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French Fries (or Vince McMahon as a Ferengi)

Sometimes my mind travels into some disturbing areas. After I wrote my previous article, I had the weekend free to let it float where it would. It kept coming to the same dark place.

I hereby share my cynical conclusions with you:

It's a forgone conclusion. Foley is going to walk away from WM with the belt, and give the fans what they want. The ultimate blow-off match with HHH.

Or will he?

Vince McMahon has proven nothing if he hasn't already shown that he is machiavellian in his manipulations. In fact, in a nod to Trekkers out there, Vinnie Mac is the paragon of Ferengi.

To wit, the rules of acquisition state:

Anything worth doing is worth doing twice - Rule of Acquisition 13

Hey, he's already taken one company man over the coals.

Yeah, the circumstances are different, as Bret Hart was on his way to Turnerland. But does anybody out there seriously doubt that Vince has it in him to royally screw Foley over?

Satisfaction is not guaranteed. - Rule of Acquisition 19

Everybody wants Foley to win it and go out a winner. However, this is still a business. And doesn't Vince love to give us all the swerve?

Can you imagine how many people will be howling for his scalp, plus whoever shafts Foley out of the belt? Wouldn't it be the ultimate irony to have the Big Slow take him out? The one man who nobody wants as the champ?

Immediate heel heat! The man who shattered Mick's dream.

Friendship is temporary; profit is forever - Rule of Acquisition 39

At the bottom of it all, Vince is a business man. Foley winning the belt would be a short-term boost. Screwing Foley out of it would generate maximum buzz. How many would tune in waiting for Vince to "get his"? And how many husbands out there wouldn't be happy to watch a husband go one up on his wife?

The riskier the road, the greater the profit - Rule of Acquisition 62

Yes, taking Foley out is rife with risk. This whole thing has the possibility of blowing up in Vince's face. However, after weighing the potential profit from the potential backlash, who's to say which way Vince will go. After all, people (especially Bret Hart) talk about the great screw-job.

Never trust your customers - Rule of Acquisition 72

Hey, who's doing the booking, anyway? Who's money is it on the line? Who has the final say? Not you and me. Yeah, we vote with our dollars, but this is still Vince's show. And Vince has already shown what a heartless bastard he is. His character has already "married off" his only daughter to the Undertaker. A man capable of that is capable of anything.

Never let he competition know what you're thinking - Rule of Acquisition 85

What better explanation of the swerve is there? And as I said before, McMahon loves to swerve the audience.

Trust is the biggest liability of all - Rule of Acquisition 99

This is another way of saying "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear."

Not even dishonesty can tarnish the shine of profit - Rule of Acquisition 181
Let others keep their reputation. You keep their money. - Rule of Acquisition 189
A wealthy man can affort anything except a conscience. - Rule of Acquisition 261

All three of the above sort of go together. No explanation necessary, now is there?

And perhaps the best reason why Vince will screw Foley over -

No good deed goes unpunished - Rule of Acquisition 285

Jerry Root
[slash] wrestling

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