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I decided after much thought to write this. It's not the usual stuff you get from me, but it needs to be said.

I've heard a lot of debate about the Austin domestic violence accusations. People seem to think because Debra didn't press charges or seek medical attention, it might be a shoot. Or that he didn't seem like "that kind of guy".

In a word, bullshit.

I was involved in an abusive relationship years ago. I was engaged to what seemed like a wonderful man. He was a clean cut and successful guy. He also liked to tell me what to do, raise his voice at the slightest provocation, and occasionally "shake some sense" into me. Did I tell anyone? No. I thought I was causing him to act that way. I thought no one would believe me. After all, he was a military man. I was the party girl. So I tried to make him happy, and keep him from getting angry.

One day, we had a argument. He ended up hitting me, open handed, across the face hard enough to knock me over. That was the point where the mental switch clicked and I realized "I don't deserve this". I fought back and escaped. Left his place and never went back. I had to rebuild my life but I'm immensely glad I did so.

If what has been said about Austin-Debra is true, she may have not reached that point yet. Some women stay out of fear, some stay because their partner is their source of financial support. Only Debra can speak for Debra, but don't belittle what happened because she stays silent. Love is a strange and fierce emotion. It overrides common sense and better judgment at times.

Part of me wants this to be a work. I've been a fan of Austin's for years. He was part of the reason I got back into wrestling. It's hard to realize your heroes have flaws, that they are human just like you. And when the business has used violence against women as a storyline (Sable and Mero, the Dudley's putting women through tables, even hints in Debra's role with Jarrett), it makes people question if this is just another angle. What happened here was real. There were no cameras and no writers. No one said "cut".

And if it is true, I hope they both get some professional help.

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