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Joseph Weathered




You know, in the face of immanent war, death, and terrorist attacks, I would LOVE IT if my sportz entertainment was just a little more suprising.

I didn't watch Smackdown last week. I had to work, and I chose to make the rare decision NOT to tape it. Tough Enough though, I did tape. Why? Cause I knew that nothing would happen on Smackdown. Angles advanced? Naw, I bet that they're was just a series of tag team matches, where no one would actually pin anyone. And what did I read as soon as I got on the net? Angle and Rock go through tables as the Dudley's and Booker, and Test all take them out.

So, I decided to watch RAW.

And what happened? Well, I knew that the EXACT SECOND that the Rock came out, whoever he was facing was gonna lose. Face it, the Dudley's, Booker, Test, fuck it; the whole DAMN Alliance in a handicap match, the Rock was gonna win in some way. Angle too; as soon as I heard that it was him vs. Shane, I knew that Shane would jump off of something and crash into it, and Angle would win; possibly clean, possibly with the DQ by whoever he is gonna feud with for the next few months.

The show is too fucking predictable, and it sucks. To have the most loaded roster in the U.S. today, this company is fucking dragging their asses with doing anything. They take a really good paring like Tajiri and Tazz, and drag it down by involving valets in it. Here's a good idea: Make Stacey a grunge slut, so she can go with Raven, who's character is in need of expousre. Damn, you don't even have to steal the idea; Paul Heyman is on your GOD DAMN team.

They hype the hell out of Stone Cold on TV; even though Austin can walk into an arena at any time and get a reaction. If I am right, (and I know I am.) then why waste time hyping him? There's tons of good matches that they can put on; and at the very least, they can give tons of existing storylines some more time.

There is almost no point in watching RAW anymore. You know that everything is in this standstill until something big happens, and until that point, people will win, people will lose, but in the end, no one will move up in place. To watch a 6 man match involving RVD, Booker, Test, Taker, Kane, and Jericho, and to know that not only will RVD win, but to know that he will pin Jericho to GET THAT WIN is waaaaaaay to sad, and RVD can backflip off the roof of the arena for all I care, and it still won't make me care about him until he goes over someone BIG.

Yeah, I thought that the Dudleys/Rock match was entertaining; but it didn't make the match better that I knew that Rocky was gonna win, SOMEHOW. Beliefs like that make people flip channels.

Fact is, is that this company needs to realize that they have a loaded roster, and considering the fact that they are really the only game in town, they can allow some suprises to happen. There is no point to hotshot; who are they really competing with? Let Buh Buh Ray win the WCW strap; it will intensely fuck with casual fans minds; and it will make us dedicated fans at the very least taken aback by it. Let Raven develop. Let Tazz and Tajri kick and suplex each other into obvilion. What do you have to lose?

Joseph Weathered
Attacking your flimsy culture.

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