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Last night I found myself doing something I never thought I'd do, much less admit to publicly. It's so horrible and I am truly, deeply ashamed. I feel dirty. A so-called wise man said confession is good for the soul, so here goes.

[Deep sigh] I agreed with Scott Keith. Raw sucked last night.

The catchphrase may say "Raw is Jericho" but last night it was HHH. He ate up promo time. He paced with his Sledge O Doom. He got into several manly confrontations and in the end was outed as HBK's attacker. Couldn't see that coming a mile away. I know HBK wants one last shot and it does make sense ... but it could have been played off a lot better.

First off, this story had been done before and botched before. Sad thing is, the same line of dialogue was used BOTH times. "I did it for you." Didn't work with Rikishi, so who thought it would work now? Why not use something to the effect of "I thought you were trying to steal my spotlight" and drop the tough love part?

Second, is there anyone out there really longing to see HBK wrestle again? As much as I love Mick Foley, I winced during his last matches. Shawn might be able to superkick, but remember how he took the Pedigree? Imagine an entire match like that. Sure he looks like he's in great shape, but can still take the bumps? If Nash blew his knee out in three steps, what could happen to Michael's back?

Third, there were plenty of suspects who could have used the push of a feud with a main eventer. Why not Lance Storm or Booker T? I know, Lance would not work because of the heel vs. heel factor, but why not Booker? He's over enough to overcome having his leg humped by a midget, THROW HIM A FREAKING BONE. And it makes sense. He attacked HBK in revenge, HBK can't fight but HHH can. At least Booker can still, oh I don't know...take a bump? Booker is, ummmm, over? What the flying fu....

[pant, pant, pant]

Last time I wrote, I was hopeful. I still am, to a point. It's just disappointing. Compare the RVD/Jericho promo and the HHH/HBK promo. Which one was entertaining? Which one did I get up and refill my water glass during? It's frustrating to see people shuffled down the card out of ego and politics. To see people who are over and could main event relegated to supporting player status. To think a PPV is going to suck based on two matches.

And the most frustrating thing of all is being able to predict it.

People have complained about swerves. I can understand that. I also understand complaints about the "glass ceiling" and backstage politics.

I just hate seeing it happen when things seemed to be improving. It bothers me that the behavior that helped lead to the downfall of WCW have sprouted like weeds in WWE. Sad thing is, I was concerned about this but with other performers. Guess Trips learned his Clique lessons well, didn't he?

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