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December 29, 2000

Good Ol' J.R., Jr. returns to close out what has been an exciting year with some resolutions for the superstars of the WWF and the business in general.

In 2001, I believe Kurt Angle should take it up another level in the intensity and aggression department.

I would like to see Triple H fully recover from his injuries so he could put on more outstanding performances. No doubt, The Game is a big time performer.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker having an injury free year and having an exciting series of matches with the likes of Chris Benoit, William Regal, and Chris Jericho.

From where I sit, I can see The Rock only get better and better in the ring. Also, look for The Rock to dominate Hollywood like Pat Patterson would to an energetic hamster. (OK, so I'm no mixed metaphor artist like my father. Sue me.)

I would like to see the three superstars listed above continue to give 100% as their hard work will pay off in the end. It wouldn't surprise me to see Benoit and Y2J main eventing Pay-Per-Views by the end of 2001. A King of the Ring victory could be ideal for the young veteran Regal.

I enjoy Tazz as a color commentator for Heat, but I would really like to see him get more ring time this coming year.

Big Show and Mark Henry will hopefully be back in the Federation better than ever. There's a good chance we may see the WWF debuts of Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar this year too.

Hopefully, the members of Right to Censor will see the light and quit intefering with our first amendment rights. Somebody better had the common sense to get Steve Richards dress socks for Christmas. What a nerd!

From where I sit, 2001 could be a make or break year for the Holly family. Hardcore Holly needs to find his niche wherever that may be. Intercontinental, European, or Tag Team Championships are within reach, but it's up to Hardcore to find his niche. The same could be said for Crash. Molly will no doubt, be a top hand in the women's division.

The other three members of the Radicalz--Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn--need more television exposure in my opinion. These three are too talented to be second string players if you ask me.

I would love to see Lo Down ditch the turbans. That's beyond embarrassing.

When it comes to obese, disgusting, and vulgar color commentators, this could be summed up quite nicely with a little saying that goes, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." In this case, it couldn't have happen to a better person.

I'm very excited about the Sooners-Seminoles game for National Championship Wednesday night. I may not have tickets for the game, but Good Ol' J.R., Jr. will be having a party at the house with many of my fellow Okies. Nothing better than BBQ, big screen TV, and many crazy Sooners fans to enjoy the festevities. Of course, my special steak sauce will be getting a work-out all day Wednesday.

2000 has been a great year for yours truly and I hope it was the same for each of you out there. Let's hope 2001 will be even better!

That's my prerogative.

J.R., Jr.
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