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Raw is War
Wow, this show looked great on paper, and turned out to live up to it as well.

First we'll touch on the return of Vince McMahon. Nobody, and I mean nobody expected to Vince to return tonight and thats how it should be. This is huge for business and you WWFe stock holders ought to be happy, his pop was about twice the size of the Rocks!!! Wrestlemania's main event is, I guess, going to revolve around the feuding McMahons. All I heard at college today from friends was "Did you see vince come back?", "That was so fucking great", or "Now I gotta make sure I don't miss any episodes anymore". Jeez, everywhere I went people were schilling for ol' Vinny Mac, with good reason to, he is easily one of the best wrestling characters of all time. Smackdowns ratings will be HUGE this Sunday, I guarantee it!

Personally I think Headcheese needs to stay at least 50 feet from Matt Hardy at all times. First Blackman screwed up spots in their match, then Al Snow injured Matt's shoulder, then he had an OK match with Blackman, than Blackman blew another spot and Hardy went crashing into the floor and had to small package 'the cheese' for the win. Geesh. These guys do NOT work well together.

Dean Malenko is the new Light Heavyweight Champ! YES!! Malenko puts on the some of the best pure wrestling matches consistently, as his last match helped furthur prove. Dean can bring credibility and exciting matches to this division easily. Essa is great too, and I dont want him to go off of the TV by any means. Lita sure took one HELL of a powerbomb last night from Uncle Eddy! Damn, that girl is so cool.

Tazz/Jericho/Angle was great last night. Kurt seems to be the only one in the WWF right now with the balls to take that tazplex, major props for it from me too. The ending has been done a few too many times now, but the matchup itself was great.

Mark Henry has actually been pretty entertaining wrestling wise lately, I gotta give him his due. His match against the Dudleys was pretty good. Also, Mae Young takes better bumps than 3/4 of the WCW roster so props to her too.

Val Venis, who happens to be one of my favorite workers, returned tonight teaming up Mr.No Charisma, Test. Taking on the team of Benoit and Saturn in an OK match. Val spent the majority of the time in the ring, looking a little rusty but still great. Benoit did a great job this match, though not his best and Saturn did a nice job too. Test provided the usual spots, if the kid could find a personality he could be really good.


Monday Nitro

What did Tony Schiavone call this place? "We Can't Work together well" or something like that? Boy, when you're own announcers start ripping th product.....

Young Dragons Vs 3Count was a great match, one of the best of the night from either fed. Spots a plenty for those who love 'em and even shitty Evan got his act together for this one. I heard that one of the Young Dragons is "Dragon Kid"?!?!? If you know this to be true or false let me know, because, although I obviously can't recognize him by face, he is the BOMB!

Vampiro beat the snot out of the Harris Bores.! Thats great considering all the hype these one move tag wrestlers have been getting. On the subject of my favorite canadian vampire, it looks as though Sting accepted the proposed plan to have them as a tandem in some form. Props to Sting for not being a selfish prick(at least not all the time) as a lot of the top stars are. To all those people who told me I was a fool for so dillegently supporting Vampiro, I say this: nah nah ne nah nah!

Kidman and Booker T are looking to start a feud and this great in my opinion. I think they'll both stay as faces too, which is also good because neither of them play the heel role well.



WOW! Last Fridays show was the best show I have seen from EC-Dub in recent memory! It had some of the best matches ever aired on TNN, paleing only to RVD-Lynn.

RVD had a great promo, man ya never realize how much you appreciate them until they are gone for a while.

Rhino Vs LSD was alright nothing spectacular. Though Rhino lived up to his aura as always, that guy is brutal.

Impact Players Vs. Jado/Gedo. This match was absolutely awesome! Storm said on his site that everything clicked in this match and DAMN, he wasn't lying! The pacing of the match was beautiful as were the pinning progressions. The spots were damn amazing and all-around it was wonderful. Jado/Gedo kicked some serious ass and tool some whippin's too! As far as the prettiest frog splash in the game, good bye Eddy G., hellooooo Gedo! That thing was PERFECT. This whole match was great and I think I need to start watching more FMW because every time I see ANY of their stuff I am impressed beyond belief.

Tanaka/Dreamer against Awesome/Raven was a great match too. Everybody wrestled well and Mike Awesome was on fire as always! Tanaka did a great job. Raven showed a bit of his old self and the spot at the end where Raven did that running drop toe-hold to Dreamer and sent him face first into the table was unreal!

THIS is the type of program that ECW needs to consistently put out. Man. They haven't had a show this good in a while. E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W!

Living Dangerously

*** I didn't actually watch the PPV, just read various online reports so I can't really get too in depth on this, sorry***

Rhino spears the living hell out of the Sandman's wife, nice spot.

Honestly, I don't feel as though Corino should have put over Rhodes in this match. It helps ruin the fans perception of Steve Corino the wrestler even more, and every ALREADY thinks the guys is a pussy. I think that even if it had to be by a screwjob, that Rhodes should have done the j-o-b.

Mike Awesome slaughtered Kid Kash. No big surprise, and GOD I love Mike Awsome!

See, I don't get it Jado/Gedo aren't mainstays just like the Dusty Rhodes but these more talented guys had to lose, because why? Their credibility? The fans no knowledge of them? I understand why, but just be consistent.

New Jack got pretty fucked up Sunday. I guess he has a very severe concussion and a bruised rib cage. Here's a geet well wish to the crazy SOB, but when you wrestle the type of matches that he wrestles it can't really come as too much of a shock. I would imagine having Vic Grimes' 400lb. body fall on his head after falling 25 feet to concrete hurt like hell.

My Impact Players got THEIR titles back! Woohoo. Almost all of the ECW main eventers were in this one match and in my opinion it should have lasted a lot longer than it did.

Super Crazy is your new TV champ and though I wanted Rhino to get the win I guess Super Crazy deserved it as he has been getting huge pops lately. Sounded like a real great match with-holding the ending. Hopefully with Friggin' Lunatic holding the belt he will fight a larger array of opponents rather than only Little Guido and Tajiri getting title shots.

OK, thats a wrap. As usual feel free to write me with your thoughts whether it be criticism, praise, or just shooting the proverbial shit. I respond to all my feedback even the goofy shit. Pretty big column today so I hope you all enjoyed it. some japanese tapes, praise the hard workers, and take it easy.

Until We Meet Again....

Justin Transue

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