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/29 October 2000
WWF Sunday Night Heat by Larry Musso




Opening Introduction: Hey everybody. My name's Larry Musso, and I have taken over(is it really taken if the guy never did it ?) as the Sunday Night Heat Re-caper. First thing's first, I don't believe in the star system, so you won't be seeing that, but I am a wrestling fan. and I will state my opinion if I deem necessary.

KNICKS UPDATE: Hey if CRZ can do it with the King's, I'll do it with my Knicks ! Again it's only the preseason, but currently, we're 5-3 with a losing streak of two. Season starts on Halloween against the 76ers. We're going all the way this year ! Expect weekly updates.

And we're off with my first show.

Coming to you Live(on tape) from both WWF New York and the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY !

TONIGHT ! William Regal vs. Steve Blackman ! Lita and the Hardy Boyz vs. T & A and TRISH ! Chris Jericho CO-host's ! Live Performance from Fozzy !

We're here at WWF New York in the middle of Times Square. Chris Jericho CO-hosting with Michael Cole, Tazz and the MTV Idiots !

The new cool MTV Sunday Night Heat video airs and we're officially off and running ! Skribble and Rebecca introduce Chris Jericho and the crowd is hot !

Jericho comes out, and says how great it is to be hosting Sunday Night Heat when his favorite band is singing, yada yada.

William Regal vs. Steve Blackman(w/ Hardcore Title)-European Title Match-Regal comes out and issues an open challenge, and Blackman promptly accepts. Lockup, armbar by Regal, reversed, reversed, reversed, side headlock and a push off by Regal. Blackman misses an enzugiri, Blackman with a nice roundhouse kick, and a series of punches. Regal takes back control with a Butterfly supplex, one, two, kickout. Pin again, one, two kickout. Regal throws Blackman over, no, Blackman back up and Regal gets thrown out. Blackman with a garbage can, ref takes it away, and Regal takes control again. Blackman tossed over the guardrail, back over, and we're in the ring again. European uppercut by Regal. Irish whip, reversed, kick in the face by Regal. Blackman back in control with a nice chop. One, two, no. Regal rolls outside and he's got the title. Blackman off the apron, and gets smashed with the Title !(DQ-2:55) Afterwards, Blackman nails Regal with the sticks and Regal gets out of there quickly.

Outside an ape dances in the middle of the street, you're watching MTV FOLKS !


PS2 WWF Rewind-Rikishi dives off the Cage onto Val Venis from Fully Loaded. That really wasn't this week was it ? Oh I get the point ! Tomorrow on Raw-Rikishi vs. Steve Austin Cage MATCH ! Lucky CRZ, gets all the good jobs.

Kevin Kelly in the back with Eddie Guerrero. Latino Heat, basically say's Chyna isn't over him, and he got a surprise for her tonight on Heat !


Back from the break again. Heat is brought to you by Power Nerf Tag Team, Chef Boyardee and

DJ Skribble interviews Mongoose McQueen and FOZZY. You see, Fozzy is Jericho, and Jericho is Fozzy, we all know it, but McQueen and Jericho don't ! You get it ! Do You ! Do You !! Oh you do ? Well they don't. Get it ? It's FUNNY !

Back over to Uniondale, Eddie is out, and as said in his interview before he has a surprise for Chyna. He says Chyna still wants him, and that he's got plenty of Heat to go around. Eddie tells Chyna he'll have to beat it out of her, and he wants a ref right now, and he wants Chyna now also. Chyna's out and WWF New York are zombies, but the fans in Nassau are crazy ! Wait a minute ! Thats not Chyna ! Its the Ka..err..Chynet. Eddie tells her she looks pretty good tonight, and that they should settle it not with there fist's but with a kiss. Gee Chynett looks an awful lot like The Kat. Does the King know about this ?

Tazz tells Rebecca to come over there, because every lady should be treated like Eddy treats them. Tazz questions Rebecca, and Rebecca says Eddie should take lessons from Cole. Tazz makes fun of her, and well laughs at his own joke. Haha, funny.


Next Sunday on Heat ! GODSMACK !

In the back Edge and Christian question how Carson Daley got on Entertainment Magazine's Most Powerful people. "Number one should be Edge and Christian." "Number two should be Christian and Edge" "Yeah, and number three should be..Kurt Angle !" "Yeah and that would leave number four for someone like, Essa RIOS !" They'll be superstars someday.

Pre-recorded, Tazz puts his picture over JR's on "Can You Feel the Heat" the WWF Cookbook. Tazz then proceeds to demonstrate his cooking tips. Pretty funny, in a lame sort of way. We get Tommy's Two Time Tazzmission Teriyaki Turkey. Ah, this got funny, towards the end.


During the break Mongoose gave Rebecca his room key.

Now we got a performance from FOZZY !! I'm pretty sure the song is "Keep Them Rich" but I can't be sure. Decent song, decent music, and hey I'm a rap fan ! Jericho doesn't have bad vocals.

In the back The Hardy and Lita have an interview. They pretty much do the, they've got the power, but we're gonna win because we got more talent skit. Jeff was hitting in Lillian at the end, but Matt told him to hurry up.


Lugz Boot of the Week-The Rikishikick and the Banzai Drop from Smackdown !

T & A & Trish vs. Lita and The Hardy Boyz- Jeff and Albert start off. Kick to the gut, and Albert takes control. Beatdown in the corner by Albert. Irish Whip and Jeff up and over, legdrop missed, Jeff with a dropkick to the face, tag to Matt. Rolling Thunder, without the Rolling by The Hardyz. Test tagged in, and now onto Trish. Slap, slap hits Test, Matt with the pin. Broken up by Test. Lita gets tagged in, and Trish books. Trish tags out to Albert. Misses a clothesline and Matt is in. Punch, punch, irish whip, reversed, Gorilla Press, no, elbow to the head, and Matt goes down. Test in now. Double elbow by T & A. Matt comes back, but gets met with a boot to the face ! One, two, ! Punch, irish whip, missed clothesline, and Matt with a flying headbutt. Jeff comes in and takes control. T & A sandwich in the corner. Poetry in Motion from the Hardyz ! Double DDT onto Test and Trish ! Albert takes control back for his team, and Trish is tagged in. Jeff takes over', and tags in Lita ! Lita now beating down Trish. Takedown supple by Lita. Lita powerbomb broken up by Test. Hardyz in and knock Test out. Jeff to the outside with a pescado. Albet with a gorilla press, no, Crash comes in and nails him with a trashcan lid. Matt falls on Albert ! One, two, three !(Pin-5:30)

Tazz, Chris and Mike wrap up the show.

Closing Comments: Not a bad show by any means. Some parts were dry, but the lastmatch was a good affair. With this I got nothing else to say. You can drop me a line, and Iwill answer all E-Mails at Positive or Negative, drop me a line, I'm excited to hear from all of you !

Larry Musso
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