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August 11, 2000

It's been an exciting week for Good Ol' J.R. Jr. I have been in meetings all week concerning my steak sauce. This sauce has been a family recipe for over 3 years and when it hits the shelves at a supermarket near you, it will not disappoint. Next week we plan on working on a suitable name for the sauce.

I thought RAW is WAR was an excellent show this week. A great effort all around by everyone. That is why the WWF is #1.

I have received numerous E-mails this week about the confrontation between Tazz and my daddy, Good Ol' J.R. Hearing Tazz berate my dear old daddy was definitely an emotional rollercoaster for me. I was shocked that Tazz had the audacity to poke fun at my daddy's condition which many of you know has been a troubling situation for him, but you what pissed me off the most? Tazz knocking Good Ol' J.R.'s cowboy hat off his head. Damn it, you can poke fun at my daddy's condition all you want, but if you touch the man's cowboy hat, you got trouble on your hands!

I would like to wish a happy birthday to former WWF Superstar, the legendary Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster turns the big 4-7 so it might be tough to blow out 47 candles. Also, I would like to put rumors to rest by stating that the Hulkster will not be returning to the WWF, EVER!

The RTC has been getting a lot of exposure on RAW and SmackDown! recently, but I do not agree or endorse their views whatsoever. Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, and The Goodfather are tremendous athletes, but the WWF believes in the first amendment, however, hypocrisy and censorship are not in Good Ol' J.R. Jr.'s dictionary.

Mark Henry has been asked to lose 50 lbs.

I know Michael Cole may have mentioned it on SmackDown!, but since nobody takes Cole seriously, I would like to reiterate that WWF New York is an excellent place to visit when your in Times Square. The restaurant has great food, merchandise, big screen TVs, and it has a real party atmosphere.

Steven Regal has impressed WWF officials with his work in Memphis. It won't be long for this fine young man gets the call up to the WWF roster. Regal has all the tools to be a player in this industry and I know for sure he is up for the challenge.

I hear Turner's organization is holding a Pay-Per-View this weekend. And since I will be making a boatload of money off of my steak sauce, I will donate to the less fortunate and order WCW's Pay-Per-View this weekend. Remember fans, nobody does Pay-Per-View like the WWF and you'll have the opportunity to see it for yourself August 27th when the World Wrestling Federation presents SummerSlam live and only on Pay-Per-View!

Speaking of SummerSlam, the main event of Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. The Rock for the World Wrestling Federation Championship should be an explosive contest. The same could be said for Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho. All five men are incredible athletes and could make this the greatest SummerSlam in many years.

The Triple H-Stephanie-Kurt Angle triangle is heating up and should make for some excellent TV leading up to SummerSlam.

More announcements concerning the XFL are expected to be made in weeks to come. There's a chance Good Ol' J.R. Jr. could be in the booth calling games next year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The Internet rumors going around that Terri Runnels is bisexual are not true. Folks, I don't know how this stuff gets started.

Big Show's effort this week was much better, but he needs to be consistent in the long run. This 7 foot 500 lbs. man has the tools, but needs to lose the excess weight and get the mental part of the game down if he wants to reach his potential.

It's pretty sad that Turner's organization has resorted to put a 60 year old ring announcer in ring against an overweight, smart ass, color commentator in an attempt to entertain their fans. It's really sad that the people other than the actual in-ring talent get more airtime, more recognition, and get treated like superstars than the real stars of the show--the wrestlers. It's reasons like this why Turner's company is losing enough money to feed about 40 third world countries.

I would like to thank the webmaster of this site for hosting my column each week. It's really appreciated. (Well, shucks, that's right noble of y'all. - CRZ)

That's all for this week folks! Keep bringing those J.R. BBQ Sauce signs to the arenas and I would appreciate it if some J.R. Jr. Steak Sauce signs are also at TV this week.

Take care.

J.R. Jr.
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