the dreaded Sid powerbomb? Yeah, I know he can't bend from the waist worth a damn anymore, and the powerbombs have become increasingly lazy, but the cross-face? Hey, why not start calling yourself the Crippler too? It's doing nothing but drawing attention to the fact that WCW let one of the most talented wrestlers on any card to slip through their fingers.

Why the reaction from Lions Gate films? Should they be surprised that the WWF doesn't want to advertise a movie that features wrestlers from other feds?

They're making a big deal out of it because they wouldn't let McMahon invest in it, and I don't argue their decision one bit. Once you get the conflict of interest, or even the appearance of conflict, then you lose integrity.

The movie makers wanted a true documentary, without any undue influence. They have evidently succeeded magnificently.

Now it's McMahon's turn.

Advertisers have long held sway on the content of the shows which they sponsor. Why shouldn't this work in the other direction too? It's McMahon's show, and he has the power to dictate what gets advertised on it. I didn't write the contract, but that's evidently the way it reads.

Tough luck, gang. Yeah, it probably would have been great to have your movie plugged during the top wrestling programs around, but if Bischoff had this opportunity a couple of years ago, and had the same say on advertising, do you honestly think that he would have let it go through?

It's the nature of the business. McMahon plays hard ball. How do you think he got to where he is? Certainly not by being stupid. (Though I personally question a lot of what is being done in the name of "sports entertainment".)

I may not understand everything that goes on around me, but I do understand business decisions.

At least ones I agree with.

Jerry Root
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