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I am fast becoming a fan of the weekend wrestling scene over the main shows.

What? That's heresy! I can already feel the flames from the hate mail building up, but let me explain it here.

First, I am a wrestling fan. As such, I really don't care about story advancement, mic work, or any of the other extraneous garbage tacked on to the wrestling. I grew up in the "dark ages" when wrestling was about two men going at it. As such, my perspective is far removed from those who got introduced to the product in the rock and wrestling of the 80's, or the sports entertainment of the 90's.

I took a rare opportunity to catch Sunday Night Heat the other day (why not? Futurama was a repeat and I really struggle with "King of the Hill", plus my wife was still not home from taking her mother to the airport, so I took full advantage of the opportunity).

Granted, I didn't make it all the way through the show (my wife came home, plus I had to get ready to work that night), but I did manage to get 45 minutes in. During that time I saw some decent wrestling, clean finishes, and was generally entertained.

I liked the Bulldog/Eddie Guerrero match. The double count-out is a throw-back. This is one way to end a match without a run-in. It had some decent action, and both men managed to keep their heat, such as it is in some cases.

The thought of Dean Malenko on the Ho train is unnerving. Watching him in the ring is still a treat. Even as he showed up with lipstick still smeared on his face from the "attention" of the women. Plus, the match had 3 good wrestlers. Personal opinion is that the Godfather can take his show on the road and leave. I have never been impressed with the whole "pimp" character to begin with. I didn't like it when 2Cold Scorpio was "Flash Funk", and I certainly don't like it now.

This match was good too. Perry Saturn is way underrated and really should be wearing gold. However, there are only so many belts to go around, and this is a good thing. With more contenders than belts it keeps things hopping and interesting, along with keeping some value to the belt.

A couple of things annoyed me about the show, but it's so ingrained in the product any more that I feel like Don Quixote. However, some windmills taunt and are actually begging for tilting at.

First, what is the obsession with giving the impression of booking on the fly? Stephanie McMahon gives the incentive to T&A to go into a handicap match with Y2J, and then informs Y2J that he's going to be wrestling in a handicap match tonight.

OK, aside from the total BS nature of this (I mean, do the wrestlers show up to the shows, even if they're not scheduled? What would have happened if Jericho had decided to skip the show? Then what?) isn't this the same thing that we gave Bischoff so much grief over? (We still do, considering Russo's revelation that the "shock" of having David Arquette win the WCW belt was decided 10 minutes prior to taping).

Is this supposed to give us the impression that "anything can happen"? There are better ways than this. The whole concept of booking matches live is stupid and really should cease. I kind of miss having a firm schedule and knowing what's next.

Second is the whole stereotype thing. I am so sick of the stereotype. I have already mentioned the Godfather, but you can include Eddie's "Latin Heat" with his Cheech accent in this.

What's next? Vince signs Harlem Heat back and has them do a whole "Amos and Andy" routine?

But stereotypes are a separate column in itself. I'll address this issue at a later date.

Just let me leave you with two simple words.

GI Bro

Jerry Root
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