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It seems that I took the right time for my vacation. I was a bit worried that I was going to be way behind, and have a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get out, but when I checked the site, I was surprised to find CRZ had also taken this time to take a bit of vacation himself.

So, first, along with welcome back, I want to wish CRZ a happy anniversary (plus 3 days) for the site. I know that it's a lot of hard work, trying to keep a good site going. That and it takes a ton of money. (I have never tried to run a page before, however I have read a number of other webmasters make no bones about the amount of money they're dropping of their site.)

In a similar vein, can you imagine the tremendous amount of money it takes to run a successful wrestling fed? And if it takes this much to run the fed, you have to get it from someplace (aside from printing it up in the basement. The government takes a dim view of the competition.)

While I was on vacation, I had the opportunity to scan some of the shows that I don't normally get to see. Friday night I very eagerly hopped on to TNN and caught part of ECW.

Sorry, but part was about all I could take.

That's sad, because I am precisely the sort of person Heyman ought to be trying his best to attract. The casual viewer.

OK, so the show started off with promise pitting Little Guido against Tajiri with a special guest referee. The action was hot, and I was really getting into it. Then came the commercial right in the middle of the match.

No big deal. Commercials right in the middle of matches are common. I'm used to that, so I can deal with that. Then, came the rest of the match, which kept me entertained. It lost none of It's momentum during the break.

Sad to say, that was the extent of the interesting things. We got to see James Vandenberg open a door and see "Gorgeous George" dancing, then closing the door and making an utter ass of himself. Lather, rinse, repeat ad nauseum.


More garbage.

More commercials.

That's about the time I lost total interest in the show and tuned out. There was just nothing there to hold my interest. Not the thought of Francine in the ring (I already knew where this one was heading, regardless of how Joey and Joel tried to convince us that it was going to be a cat fight), along with the interminable commercial breaks.

This is not the way to keep an audience. And from the looks of the ratings, it appears that I'm not alone. I have long heard how Paul Heyman is a genius at telling stories. I'm certainly not seeing any evidence of it from my limited viewing.

Yes, wrestling (or should I say "sports entertainment") is a soap opera, and story lines have to have time to develop, but they should also make sense, and grab a viewer who stumbles on to the show either by accident, or through curiosity.

CRZ has managed to make his site successful by giving us what we want. He lets each of us writers write what we like, and then puts it out for the reader. Each of us has our own favorite writer(s), and we know that we'll get to see them.

Heyman may need to stop for a moment and decide what the people want to see.

I can guarantee it's not commercials, or stupid story lines.

Jerry Root
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