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Since 1998, Stone Cold Steve Austin has been one awesome son of a bitch and one of my most favorite individuals in the entire universe. And now, he is gone. If you had asked me before he left to envision life without Stone Cold Steve Austin, I would've found it pretty damn impossible. I don't look forward to a life without Stone Cold Steve Austin as a weekly fixture. I'm more than a little scared.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and his contributions were a way of life, an institution. It can't just stop. Do the leaves just STOP falling from the trees? Heck no they do not. That would be weird if they did, and I would have no idea how to react, I'll tell you that much, man. So now, whether we like it or not, we face a future without Stone Cold Steve Austin. Will we survive? Probably. Will it be as fun? Probably not.

If we're all going to keep putting up with it, wouldn't we be better off with him there? As a reassurance? As a reminder of better times? As a wonderful human being? Yeah. But not being a part of it now is probably the best thing for him, all things considered, especially with the way the entire product surrounding him has completely deteriorated. Will Stone Cold Steve Austin ever come back to perform his God-given gift again? I can't say for certain, but I wouldn't bet against it!

Austin is gone, but clearly Stone Cold will never, ever be forgotten. I know that in Austin's heart, he wishes every superstar in the locker room well, he wishes all of you well, and I know Austin even wishes even the company that he helped build well. So Steve, tonight, wherever you are. I'd like to say on behalf of all the superstars, some of whom are riding your coattails for the trailblazes you made, I'd like to say, Steve, to you, on behalf of the company that you helped build, on behalf, Steve, of every single fan that you entertained throught the years all over the world ... On behalf of all of us, Steve, I would simply like to say ... thank you. Thank you, Stone Cold -- thank you for the memories.

And also thanks for putting me on the website a year ago.

The end.

Justin Shapiro
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