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TOP TEN REASONS WHY I LUV THE *NEW~!* WWE (and you should too!):

10. It will be easier for The King to squeal "Dubya Dubya EEEEEE!" than "Dubya Dubya EFF!"

9. We can finally say goodbye to that bore-ass, Attitude relic WWF logo and bring in...the same logo with two lines cut off.

8. The change creates more jobs for unemployed Americans as the WWE will have to hire dozens of new workers to use black permanent markers to cover the old logo on the turnbuckle covers, microphones and other paraphernalia.

7. Finally, the *REAL* WWF gets the logo that was rightfully theirs in the first place.

6. Much like the infamous Spider-man "clone saga," the name change ineffectively negates decades of history with a meaningless, incomprehensible twist.

5. "Federation" was such a sissy word compared to "Entertainment" anyway.

4. It creates yet another division between marks and smarks: marks will immediately begin calling it the WWE, while smarks will rebel against corporate-speak and forever call it WWF.

3. In less than two years, short-time fans will be writing in to the major websites and asking, "Why do some WWE videoclips have a WWF logo on them?"

2. This will lead to an ultra-cool InVasion angle in which the WWF storms the WWE and tries to destroy the company!

1. "Get the 'F' Out!" is the new "WHAT?"

Parts Unknown
from Weinerville

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