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Corey Steadman




Hello all. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Corey and here is my first lame attempt at column writing here. I have enjoyed the realm of sports entertainment since 1986. Basically what I will do is watch 4 hours of wrestling a week (Sorry only the WWF. I am not a WCW fan at all!) and give my views on what should happen next. So I will start with this week and the series of events that have gone on.

Radicalz Reunion. A good idea actually. I think that if booked properly, then Benoit, Malenko (is he still Light Heavyweght Champion?), Guerrero, and Saturn will look like the millenium version of the Four Horsemen that everyone expected last year.

Rock, Rikishi, Austin. After watching SmackDown tonight, I have to say that a Rock heel turn is in the early stages. I am thinking that at Survivor Series, Rock will turn on either Austin or get involved in the (hopefully) HHH/Angle title match. Turn on Austin you say? Didn't he do that on SmackDown? Well, yeah he did but remember that he also gave the Rock Bottom to Vinnie Mac before Survivor Series in 1998. In any event, look for a Rock heel turn in the next two weeks.

HHH, Angle. As touched on before, I'd love to see a HHH/Angle title match at Survivor Series. Could be a great match, they already have the ability to keep the crowd in the entire match but mostly, I would finally like to see an end to the already long Angle/HHH/Stephanie story. I grew bored with it a long time ago.

Survivor Series. I am kinda disappointed in how the WWF is handling their "WrestleMania" of the fall. No matches have been announced. I really hope that they don't do what they did last year and just throw the card together. Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't think it was horrible, but it wasn't good. Ok, so the Big Fat-Assed Show won the title but where is he now? Not in the WWF! And they just threw the survivor elimination matches together with no storyline behind them at all. I dunno but I get the feeling that the card this year has a chance to be good at the top with a possible Triple Threat Match with Austin/Rikishi/Rock as well as the above (multiple time) mentioned main event. There are some other possibilities for some other matches but I think I will let the next week play out before I spew out what I think it should be.

That pretty much does it for my 435 (and counting) words here tonight. If you have a questions, comments, hate mail? Or if you existing columnists have any pointers then just drop me a line at Yeah, yeah I know, its really original...Until next time...

Corey Steadman

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