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September 22, 2000

Good Ol' J.R., Jr. is back with news and opinions from under his Oklahoma Sooners football helmet. My dear old daddy figured it would be good luck if I wore our favorite football team's helmet during my report. They're 31 1/2 point favorites over Rice, but I'll do anything to please the Big Okie. Boomer Sooner!

I thought this week's TV was excellent as all roads lead to Unforgiven this Sunday live on Pay-Per-View. The Fatal 4-way, Kurt Angle vs. Triple H, Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz in a steel cage, AND the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin make this Pay-Per-View a winner in my book.

I heard Turner's company had a Pay-Per-View this past weekend. I wasn't even aware they had one. That shows you how much I keep up with their company. And who the hell is going to buy their show when the most emotional Pay-Per-View the WWF has offered in a long time is only a week away? Folks, except no imitations because NOBODY does Pay-Per-View like the WWF!

While Unforgiven will be a hot show, this Monday night at 8 p.m./7central will be the debut of RAW is WAR on TNN. Stone Cold will be there looking to take names and kick ass. The Penn State crowd is always an enthusiastic group and that will be no exception when Stone Cold will be there this Monday night!

September 25th is also the day Chyna's Playboy pictorial comes out. No doubt this will be a hot seller.

To all the fans who are worried about Chris Jericho's position on the card, be patient because there are big plans for this young man. Jericho is going to be a top star in the WWF for a long time to come.

Lo Down is becoming one of my favorite tag teams to watch in the WWF. D'Lo & Chaz are a pair of great hands.

I was listening to Metallica's S&M today and when I heard the song "Hero of the Day" it made me think of the biggest star in the industry, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

From what Good Ol' J.R., Jr. has heard Big Show is working hard down in OVW. Hopefully, his hard work transfers into weight loss and an improvement in the mental game.

Mark Henry's hard work has paid off in OVW. The former Olympic weightlifter has lost well over 50 lbs. This will make a big difference in his ringwork when he returns to the Federation.

With Mick Foley as the special referee this Sunday, I believe the Angle-Triple H match may be the show stealer. The Jericho-X-Pac match is the sleeper match of the show, in my humble opinion.

From where I sit, the return of Stone Cold this Sunday could really breathe new life into the WWF right now.

The RTC vs. Acolytes & Dudley Boyz match will be a slobberknocker. If things don't go right, however, it could be bowling shoe ugly. I doubt that will be the case though as all of these guys given a 110%.

I can't forget to mention that J.R. and some of the WWF Superstars will be on "Live With Regis" on October 23rd to promote the WWF Cookbook "Can You Take The Heat" and J.R.'s delicious BBQ sauce.

I was shocked to find the following in Mr. Zimmerman's RAW recap: Ross: "I wonder what Stone Cold would do if he were here right now, King." Me: "Probably tell you that now that he's married Debra, he no longer needs *you* to SUCK HIS DICK, Ross." All I have to say is that was a very unclassy comment, however, Good Ol' J.R., Jr. holds no grudges.

If you don't have access to TNN this Monday, I highly encourage you to visit WWF New York to view the show with the thousands of other WWF fans. I'm sure there will be more fans at WWF New York this Monday than at Turner's show in Uniondale.

STONE COLD!!! STONE COLD!!! STONE COLD!!! RETURNS THIS SUNDAY AT UNFORGIVEN!!! Don't forget RAW on TNN same time, different channel!

Take care.

J.R., Jr.
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