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June 18, 2002

Aren't you excited!?!? It's time for another installment of everybody's favorite news update/opinion extravaganza! No, not the Torch, it's the Execution. And it's here, free for you every single day (that I feel like writing it). (Geez, not EVERY day, I hope. - CRZ)

I also wanted to thank you all for the extensive feedback in regards to my first article. I got a total of 1 message in my mail box, and that was from the good people at Yahoo welcoming me to Yahoo mail. I always like to post feedback so if you have anything you want to get off your chest, wanna tell me I suck, or just have a good idea you want to get online, send it here and if it is intelligent, funny or at least entertaining, I'll post it.

I was actually going to post the Yahoo mail welcoming message, but I didn't feel like messing with the HTML code that I barely understand. Everybody thank CRZ for coding the Execution.


Now I tell this to very few people because I find it extremely embarrassing, so why I am telling it to the 5, I mean 5 hundred billion people who read this makes no sense to me. I, ZIM81, am a fan of the Real World. It's Tuesday night and I am excited to watch it. In all honesty, I might actually watch HBO to see their show on when the USA lost to The Russians in basketball in 1972, but wither way, both I can catch either show in one of the thousands of times both networks decide to play them.

But back to the Real World. It is just me, or is this cast the whiniest group of people you have ever seen? I can understand people not feeling active when they are sick. I know I hardly move when I don't feel well. But Tonya, maybe they wouldn't be so hard on you if you didn't whine about your troubles constantly. It is obvious that she does not want to be there and that is the real reason they don't like her, not that she is sick and lazy.

Don't get me started on Theo, Kara and Annisa. I'll rip them next time. That's a good idea. As a special feature in YOUR Execution, I'll rip apart a member of the Real World cast!


Just about the only news today, if you can really call it news, was dissapointing ratings that Confidential and Raw got.

I am not really sure what Confidental normally gets, but this week, it got a 1.2 when they were expecting a 1.5 For me, I don't care what they are going to show and what is going to be said, but I am not going to stay at home at watch a wrestling tv show on my Saturday night. I can read about what happens on the internet without fear that I will miss any good matches because all that is going to occur is talking. I am happy just reading reports of the show, but if I really want to, posts the TRANSCRIPS of the show for people to read. Besides, everybody knows that the whole situation would be rehashed on Sunday Night Heat and on Monday Raw.

The Raw rating is another story. They got a dismal 3.9 which is actaully down from a 4.2 last week. I expected an increase in viewership considering there was no major sports for it to compete with. James Bond was on ABC, so I guess you could say he kicked the WWE's ass.

I haven't been very dilligent in watching the WWE in recent weeks. I'll watch it when I'm home, and if not, I am content to read a recap of the show I missed. I really enjoy reading people's opinions and complaints about wrestling as much as I enjoy watching it. But, for the first time in a very long time, I was very excited about last week's Raw and that was for one reason: HBK.

I'll admit it, I am the biggest Shawn Michaels mark. I don't care who he pisses off or who he does or does not pray to and what he does or does not drink, The Heartbreak Kid can do no wrong. Maybe it all stems back to when I first started watching wrestling again. This was around the time Billy Gunn won the King of the Ring so that was what, like 3 or 4 years ago. Michales was gone by then, but just barely. You could still feel his impact and presence lingering. It was the mystique of Michaels that make him great in my mind. It was like I arrived at his party when it was just shutting down When he finally made his appearance again in his short stint as Commish, I was dying to see Michaels back in action. When he just showed up at Raw 3 Mondays ago, I was pumped.

This is what got me to make sure I was home on Monday for Raw. They put together a great show and even without the Austin stuff, are building a great feud with Booker T and Goldust vs. NWO. With Michaels involved in the feud and even drawing first blood, I was excited again. This will do wonders for Booker T's career and is the beginning of a monster face push that he well deserves. Goldust will benifit from Booker's rub and they all will benifit from working a program with Michaels, even if Big Cancer Nash is involved.

But I digress. That Raw was a good show and I thought the numbers would go up for Raw last night on that alone. And in conjunction with all of the Austin stuff, I am at a loss? Why the low numbers?

Maybe it is time to face the truth; the fans are really not going to come back. The base that the WWF enjoyed in the past has finally matured and grown out of being wrestling fans. No matter how good the shows get, how much better the wresling is or how naked the girls are, there are just not the same base to attract people from as there was just a few years ago. These people where watching out of habit and looking for an excuse to move on to somthing else. When the show got bad, this was their reason to move on and never look back.

What is the soultion. Well if this is the case then there is none. The only thing the WWE can do is keep trying to put on good shows and maybe a portion of the population will get turned on again. But knowing the WWE, they will decide that shows like the last two are not what the fans want and decide to go in another direction, and knowing them, Kevin Nash will be running around with the WWE title because the fans demand Big Cancer! They could end up worse than before HBK came back.

In retrospect, I found some things they did on Raw very interesting and worth discussing like Vince almost complete break from kayfabe when he gave his tribute to Stone Cold, something that has really never been done on the main shows. But, I'll save that for another Execution.

Credit: 411 Wrestling


It's very irritating, but almost all text I view in Internet Explorer is very big now, like size 18 and for no apparent reason. Just one day, I got big text. How do I fix this. If you can help, e-mail me. They link is at the bottom of the page.

Alright, I am going to go watch tele- I mean have sex with hot girls because that is what us cool people do.


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