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French Fries

Mmmmbwwwaaaaa hahahahahahaha

It looks like the Kings logo stays! (for a while longer, anyway).

Oh, yeah, wrestling. Just a moment. I have to wipe a tear from my eye.

Hey, CRZ, I happen to remember something that appeared on the page here before the playoff spots were settled. Back when the Kings were fighting to get the Nr. 7 spot, you (or somebody) made a comment to the effect predicting the Kings shocking the Lakers. Damn this brain rot!

Anyway, I'll live the dream as long as it lasts. Now, if they can just pull off a miracle away from home....

Yeah, like CRZ, I'll maintain my pessimism. After all, ever since the Kings moved to Sacramento I've been subjected to the jokes. Like the kid who appeared in court requesting to be placed in foster care.

Judge: Why don't you want to live with your mother?

Kid: She beats me.

Judge: How about your father?

Kid: He beats me worse.

Judge: Then who do you want to live with.

Kid: The Sacramento Kings. They never beat anybody.

(rim shot)

Speaking of jokes, I saw the ratings today, oh boy. At least part of them.

1.9? Nitro drew a 1.9? It spiked at an astronomical 2.8 and that was for the Vampiro/Sting segment. Hmm, what does that tell you? (If you're Russo, probably nothing).

Oh, yeah. Russo, you are a genius! Or to paraphrase the Butchster, a partial idiot savant. (The first half, anyway).

Or are you trying to explain to your bosses that this is setting things up for a great rebound? After all, a body bounces off the pavement after falling from the 30th floor.

The funniest thing about ratings, something that I have mulled over for quite some time now, is that... it doesn't matter one iota if you and I watch, or not! Unless we have one of those magic boxes that Mr. Nielsen sends out to monitor your thoughts (and a tin-foil hat will work wonders here), nobody has any idea just what you're watching.

Until the cable companies have some way of determining just exactly how many sets are tuned to a particular channel, we're going to have to trust the Nielsens. Just who they are, well that's a mystery.

We do have a way to express our particular displeasure.

Being a child of the 50's (which means that I was just the right age to witness, but not actively participate much, in the activities of the 60's), I remember some of the rather cleaver anti-war slogans. One in particular went "what if they gave a war and nobody came?"

Well, what if RuBisch gave a house show, and nobody came?

There is going to be a house show here in Grand Rapids soon. I know because the radio station I listen to keeps hammering that point home. (I think they only have about 5 sponsors because if I hear that damned couple eat breakfast at McDonalds one more time I think I'm going to .... Well win the WCW title, or something).

So, displeased with the WCW product? Keep voting with your dollars. After all, that's where it matters most to a business.

Jerry Root
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