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Well poor old Semaj has been a suffering fool recently. Apparently that poor knee he got trying to be cool on a mountain now requires surgery. Needless to say, I now will have the deadliest knee drops this side of Mississippi, I mean you gotta look for the good right?

Also school has become the root of all evil, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. I mean like, they expect you to do homework, and study, dang higher level courses.... no, I'm not bitter. Ok enough of the non-wrestling griping, and on with the show.

Good old mick Foley made me look like A god to my friends this week, because after the last PPV I said: "Notice how mick never actually said i retire, it's all a big thing to let him repair himself till near wrestlemania when he'll live his lifelong dream. Mark my words." course i think he ctually at a later point in time said he WAS retired(and I believe he still is), but well I cant be perfect can I?

I'm sitting here, listening to all these people scream and yell about how Mick should have stayed retired and preserved the integrity of some crud. People, people, people. MONTHS ago it was stated he'd be cutting back his workload, not retiring. Thats right all you smart marks, everyone talked about him still wreslting once in a while, and being used in a diff capacity, because he knew he couldnt use the R word, because once wrestling is in your blood.....

So it was basically foretold he wouldnt be wrestling every major thing anymore, but odds are he'd still be wrestling once in a while. yet you were all still shocked and disapointed. Kills me it does, persoanlly I'd almost kill to watch mick do his thing one or two more times, because he is just that enjoyable to watch. Personally I think he just raised the final event another star. So gripe all you weenies want, this is one happy Semaj.

Also, these interviews on wrestleline from right before the WCW PPV all have a "The wrestlers are shooting" very few people seemed to just talk like normal people. Not to kill the interviewee, but well Booker felt like an Ideal Booker interview till maybe halfway through when he went out of character after being asked about why he was being held back. I wouldnt mind being allowed backstage to ask those questions on everyones mind, like how close Kidman REALLY came to leaving WCW for WWF, or if anyone in the back room is happy Russo and Bishoff is back... course he dint know about the last one, but he coulda shaken the pot some....

Now Semaj has recently noticed that everyone is try8ing thier hand at booking the WCW, and i was wondering if anyone out there who's seen the direction i'd like the WCW to go, would like to see me do my own fantasy booking for a month or so. Thats right place your votes at or so help me, I'll scream like a woman, and you dont want that.

I was watching Raw the othernight and T&A was formed, and I'm thinking to myself, hey, look how far down Test has fallen from a potential main eventer just a few short months ago. Mind you it's not like they are starving for tag teams right now, so as far as i see this, it's just adead end, although a better name would be Goldilox and Papa Bear(long flowing bonde hair, big hairy guy,... bah nevermind, I thought it was funny). You know who i'd like to see get a title run? Head Cheese, or whatever they want to call themselves. Thier clearly quite over, and in my mind a good set of workers. I think they should be given the chance to play in the upper cards with the Dudleys and the Hardies. Would make my week to say the least.

Then again I'm looking forward to Taz as the Hardcore champ, The Dudleys as the Tag Champs, and Jericho or Benoit as a two tile holder. Ex ECWers of the world, unite. Then again maybe only I think of all those little things.

Now on to the important one: WCW. yeahI got a lot to say about Bishoff and Russo, but I think most of it's been said. So I'll summarise quickly: It's about damn frickin time. Admittedly Bishoff sint my first choice, but odds are he wont make the same mistake this time he did at the end there. I'm also willing to bet with Bishoff not booking everything, and Russo giving the reigns, but not total, WCW WILL get better, quickly. I also bet quite a few wrestlers are realising they will no longer get monster pushes. Poor Wreslter formerly know as the cruiserweight champion, I'm willing to bet that belt will be around your waist about as much longer as it takes Bishoff to say 'Who is this guy, and how does he have the belt?' Oh happy days may be here again...

Until next time hippies, may the force be with that guy next to you....


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