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As I wrote in my last column, inertia can be a terrible thing. Sometimes it seems to take quite a bit to get the big wheel turning again after a bit of a break.

That's something that just seems to have been missing. There really hasn't been a whole lot going on in the wrestling world that has really caught my attention. I absolutely refuse to be caught up in the whole "Russo/Bischoff is the greatest team since Jagger/Richards" crap that seems to have permeated the net after the first Nitro they wrote.

No, it's amazing what actually makes you stop and take notice. For me it was a trip to the store. A simple trip to the store with my youngest took me past an aisle that featured a wall talker. I'm sure you've seen them, they are generally fashioned in the form of a face, or an animal, and have a motion sensor, so that they give some sort of response when somebody comes close, or passes in it's vicinity.

There was a stack of them sitting there, obviously sanctioned by the WWF. And whose likeness was it? Was it the Rock? Was it HHH? Was it Kane? Was it Foley? Was it Skippy?

Hell no!

It was SCSA!

Damn, can anybody remember the last time he was on TV, let alone the last time he wrestled?

SCSA is still a hot commodity! Does this mean that SCSA is rapidly turning into the next Hogan? Or into the Anti-Hogan?

I just find it interesting that SCSA is still promoted so heavily. Granted, most of these contracts are executed years in advance, but certainly enough time has passed that this merchandise would be in some other likeness.

And speaking of being entertained in the strangest places, I was watching the "Win Ben Stein's Money" marathon Sunday, and one of the shows had "3 stars of the WCW". These stars were, Raven, Kimberly and Disco Inferno.

That sort of dated it a bit, didn't it?

Did anybody out there know that Kimberly has a masters in marketing? I certainly didn't prior to the show. No cutting remark, I just found it interesting.

D.I. lost after the 1st round, scoring a big goose egg. Raven won the chance to go head to head with Ben, thus prompting Kimberly to break a vase over his head.

Raven lost out in the head to head competition, but it was interesting seeing them all.

Well, maybe not as interesting as I first thought.

Jerry Root
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