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MAD PROPS TO: Todd Thomas, who is now going to make me cut and paste your responses so no one gets confused. Save the Adrionacks! KB IS BUYRATE, BAY-BEE! (What's the Internet column equivalent of buyrate anywho? I prefer to believe 3.8 million people read and 3 write, but that's just me. On with it, then.)

Welcome to SLASH IS ROSSER!!! No, I don't take myself very seriously. But I do know I'll be delivering a rapacious typing incursion that the Butchaholics will never, EVER, forget! Agayn! Well, maybe Chyna will show up, maybe not. Of course, the WWF is pulling the bikini TnT thing before I get my new computer. Just as well--I didn't feel like giving my desk a wipedown anyway. This would be the time ON CRZ OR RANTSYLVANIA WHERE I CORE RESPOND DANCE!:

Once again, ADRgizmo: keep up the great work butch
--> o.k. i will

[slash]hole Marvellous Martin (whose column is HERE, I hope): "Why didn't Y2J call him Deano Machino on HeAT?" That's because he called him the far superior name 'Stinko Malenko' from when the two of them had one of the greatest feuds EVER back when WCW was good.--> This is what makes a column better! Hey, all 4 of you who are gonna respond, pick one: Deano Machino or Stinko Malenko. Results next week! And MX2, the dream was merely to have people send me E's to put here.

Repeat offender Todd Thomas: I'm still liking your stuff, and what's up with a scrawny white chick like JLH?-->Thanks. And she's hot without being a slut, smart but not mind-blowingly, sweet without a trip to the dentist...hell, she's just the one for me, damnit! You read the column, you deal with the writer's bizarre infatutation over hot babes he can't have! (Unless, Jenny, you're willing to prove him wrong...)

And to finish up strong, Shawn Colton:
Okay I'm gonna react to your fifteen that posted were so long ago ...
15) After last night it would seem that Vampy and Stinger-San may very well starting an unstable stable.
14) I assume Dan is Marino, and Mick is Foley, I don't understand any ofthat, but " Hogan Sucks " is not only easy to agree with ,but gets truer everyday.
13) That's funny. They can't chant " She's a Crack Whore" A+
12) If I'm Vampiro I'm not exactly unhappy over my push. I think us " smarts " bitch too much sometimes.
11) I like to call The Wall The Dudleytaker myself.
10) How cool is it that Dean Malenko now has an actual character courtesy of being in the WWF ?
09) I love it when they blow spots on LIVE TV. And so does Spot.
08) I don't speak Spanish
05) Arn on the mic works for me as well...yup , yup, yup
04) Ms Hancock, or as I like to call her, Just A Pair of Legs
02)Yes I too marked out for Vince's return
01) Mae Young gives good bump !
That is all...... Thanks :)
-->Hey, look! Guess who's gonna write my column while I'm on vacation? Just what I need, some young turk out to steal my spot. Place Arn Anderson joke here.

Live from North Tijuana, it's the LISTO DEL FUEGO: I wonder if Hogan's allergic to peanuts?

Of course, at WM, this means a bunch of 12-year-old girls and gonna rush the gates and take them down. But I like it. By the way, they just keep intersecting Total Request Workrate Canada & TRW Carolina. Just have another goddamned ladder match already!

14) **D(MC)X**
Who's house? Scores House!

The Badgers are in the Sweet 16 and finally the Lethal Cheddar has come back to their state! Kudos!

Can't have enough lucha. They're the wrestling equivalent of Pringles.

We could push Devon Storm, but no! Let's make sure Goldberg comes back to us before he leaves and puts us below wXo for good!

All I'm saying is, she should just be happy she doesn't have hHh's nose or she would've died long ago.

09) **MS.HANCOCK**
More wiggling, sister! You got competition now!

As long as they don't set up a fued with Konnan, I remain happy.

Cause the faces change, but the booking stays the same.

1-Saturday Night 2-Thunder 3-That show I hear they have on Mondays. Of course, if "Superstars" is on, fugeddaboudit.

05) **WHY THERE'S SO MANY 3's @ WM**
We had a Triple Threat for the big one, now one for the Eurocontinental, maybe for the tag...and it's WM 16...AUSTIN! WORD!

04) **T'N'A**
Well, Test has been languishing since his injury and Prince Albert is a...oh, who the hell am I trying to kid! SWEET HOLY FOLEY TRISH IS CALIENTE! I'll drink out THAT gene pool anyday!

03) **THE CHOICE AT 10:00**
Benoit/Jericho. Sid/Hogan v. Roid Boy/Jarrett. Discuss.

02) **HOGAN...SHIT**
All right. In the immortal words of Comic Book Guy, the Sid turn? "Worst episode ever". Now they're just going to strap the damn belt on Hogan at Stampede and he's gonna hold it until Halloween or whenever Goldie comes back, if ever. That giant sucking's back! But can it beat Madden's gravitational pull?

01) **FOLEY! YES! YES! OH, GOD, YES!**
He sings! He writes! And, hey, if he's not God, why has he risen again to save us all in a time of need? Can I get a witness from the congregation?

@LARGE: Pushing Tank Abbott, NORMAN!, TAFKAPI still blows but there's Paisley, Knobs wins HC Title, Uncensored Worst PPV Ever, Gene Sober, CHAVO!, WWF and USA To Split?, Bossman Should Quit, Why Should Kurt Defend Both Belts, GTV returns w/cleavage.

Britney Spears is gonna cover "Satisfaction". SMELL THE IRONY.

Butch Rosser
Supreme Overlord for Life, Future Husbands of Jennifer Love Hewitt
President-Elect, Cabana Boys of Trish Stratus

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