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Damn, sometimes it just seems that things conspire against you.

I'm going to be on vacation over the Wrestlemania weekend, and this one is shaping up to be a real doozy. Figures, doesn't it?

I've been reading a lot of comments on this, how some people are pissed at Foley for coming "out of retirement" so quickly. Then it was pointed out that he specifically said that he would only do a few special spots.

OK, sounds like an easy out to me, but hey, he kept the door open. I'm happy that he's going to get a chance to retire as a champ. I only hope that this "special spot" thing doesn't devolve into PPV's only, and then doing more of the insanity that he's noted for. Keep it special, Mick. Do this, retire for good, and then only do the charity thing on a very rare occasion. Remember the show business adage, keep 'em wanting more.

I have also read that Chyna is going to play a part in the main event.

Good! I have long wondered just what exactly the WWF was doing with her. She was the 9th wonder of the world, and now she's a valet. Yeah, talk about wasting talent. Then again, she couldn't be satisfied with wrestling Jaquelin for the women's belt. He's held the IC belt and anything less would be considered a demotion.

So, how is she going to figure into this? I am of two minds about this.

At first I envisioned her giving HHH one of her patented gallota's, however after reading Jim Butler's excellent column I have come up with another scenario.

First, let me go on record as saying that HHH gave away most of the plan on Smackdown. This has been done before, (anybody remember the soothsayer giving Mr. #1derful the bad news just before Wrestlemania?) and I see no reason to doubt that it's being used again.

However, HHH got the last part wrong. Yeah, he may be ready to put Foley away, just as he has the last 2 times. However, this time as he gets set to give Mick the Pedigree, Chyna will be out and giving Stephanie a good going over. HHH gets distracted, seeing his "wife" being (wo)man-handled and heads over to break it up.

Foley manages to get back up, and depending upon the persona he wrestles under, will use his finisher. (I am hoping for Mankind and the mandible claw).

Result - Foley is the world champ, retires and let the games begin for the tourney. (HHH wins back his belt at the next ppv, and all is right with the world once again.

Well, most of the world, anyway. There will still be the McMahon discord issue, the Chyna/Steph issue, and of course, the Rock won't be happy.

But hey! There will be millions of Foley fans who will be.

And that's money in the bank.

Jerry Root
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