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OK, I've had an hour to settle down. I had this all written in my head an hour ago, complete with a "WHO'S BOOKING THIS CRAP!!!!" opening, but I've had time to cool down.

What? Oh, you're one of the millions who missed Thunder tonight because you had something better to do, like wash socks, or iron your hair? Well, for those of you who missed it, I witnessed one of the greatest one finger salutes from a booker directly to the audience in quite some time.

Listen. Do you hear it? That sound you hear is the last shred of dignity that the WCW title belt had being flushed down the crapper. That other sound, way in the background? It's Kevin Sullivan laughing maniacally.

I normally don't get a chance to watch Thunder because I'm just getting up and taking my shower to get ready for work as the show is going off the air. Tonight was different as I got up a bit early, and managed to catch the last few minutes of it.

I should have known I was in for endless grief when I tuned in and saw the Bret Hart "shoot" interview. (AKA whinefest 2000). I won't even go there, and save us all some grief. Besides, I'm sure CRZ subjected himself to it and has immortalized the words in a recap. Here's a helpful hint, CRZ. Instead of recapping it verbatim, just put something like, "Bret Hart gave an interview. The gist of it is Waaaah." (Oh, NOW you tell me. - CRZ)

So, I get to watch Cracka Eazy E and El Kabong going up against DDP and Mr. Courtney Cox. (Somebody want to explain to me just exactly what it is she sees in him? Somebody want to explain to me just exactly what it is that my wife sees in me? OK, I'll avoid going there, too.)

This is supposed to be for the belt, and I didn't get all the rules before hand, but evidently whoever gets the pinfall on an opponent gets the belt, regardless of whether that person has the belt or not.

Anybody remember Ric Flair? Does anybody remember "To be the man, you have to beat the man"?

Didn't think so.

When I saw that Kimberly was going to be the ref, I smelled a screw job here somewhere. Actually I thought that there was going to be another turn and Kimberly was going to end this stupid angle, but no such luck.

I should have known that with Russo's heavy hand in this the dreaded "sledgehammer of plot" ( (c) 1999-2000 CRZ) would take over.

However, even I didn't think that the WCW would totally throw away everything on this stupid angle.

David Arquette is your heavyweight champion?

Didn't Russo get fired for wanting to put the belt on Tank Abbot?

This is a better choice?

I read an article yesterday about Monday Night Football. It seems that Rush Limbaugh (one of the greatest radio personalities around) is interested in the job. The writers point was that he isn't a football fan, but he would tune in if Rush was there, just because Rush is that entertaining. And after all, he represents the people that they ought to be going after. The casual, at best, fan.

WCW should be striving for the same thing. They should be striving to bring in new fans. They should be trying to hook the casual fan, and the fan of wrestling. They shouldn't be trying to beat the WWF at their own game. That's a losing proposition (as they should be finding out).

Doesn't anybody at WCW pay attention to the ratings (except when they're winning)?

If they did, they would notice something amazing. On Nitro, when Bischoff went up against Arquette, the ratings TANKED! They had a 2 point drop!

Yep, put the belt on Arquette. After all, he can't be any more of a heat sink than JJ.

OK, before the flame wars start, I know that this will be reversed on Monday Nitro. After all, JJ did cover DDP, and the ref was a replacement ref after DDP incapacitated the regular ref with that devastating double liplock. Furthermore the ref had to physically bypass JJ's cover to count the cover (talk about poor booking and execution!).

However, the fact remains, there are any number of casual fans out there who watched this and wondered "what the hell is happening here"?

In regards to the belt, I guess Queen said it best, "Another one bites the dust."

Jerry Root
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