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Jerry Root



French Fries

I have been reading a lot of columns recently that are degenerating into flame wars. A hates B and flames him openly; C hates B and A and flames them in a column; B hates everybody and pretty much tells C and A to kiss his ...

Well, you get the idea.

However, this got me to thinking. Just what makes a person take time out of their busy schedule to put forth their ideas. Are my ideas any better than yours? Am I more articulate than anybody else? I highly doubt it. (And that suspicion is confirmed every time I read one of CRZ's reviews, or Hyatte's mop ups, or any of a number of other, far more talented writers out there.)

Lord knows that I'm not making anything off this. Nor are most of us who write.

What makes us do it? I can't answer for anybody but me. I do it because I have a big mouth. (Thanks, mom.) I have an opinion (and you know what is said about opinions) and I'm not afraid to espouse it. Above all, I love to get in on a discussion, regardless of the subject matter. It's just that at present, that forum is professional wrestling.

I don't have any back door information. Never claimed to. All I am is a fan who has a drive to spout forth an opinion, and then hopefully get a discussion going. There are times that I will see thoughts that have been churning in my scrambled brain make their way to the net via other avenues. That only confirms my suspicion that I am not alone. Oft times the voice that drives me to do this (the voices! Make them stop!) will be quiet for awhile, seemingly sated for the time being, only to get prodded to action again by something that somebody said.

Or, in this case, by what a lot of somebodies are saying.

I am thankful that CRZ has opened up this forum for the free exchange of ideas. It is refreshing to know that I can pick and choose from the veritable smorgasbord of columnists who haunt this site. It is also refreshing to know that CRZ isn't censoring what we say, so we are free to put forth our opinions in a totally non-judgmental forum.

Thank you for your time, and thanks for reading. After all, without readers, there just wouldn't be a site for me to exorcise the demons, as it where.

Then I'd be forced to listen to the echo's over and over again.

Jerry Root
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