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December 18, 2000

The Big Okie is back after spending the weekend doing some not-so last minute holiday shopping.

I enjoyed Armageddon for the most part. The main event delivered and will go down as yet another Hell in the Cell classic. Everybody on the show worked hard which is not uncommon from the WWF roster. Overall, I would have to give the show a solid 6 out of 10 score.

Many Internet fans have been wailing on "The One" Billy Gunn for his matches with Chris Benoit this past week at Armageddon and RAW. Many are questioning his conditioning and rightly so. You definitely have to be on top of your game when in the ring with the best technical wrestler in the WWF today, Chris Benoit. The person who came up with "The Two" nickname is a real wise guy. However, that joke left me in stitches to be honest with you.

The Dean Malenko-Lita storyline is very intriguing from where I sit. Malenko's entrance music may be "James Bond-like," but his character is a real slimeball.

The rumors that Buff Bagwell has had talks with the WWF are not true. However, the rumors that Shane McMahon is a huge Buff Bagwell mark are indeed true.

I enjoy Tazz's role as a commentator on HEAT. The vignette he did with the Dudley Boyz was very entertaining. I got a feeling some of those recipes are not in the WWF Cookbook ("Can You Take the Heat" in stores now!).

I heard Turner had another disappointing Pay-Per-View last night. What a surprise that is.

I just watched some tapes with the latest from Mark Henry and Big Show down at Ohio Valley Wrestling and they have quite a ways to go before returning to the Federation.

Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar continue to show blue chip potential down at Ohio Valley.

Tentatively, the big Ohio Valley show that was scheduled to have WWF is being rescheduled for January 31st which just happens to be Good Ol' J.R. Jr.'s birthday.

The Vince McMahon-Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley confrontation this past week on SmackDown! was in my opinion the best Vince McMahon interview ever. Usually, Vince's interviews seem drawn out to me and come across as Vince talking just because he likes to hear himself talk. The venom he spewed in that interview on SmackDown! was incredible and made the billionaire come across as high class scum. Just awesome television.

I had a hard time digesting the fact that Chris Weinke edged out my personal favorite to win the Heisman, Josh Heupel. Weinke had a great year statistically, but hopefully the Sooners will beat Florida St. in the Orange Bowl to make up for it. Last time I checked, the Sooners were 13 point underdogs. Should be an excellent game nonetheless.

That's all for now. I guarantee I'll be back with a column this coming Friday.

That's my prerogative.

J.R., Jr.
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