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Welcome back once again to where the "Hard-on for workrate" is eternal, the Japanese tapes flow, and wrestlers that know how to do more than act are appreciated and commended! An OK week in the wrasslin' world, no huge happenings but some interesting storylines paired up with some good matches.


Raw is War

I thought slaps were directed at some ones face?!? Steph opens up the show my slapping Shane-o-Mac right across the.....neck. OK. Steph, for all her abd mic skills, sure has gotten way over as a heel. Think she'd be over without HHH or the last name McMahon? I don't think she'd even have a job.

Mae Young sure took a nice bump for being near 80 years old! God, Buh-Buh didn't protect her like he protected Terri Runnels at all. Maybe he was upset about the "Seafood Buster" he got in full force just previously?

Bob Backlund comes out and saves Kurt Angle from Y2J, giving out the notorious "Crossface Chickenwing" of his. I marked out like a 11 year old Backstreet Boys fan, Backlund was one of my fav's back during his feud with Bret Hart. That was a great one. These two truly ought to make a good pair, though new WWF have no idea why.....but Bobby used to be your All-American hero too, except he did it as a face and used phrases such as "Golly Gee" and "Well, schucks!".

Matt Hardy had a strong match with Steve Blackman whether the crowd was willing to admit it or not. Also, Blackman's new finisher looks damned brutal! Canadian Blondes had a realy good outing Vs. Saturn/Malenko. TOTAL ELIMINATION! YES! While on the subject of the Radicals I'd like to address the fact that many people think that they are not being used properly. They are being used excellently in actuality. Anyone who expected them (with the exception of Chris Benoit) being main-eventers had the wrong idea in mind in the first place. WWF doesn't have enough hours of programming to give every single wrestler an important angle! If they went to Japan do you think they'd be(again, with the exception of Benoit) world champions? NO! They wouldn't. I hear you saying "Well, they'd at least be able to have 5 star matches", true; they would. But guess what? If you thought they were going to have weekly five star matches and feuds with lightweights & the top brawlers for 20 minute matches your expectations were wrong. Be happy that you get to see them every week. It's up to them and the fans to get them main evented. If you want it so bad write WWF and tell them and go to shows with 8' signs, don't just bitch.

Crash Holly's 24-7 Hardcore title defenses really are amusing. I just wish more people than MSP would jump him, for a little more variety.

Rocky/Benoit in a cage. Rock says he likes cages. Why? You hardly go in them. I thought you liked "Brahma Bull Rope" matches? Make up your mind. Anyways, the match was great. Rocky even did his first powerbomb! Though other people said the Rock tried and failed I say the that Cocky Maivia tried and did pretty well. He's no Misawa and you can't expect him to be. Great match here, though the ending was over-booked as hell and kind of killed the heat of the match.

WWF Smackdown!

The Rock vs Benoit/Saturn sucked. Sorry, but I gotta call a spade a spade. Benoit wasn't on his game (which mean he was only better than 75% of the rest of the wrestlers in the world rather than 95%), Rocky was suffering from lack of psychology, which I will touch on more in a bit, and Saturn was the stand-out this match. Rock wins after some goofy progression.

Edge speared THE HELL out of Lita. Quite nice. Essa'a worst match to date proceeded it though. Don't call it Christian's fault either, as he ALWAYS comes to work with a strong effort.

Tazz and Angle had a great match. ANGLE TOOK A TOP-ROPE TAZPLEX! Nice as hell. Taz seems to be alongside Benoit when it comes to providing me with my fav WWF match of the night. Let him have a clean finish! Just this once? Please?

Jeff Hardy Vs Blackman was a GREAT match. The spot with the backdrop off the gaurd rail was beautiful! Jeff brought his A-game on this one, and Blackman is a rejuvenated man lately. Great match.

"Damn"Dudleyz vs. the Rock was GREAT. Rock made up for his earlier shitty performance with a high-energy match here. He ends the match by breaking a table with his face....gotta love it.

The women had a pretty good match! Usually I hate american womens matches but this one was good. HHH/Big Slow taking on Rikishi was a good match. The 'ass-in-face' thing is vile, but other than that it was a good match up. The ending was great where Rikishi got a chokeslammed and than Pedigree'd. Then Rocky came down. Can he sell something?? Please? If I'll give him a dollar? I know 'Cocky' probably though that after selling for the Dudleyz he had done enough, but to get up and glare like that after getting your ass whipped with a lead pipe is ridiculous. It also ruins some of the heat. Jeez, Rikishi was STILL laid out, selling his earlier attack and Rocky sits up and glares! Pisses me off. But not enough to ramble about it further.


Monday Nitro

Kaz and Psychosis start off with a great match that gets ruined by that joke of a cruiser champ, TAFKAPI. Nothing like putting a bad taste in the fans mouth to start off the broadcast.

The Wall once again gives us a nasty chokeslam. This time to birthday-boy David Flair through 2 stacked tables. I am no garbage fan, but the Wall has been creating some nice garbage spots as of late. The Dog is the queerest gimmick I have seen in a while. I can hear Sullivan "Lets go back to 80s WWF cartoon character style! It drew ratings once...why not again?" Cause it sucked, thats why.

Flair/Henning was better than last weeks attempt and the highlight of Nitro. Perfect even went over clean! Lane Vs. Smiley was OK. I used to hate Lenny Lane but I am noticing that he is pretty skilled the more I watch him. I still hate Norman.

JJ/Wall against Vamp/Sid was a pretty good match. The ending has been recycled to the level of pre-match predictability but I like the fact that Sid took the pin. He may have his faults, but his latest run in WCW hasn't been 1/2 bad, ya gotta admit it.


Bad matches galor. Good thing they didnt follow up a "good show considering its WCW" from last Wednesday like they could have.

Come to think of it the only match worth mentioning is Vampiro/Jeff Jarrett. Unfortunately Vamp didn't get the strap like I had expected he did. Unfortunately there was the customary WCW run-in. Vampiro got spray-painted. I keep forgetting that Jarrett and the H Bros.even ARE nWo.


ECW on TNN Nice tag match to end the show. Unfortunately my Impact Players lost the gold. This helps segue (I finally figured out how to spell 'segue'!!) into the 3-way PPV match, which ought to be a great one. Also, I am glad that RVD got stripped of the title. Not that I don't like him mind you. But I can't wait to see this tag tourney. I am gonna go ona limb and predict Rhino as the new TV champ when all is said and done.

Steve Corino cut not only the top candidate for promo of the year this far, but also one of the best heel promos I have EVER heard. I don't know if Heyman wrote that for him or not, frankly I don't care. That was absolutely great. Insulting Crusher, and tearing Dusty Rhodes a new one. Props for that, just amazing. Now can we see him wrestle?

---Random Thoughts---

  • Where's Chyna? Don't get me wrong though, she can stay out of Jericho's life for good, and I;d be smilin'.

  • Vampiro is getting a push....yay. I have been waiting for this for a while.

  • Who the hell gave Rikishi permission to talk?

  • You know you're a hardcore wrestling fan when you hear Guns-n-Roses "Paradise City" and you think...."Ahh, Stamford!"

  • Rocky takes bumps....he just won't sell them

  • Austin may be back for WM2K, I am going to be jumping and yelling the night he comes back.

  • Dawn Marie really acts the part perfectly. She cracks me up

  • Big Show got some personality since he hooked up with Shane-o-Mac! WOW!

  • Rikishi has 5 kids! That ought to give YOU enough random thoughts for me to not end mine

  • Why the hell are they focusing less on H3? Don't ruin a good thing WWF

  • Cocky Maivia siad he "took Benoit to hell" in that cage match....LOL, good match but C'MON!

  • Cocky Maivia also said that "I want to continue to raise the bar. With the charisma I've been blessed with, I don't have to fall off a 15-foot steel cage into a table and a concrete floor to get a reaction and entertain people." Maybe this is why he is beginning to get heat back stage. JOB HIM VINCE! JOB HIM! Jerk.

    Wrestler of the Week: The Dudley Boyz Absolutley exciting week for us Dudley Boy fans. First they put an 80 year old woman through a table with absolute viciousness(thats not a real word is it?) then Buh-Buh breaks a table with Cocky Maivia's face. The matches that led up to the spots were also very exciting and had a great pace. Overall they had the best week out of anybody else in wrestling. Other's spots may have been better, but I cant think of any...especially not TWO great spots and TWO pretty good matches. I love Buh-Buh. D-Von ain't half bad either.

    Thats it for this week people. Shall we sing? CRITICIZE ME! PRAISE ME! JUST WRITE ME! Thanks for reading.

    Until We Meet Again.....

    Justin Transue

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