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You think I was going to stop for a measly 3 finals tommorrow? I'm like that "This Is Your Life" segment--I never stop.

NEEDLE DROP: Pick up "This Is Cult Fiction". Best $5 I've spent.

BIG UPS TO: Marvellous and Sharona! Available at high-quality websites like this one AT THIS LOCATION and OVER HERE, TOO! If the caps make no sense, let your mouse do the clicking. The not-quite-as celebrated Slash Is Rosser is here, all reduced fat for your consumption. Well, I got all the way up to 5. Next week 7, and the week after that THE WORLD! (cue Vanderburg soundbite) I got finals a'callin'--let's get our CORE RESPOND DANCE on!

Sammy Castenon, President of the Bring Back Mae Club: Isn't cable t.v. great??? I've started a grand new tradition. I tape RAW and watch it when I get home from SDSU. Follow that up with the NITRO replay at midnight and you have one wrestling mark cocktail:) I love it!!! You know, Jericho's not the champ anymore, right? Still, he proved himself in a big way last night. He's going to fit in just fine in the main eventers club:) Over on Nitro, I have to say I'm fast becoming a Scott Steiner fan. He's a prick and all, but he knows how to back up all of his S#*t. My brother, who is a casual wrestling viewer, was amazed at the way Big Poppa Pump took care of Tank Abbott ... at least until that jealous fucker Rick showed up. Can't wait to read your column!--> Yeah, SDSU in the fall, baby! WHOO! Usually I tape Nitro and catch RAW. Cable TV--#1 reason not to go outside. Finally, I get what I want regarding bad-ass Canadjuns and the IC belt. Steiner is a nutjob. Rick's just jealous we don't call weak-ass or paralyzing bulldogs the DogSteiner.

Lord of the Obvious (cause he's that damn good) Dale Blasingame (uh): Thanks for the mention...I guess I need to read your column more often! Haha, just kidding. I have sorta backed off on my WWF bashing lately...when something comes on that I don't like (perhaps Chyna even being within 3 feet of Eddy) I just turn the's so simple - I wish I would have thought of it years ago. Anyway, later. Good column. --> It's a good thing not all of us Netizens do what he does--otherwise, what would we have to bitch and moan about?

Mr. Hardcore TV Tanvir Raquib: Sup Butch. 2 weeks of getting my name out there has done wonders. Well, not really, but it's cool. I mean Eric S., Mr. T and you put a little mention for me in the span of a week. That's some keen shit.

Anyhow, RAW was a bore to me. I think the show started to go downhill RIGHT when I saw Bossman and Buchanan come out. Err...shouldn't we try to get our tag champs over here instead of 2 uncharismatic (Buchanan) and lazy (Bossman) performers? Naaah...let's put'em out there for a run-in at the 10 minute mark! I guess this is Vince's gratitude for Bossman's continued community service for Dallas, Georgia, his hometown. Jericho didn't do a rebuttal of Vince. When you're trying to establish a cool, hip, "outlaw" type of face, he's gotta have the last word. It just makes Jericho look sorta...weak, especially after the penis quip.

Jericho came out too soon for his match against Angle. Should've moved the match to the 10:00 hour. That way, at least the fans will have some sustained heat for the guy. And we shouldn't have had the Show-Jericho match. What's the point of aligning Show back with Shane anyway? In fact, why is Show on my TV anyway? Shouldn't he be jobbing to Stevie Richards on Heat or something?

Eddy is pretty damn sweet in the ring. But I don't think he's as over as some (wishful) people may think. His character needs more depth - talking like Cheech Marin has as much depth as Bastion Booger did a good 7 years ago. What I'd really like him to do is to break up with Chyna and change his gimmick to more of a pissed off angry man who won't be held down by anybody. He could rant about hating the WWF, its fans and everyone else because of the obvious racist tones of the gimmick he's in. Sorta like the "Chaz" gimmick but with that pure rudoness that we all love. Course I wonder what he thinks at night - knowing that he's playing out all the stereotypes that White America portrays his people in. Sure, he's getting a push and I'm happy to see him with one. But does the gimmick cross the line? To some extent. Do I think Vince McMahon is a raging racist deep down inside? Well, he definitely has a fondness for playing out stereotypes. His feelings are quite clear in the performers he puts out there. Do I hope that a Latino-American activist group boycotts the WWF? Sure. Or at least a threat. This kinda shit shouldn't go down NOW or EVER. If there's one Latino kid made fun of by his peers because of the 'Latino Heat' gimmick, then that's one too many. The aspect of the 'Latino Heat' gimmick that I like is the romanticism. I dig that stuff. I'm hoping that Eddy does well in the WWF, but it sorta sucks to see him making squeaky sounds with his voice. It's way exaggerated. Brisco is the man. That butterfly suplex gave me a whole new respect for the man. Plus his manboobs don't sag as much as Flair's or Hogan's. Chart that to no steroid abuse, right? Patterson is a homosexual who doesn't wear clean underwear. Not good....nope, not at all (the dirty underwear part, I could give a damn if he's gay). Just wondering where this is gonna lead up to at Judgement Day.

Oh, Nitro? Well, I think the Vampiro commercial sucks. What's the point of seeing some fat chick running through the woods? Is Vampiro chasing after her? Does Vampiro have a personality or does being a Canadian make one devoid of any (minus Jericho)? Chuck Palumbo isn't a bad wrestler.........for a big man. He has a keen springboard dropkick and gets some hangtime on his top-rope Test elbow. Too bad he's paired up with Luger. Too bad he can't work a mic. Too bad I don't give 2 shits about the feud. So we have monster trucks in wrestling? Does Bischoff, Russo and Mac think we're all rednecks? Lemme say it once: SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! MONSTER TRUCKS COMING TO YOUR TOWN COMING SOON!!!! (you'll get it if you see the commercials from around my way)
One last thing: Electra is nasty to look at it. Ick. That is all.

-->Yeah, I hate the Bossman. He's the pretz, ain't he? Jericho is in an odd spot between high mid-card and low upper card, we'll see how Sunday treats his ascension. I agree we didn't need the Show match--it was the only one that didn't really go anywhere. The Angle match was hot, and the Benoit, well, duh. But you could've done the Shane is disappointed with Show thing in a GTV later or in a one take backstage when it first started. IMOHO. Actually, I heard the thing was Eddy's idea, and obviously he's got the veto over whatever he feels is too blantant. I dig the romanticsm too. I know Electra is nastay--I just wanted to get Earth, Wind and Fire in there somehow.

Hey, it's Martin! He's the man!: I'll have you know I have a perfect set of teeth, no fillings, no caps, no braces, nothing. Nothing but stains from all the tea I drink seeing as I'm English huh? :)

Thanks for the props, you're doing a fine job there yourself. Leave off Edge and Christian from now on though huh? Well, Christian anyway - to quote an angry Scotsman, Edge is just a big grinning prick with no talent. About Kat's 'assets' on the UK PPV. Jerry was surprisingly low-key about it, all things considered, I suppose he must have gotten a bit bored of seeing them by then, I don't know. I was much more interested in being witness to Stephanie's white panties, but that could just be me. Steph actually looked quite pretty and less 'too-much-makeup-and-I-want-to-try-and-look-like-Britney-Spears' which was quite pleasant. It certainly warmed me to her a little more.
--> Hey, I read "Paddington"! I know your people better than I know myself! Thanks for the INX report, but I mock who I choose to mock. Unless they somehow find where I live, in which case I blame someone else.

I've got big balls. On another note, here's Matt Spaulding: FIRST of all, thanks for the shout out AND for the inspiration for my Russo nickname. Let's get on to this list... I've got some answers for you.

15. Hennig-Angle? SMELL IT!
14. Yeah, it is a little racist, but I don't think Eddie'd be doing it if he had a problem with it.
13. MEOW-za! Sometimes the British get all the luck.
12. That was bizarre. Mikey's an absolute riot right now.
11. You damn right.
10. The man's in his 50's, and can still out-talk and out-dress practically anyone in his company. And how about Arn on Thunder? Gold, baby, GOLD.
9. I'll be stealing this too, by the way.
8. I liked Best of 3, too, but this could work... I'll tell you all how in next week's column.
7. And even when they don't job, they can't let Kidman beat anybody by himself? WTF?
6. Ick. Was never a fan of Steiner.
5. Well, DUH. At least I saved some money on the job.
4. Yeah, let's give Arquette a belt, and we'll give Norman f'n Ralphus.
3. Funniest damn thing on TV right now.
2. I was hoping you'd add, "He's a nice guy! I have footage!" but I took care of it for you.
1. Get your wallet out, 'cause it's ON, baby!

Britney? She's not that innocent, you know. --> Uh, oh! Shawnie's got competition! Anyway, I handle all Britney-related items at the end because by that point, people've quit reading anyway. (activate Christian) It is SO a word! (turns Christian off)

LISTO DEL FUEGO: I wouldn't say it's awesome. It's prety good. (!)

Paul is taking the time to slowly ease his wrestlers away from comedic roles to further their development and exodus to WCW. I still say Corino with a title run (TV) would be cool.

14) **HO'S, D'LO, AND ELROY, OH MY!**
Is she getting a rematch or what?

13) **TESTIFY!**
This weekend I hope Tori doesn't have anything planned, 'cause she's going to take a rather bad trip to the lumber factory.

It doesn't matter. It's just a piece of tin with words on it. I bet Onita is rolling over in his grave right now.

11) **MAJOR GUNS**
At ease! I said AT EASE, damnit! Oh, the room's starting to spin...

Yeah, it was a house, all right. On the backstreet where those punk ass boys grew up!

The best minute in professional wrestling today.

I'm sure he won't be wasted. I mean, look what they did for Bret!

07) **TRISH IS BACK!**
And all is right with my sick little world once again.

06) **ARN!**
How hard does he rock? I mean, he's just cool.

Spaces on my bandwagon are still available. TV Title next!

What, all 4 of them? He'll be suspended again by Father's Day, then we can give Booker T the US Title. I dig them silver linings.

Why dance for that eunuch Tony? What about me? I can miscall things! I can make people nauseous! Damnit, this tainted orb called Earth sucks! SUCKS!

02) **15! WHOO! BY GOD! TIMES!**
Was this their last, best, desperate plea to not let Ric go back to Vince and totally annihilate their asses?

You notice they waited until I'd say I'd pay before announcing it? Those McMahons are a clever bunch. Oh, well, as long as they're listening to me: 20-30 minutes, NO RUN-INS. Thank you.

@LARGE: Mindbender, Heat2K still around?, Further Miseducation of Booker T., Vampiro IS Ozzy!, camerman maces Luger, Guido pushed, Tables and Kronik, Sid? He LEFT?!, HBK is back, Shane hits

Well, it's been Britney overload this week as her new album's coming out. In my quest to make new, better jokes, I've gone all Bubba Ray now. I love Britney. I hate Britney. But I love her. But I hate her. Stupid bipolar disorder! Anyway, let me know if you liked the needle drop, if I should continue the Spears bashing, and all else in the minds of the Butchaholics. The WWF's having a PPV AGAIN? Didn't they just have one?! Hell, I'll be back this weekend with that preview, and you can see if post-graduate me sounds any smarter.

I'm outta here like I stole somethin'! Or other!

Butch Rosser
Supreme Overlord for Life, Future Husbands of Jennifer Love Hewitt
President, The REAL Trish Stratus Mark Fan Club

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