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July 9th, 2001. This will forever be a day that will be etched in wrestling history. This is the day that the WWF, WCW and ECW were all in the same arena at the same time. I have to tell you all, I marked out big time when Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam ran in on the Jericho/Kane match on RAW. And I was actually watching intently during the last hour or so of the show just to see what can happen next. Well, there was nothing much more that did come out of it but more questions than anything else as well as an observation.

1. What is HHH thinking about all this? How about the Rock?
2. What made Stephanie want ECW in the first place?
3. Where does Linda fall in all of this?
4. Is the WWF the face or heel? Likewise is WCW/ECW the heel or face?
*Note* I honestly think that the WWF looks more like the face in this one.
5. Will ECW be a stand-alone faction to make this a 3 company war?

There are a lot more questions but I think that the one that should be asked first is #2. I mean, why would Stephanie want ECW in the first place? Did she get tired of all of Vince's crap? Did she want to show the McMahon men that she can run with the big boys? Was she bored? No, I don't think you have to look any further than this. Vince has outsmarted Shane...It's that simple.

Just hang with me for a second. Stephanie and Vince saw the uprising of WCW as a major threat. So the "Billionaire Princess" goes out and seeks Shane's help, wanting him to "take" down Vince and ruin the empire he has built for so many years now. Shane, not knowing of what Stephanie is capable of, gladly takes any extra help in his invasion of the WWF and plans for the whole thing to come down on RAW in Atlanta. The first result is what you all saw Monday night with the WCW/ECW merger.

See, this is all part of Vince's plan to bring down WCW but there is a few ways this can go. One way to look at it is that Stephanie likes this new ownership and decides to take ECW to new heights. It is still too early to tell right now but just looking at it a few ways this can become a very intriguing story that can help everyone involved if done properly and last night's events have definately done that.

On a side note. Just as Mr. Alex Chan was at SmackDown on Tuesday. I was there as well. I am not sure if this was in his report but I have to say, the crowd was quite pathetic, there was only about 9,000 people in attendance and the big black curtain was dropped on half the arena. Quite disappointing indeed. It was my first television taping and I had a great time. I am just happy as hell that there was just more than me and my brother flashing the 4 Horsemen sign everytime Arn Anderson came to the ring. That and a few fights and it was a good evening overall!

I leave you with this. Vince is a genius.

Throw those hate mails at me and sure, I'll read them with a tissue in my hand.

Corey Steadman

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