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French Fries

Two columnists here on slash came to similar conclusions. Both Dartmouth Dan Doomsday and Scott Reese came up with creative ways to use one of the most neglected resources in wrestling today. Both of them have proven themselves much more astute than the current group in charge of WCW.

If you haven't read them, I strongly urge you to head on over and see how each of them would handle Bret Hart, given the opportunity. Both are well thought out, and carefully presented.

The only issue I take with each of them is the motivation.

Both use Bret Harts vindictiveness towards Vince McMahon as the driving force behind the move.

Granted, it's no secret that Bret Hart most likely looks to the day when he can dance/spit on Vinny Mac's grave, but vengeance can't be the sole motivation. After all, look what happened to Captain Ahab.

I still agree with the scenarios presented, and if forced to choose one, I would choose Dan's scenario with Bret doing the booking in the WCW.

Something that I meant to bring up in my last column, and then forgot until after I had e-mailed it to CRZ, was the tremendous convenience of those Damned Dudleys being in dressing room "D". Of course, Sexual Chocolate walks right in and finds them in the first dressing room he comes to (dressing room "D" for Damned Dudleys?). This rates right up there with the magic tape recorder you see on tv or in the movies. You know the one, the operator runs it backwards and it is instantly cued up to the exact spot they want! Never in the middle of a sentence, never a "damn, too far" or "Ooops, didn't go far enough"). Nope, right to the exact spot. Henry finds the right dressing room.

Of course, he immediately gets pasted for his efforts, so you have to wonder what he was thinking. Then again, he's supposed to be ... I can't even bring myself to continue on with this stupid story line. Sorry, it's just too much for me to swallow.

As Thomas Payne said, "These are the times that try men's souls".

What better quote to illustrate the problems that continue to plague the WCW. I can't make up my mind. Are they just totally clueless? Are they purposely trying to screw things up? Are they drawing inspiration from Ed Wood?

I still hold out hope that they will finally right the ship and get back on course. Right now they remind me of a 3 stooges routine where they are out in a boat, fishing and start taking on water. So their solution is to drill holes in the bottom to "let the water out".

You know, Bret as head booker looks incredibly attractive now. Regardless of his motivation.

Jerry Root
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