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November 3, 2000

Good Ol' J.R., Jr. is still riding high after the Sooners victory over Nebraska last Saturday and is back with a load of opinions from under the white cowboy hat.

TV was excellent this week as many storylines were furthered. Rikishi announcing that The Rock was in on the hit and run of Stone Cold was a helluva cliffhanger to an action packed RAW. It made the confrontation between The Rock and Stone Cold on SmackDown! a can't miss as the tension between the two was evident. Austin hitting the Stunner on The Rock was an intense scene, but The Rock evened the score at the end of an exciting SmackDown! No doubt this Monday on RAW Stone Cold will looking to sound off at The Rock as nobody gets over on the Rattlesnake.

Has the RTC gone to far by censoring Billy Gunn's nickname and theme music? I'm sorry, but from where I sit, I don't see much marketing potential in plain old "Billy G."

Don't expect the Kat and Eddie Guerrero to become a full time duo.

It's great to see Debra back on television. I think Mick Foley naming Debra as his Lieutenant Commissioner is a smart move on Mick's part as it gives him more time to promote his upcoming Christmas book entitled "Christmas Chaos." Mick also plans on writing a sequel to "Have A Nice Day" as well.

Exactly why does everyone seem to hate X-Pac? Besides the many WWF fans voicing their opinions every time he wrestles, Tori slapped him this past week at WWF New York. X-Pac may be the best hand in the business.

I was saddened to hear the news that Bret Hart has decided to hang up the boots. Bret didn't go out on his terms and that's really sad to see in this business. He wasn't even allowed to go out on Turner's show and say goodbye. Of course, not many people would even be aware of his final farewell since only a handful of people watch their shows. Anyway, I hope Bret enjoys his retirement and finally finds peace after a rocky end to an otherwise fabulous career.

Edge & Christian may be the most entertaining geeks on television. Throw in Kurt Angle and you do have the most entertaining geeks on television.

It seems as if the Radicalz are back together once again. Many are calling these four a modern day version of the Four Horsemen. If I say so myself, I would compare them to original Horsemen. Chris Benoit as the leader of the group like the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Dean Malenko playing the role of Benoit's "Enforcer" and right hand man like Arn Anderson was to Flair later on their careers. Perry Saturn playing the role of Tully Blanchard and Eddie Guerrero, just like Ole Anderson was to the Horsemen, is the man who holds the Radicalz together. That's just the way I see it folks.

Is Triple the MVP of the WWF? Many people believe so and I can't argue with that at all. If I had to choose, I would say The Rock, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle would be the runners-up.

For my money, Crash is one the most entertaining wrestlers in the industry right now.

Saw the latest from Big Show down at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Show's about 60 lbs. from where he needs to be, however, his in-ring game is gradually improving. I'm a betting man and I'm betting Show gets the job done and eventually returns to the WWF to make an impact.

You gotta believe T&A (or T&APA, if you will) is going to get theirs when the Acolytes make their returns from their respective injuries. Bradshaw has injured ribs and Faarooq is recovering from knee surgery.

Heat this Sunday should be an interesting show as The King will co-host with Michael Cole. I wonder if Tazz will be in the house. Godsmack will be performing live.

I heard Turner's promotion had their monthly this past Sunday. No, nobody in their company was on their period as far as Good Ol' J.R., Jr. knows, but it seems like the company has been on the rag for quite a while now as it continues to bleed money. What this company needs is an enema. I'm talking Roto Rooter. Their track record on Pay-Per-View is terrible as is, but they took it to new lows this past Sunday. Not delivery on finishes, phoned in performances, poor announcing by a pair of color commentators looking to put themselves over, and just overall poor booking is what makes people regurgitate their product. If you don't believe take a look at their "crowd" this past Monday. Seriously, why should anybody buy their Pay-Per-View when the odds are they'll end up airing their main event free the next night on Nitro. And, usually, the match the second time around is better than the Pay-Per-View effort. It's things like this that rattle Good Ol' J.R., Jr.'s cage.

That's my prerogative.

Take care.

J.R., Jr.
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