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Time to go into serious-pissed off mode, so hit your Back button now. You were warned. [And no, it's not about the fallacy that is David Arquette, WCW champion, though WCW deserves an ass-tearing about that, too. Thankfully, Jerry Root & MDB took care of it for me.]

I was catching up on my WCW happenings in the wake of the ever-infamous title switch on THUDner, and I realized something that I had apparently missed in all of the hoopla surrounding the new WCW - Sting is now dropping from the rafters again.


To paraphrase Rocky Miavia, "it's not a Bret Hart thing, it's not a WWF thing, it's a respect thing." Why do something that reminds everyone of tragedy? What happened to not doing that "out of respect for Bret Hart"? [I've heard Bret Hart was asked for his approval before they did it. So f'n what?]. It's a true Catch-22: you remind everyone of what happened, and WCW makes about-face look natural after all the cheap shots and declarations made in the aftermath of the tragic death in the media, not to mention pissing off all the fans like me who see this as a disrespect to the memory of one of our favorite performers.

In the "leave it to WCW" department: He apparently got lowered a little bit faster than usual on his first try last week, as several reports had him landing hard and on his leg gingerly. Does WCW believe in omens?

Oh, and as if that in itself wasn't bad enough, the timing is WCW all the way: last Sunday was 11 months to the day that Owen Hart died. Of course, that means that on the 11-month anniversary of the Owen Hart tribute show, someone on the other channel got lowered from the rafters. Hey, anything to get Sting over, right? Mike Awesome will be a perfect match for the "new" WCW - no conscience, no ethics.

11 months ago, the wrestling world was turned upside down by the loss of one of the most acknowledged "locker room good guy" and the youngest member of arguably the most historic wrestling family ever, the Harts. You want a reason why WCW is in the gutter? Politics is one: disrespect, whether it's for wrestling legends like Ric Flair, Bret Hart, young guys like Vampiro, on-air disrespect for WWF personalities, or the memory of those now gone, is another.

New Era? HA! Nothing has changed, except for the fact that the one thing I [and a lot of people] used to watch WCW for, the great wrestling is now gone. What's left? A promotion in shambles, with the same old guys at the top, and the 1800Collect guy as the World Champion: a fact which is somehow so appropriate - because to quote somebody who's actually been caught in a bear trap on national TV, the Road Dogg, they better call somebody and fast.

Don't call me, I'll be watching the WWF.

You *can* quote me on that - and I hope you choke on the words.

Mr. T
King of Vague References, Co-Founder of Rant Central, and Boycotter of WCW
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