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November 25, 2000

After adjusting the good ol' belt forward a notch, Good Ol' J.R., Jr. is back with more wisdom and opinion from under the lucky Oklahoma Sooners football helmet.

I really enjoyed Survivor Series as I felt it was an 8 on a 10 point scale. I thought Rikishi and The Rock put on a tremendous performance. I thought Stone Cold and Triple H had a tremendous match for the most part. Once again, the WWF delivers on Pay-Per-View. Unfortunately, this is something Turner's company probably won't be able to do with their show this Sunday. Hopefully, nobody is dumb enough to buy their show in the first place.

Is it me, or is Mr. White Socks, aka Steven Richards the biggest nerd or what? Richards and the RTC may be the biggest group of hyprocrites I have ever seen. You can complain about the content of the WWF as much as you want because that's your opinion, but to go as far as criticize fans for watching the WWF on Thanksgiving strikes a nerve with Good Ol' J.R., Jr. Apparently ol' white socks didn't realize pro wrestling on Thanksgiving night was a tradition many years ago.

I must say I was disappointed with Good Ol' J.R. on SmackDown! Folks, I know it was an attempt to promote the WWF Cookbook "Can You Take the Heat", but who is going to devour chicken covered in BBQ sauce when there is turkey on the table? By the way, that wasn't just any BBQ sauce that was Good Ol' J.R.'s BBQ sauce. Here's another one, who besides Good Ol' J.R. puts BBQ sauce on chicken? If you have ever put BBQ sauce on chicken or better yet, ate chicken on Thanksgiving Day, make sure to drop a line to and let me know about it.

Molly Holly has won me over with her work this week at TV this week. Molly is going to have a very bright future in the WWF and her feud with Trish Stratus should be outstanding.

Another newcomer who has impressed me is K-Kwik. Very agile, quick (pun intended), and has a straight head on his shoulders. He's a little rough around the edges, but he'll improve over time. It's going to be very exciting to see how he progresses in the WWF.

Folks, it's going to be very interesting to see how Big Show and Mark Henry spent their Thanksgiving. It would definitely be a shame to see those two men gain unecessary weight back after the hard work those two have put in.

It's going to be an interesting night on Heat this Sunday on MTV when Chyna guest hosts the show. I'm really interested in what Chyna will have to say considering she has nothing to promote right now. Maybe the Ninth Wonder of the World will do a little karaoke.

The rumors are true as "The Game" will be back Monday for RAW. It's amazing Triple H survived a 40 foot drop in an automobile. That would kill any human being, however, Triple H isn't just any human being as he is immortal.

Is is me or is Kurt Angle the most outgoing member of the Angle family? Brother Eric is a man of VERY few words. I couldn't picture Thanksgiving at the Angle household. However, "Pass the milk" is said probably about 50 times in one setting.

Let's hope for the best that a certain obese, vulgar, and disgusting Hawaiian shirt wearing color commentator didn't eat the whole turkey by himself and was actually considerate enough to save some for his mother.

I believe many critics ate a lot of crow after Stone Cold Steve Austin went hold for hold with the best technical wrestler in the WWF, Chris Benoit on RAW this past Monday. I have a feeling the Benoit-Austin rivalry isn't over by a longshot.

I can't wait for Sooners-Cowboys game today. No matter what the records are, the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game is usually one of my favorites of the year and this year is no different. Heupel for Heisman? Oh hell yeah!

That's my prerogative.

J.R., Jr.
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