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/5 November 2000
WWF Sunday Night Heat by Larry Musso





Just one mail, but its an important one. My buddy Jason has this to say:

Hi Larry, The Fozzy song was called "Eat The Rich," other than that the report was great!

Keep it up.

Well...don't I feel stupid, well, not really. Send me more mail people !

KNICKS UPDATE: 2-1, since the loss to the 76ers we've beaten two nothing teams. Atlanta and Washington aren't exactly world-class teams. Tuesday night we got the Bucks ! Go KNICKS !

Earlier Tonight: Tazz is on the phone with Michael Cole. He say's Jerry Lawler is the Special Guest Host tonight, and that Foley said he can't touch Lawler. Tazz is pissed !

Usual HeaT opening procedes. Rebecca welcomes us from WWF New York, and the crowd is really alive. (I wonder if they know they're watching HeaT.) Rebecca pump's the crowd up, and introduces Jerry "The King" Lawler. Lawler wanted Rebecca to know, he is happy to see her, but these are markers in my pocket. Lawler talks about how he loves artwork. He then procedes to start sketching something. Goes on about how he did the artwork for "Christmas Kaos." The King goes on to say how he loves women also. He also plugs the XFL, because he's going to be able to see all the Cheerleader try-out's. He said the cheerleaders will be the most entertaining, attractive, talented, and that when he finds them, they wont look like this: King then turns the drawing around and its a picture of Tazz in a cheerleading outfit. Funny stuff, good drawing.


Earlier Tonight: Rebecca was reading Christmas Kaos and Tazz broke up the session, and took the book. He named the book Tazz's Christmas Chokeout or something like that. Tazz says the drawing is excellent. "Who Drew this Stuff ? Jerry Lawler ! That must be a misprint !"

William Regal(c) vs. ?-Regal picks up the microphone and start's giving the fan's a lesson in goodwill. He wants his opponent to not talk untill he's finished. The Road Dogg's Music plays....

William Regal(c) vs. The Road Dogg-European Title Match-- Dogg does his usual schtick. Lockup, side headlock by James, countered into an armbar, reversed, back into a Side headlock. Dogg now, pushed off the ropes, shoulder tackle,and Regal goes down. Dogg off the ropes again, drop toe hold by Regal, Regal now brings Dogg to his feet with a front face lock, Doug gets out of it with an armbar, Regal rolls through kicks Dogg off, and locks him in a front facelock again. Dogg gets out of it, and nails a right, off the ropes, flying forearm, off the ropes again, Regal tosses him outside. Regal to the outside, rolls Dogg back in, and slams his ribs onto the apron. Regal back inside, kicking away on Dogg. Regal now has Dogg in the corner hitting Dogg with kicks and punches. Regal with a beautiful suplex. One, two, kickout. One, two, Kickout. One, kickout. Three failed attempts, at a pin, and now Regal is kicking away on a fallen Dogg. Regal now with a forearm, followed by a knee, and Dogg is back down. Irish whip, Regal ducks down, Dogg kicks him in the face. Back in the ropes, ducks a clothesline, left, left, left, Jump Jivin' Right hand, ducked, Regal with a German suplex, no, elbow, big right hand ends the exchange. Dogg with the Shake Rattle 'n' Roll Kneedrop. One, two, kickout. Regal gets up, ducks a clothesline, neckbreaker. One, two, Three ! Regal wins. (3:00)

In the back, Lawler asks Rebecca, why she's upset. Lawler than procedes to tell her to put on the Cheerleading outfit, Rebecca says ok, but Lawler has to do something for her tonight. Is Rebecca employed by the WWF or MTV ? Anyone know ?


When we come back, where Bull Buchanon wants to speak to Jeff Hardy. Bull wants him to join, Bull babbles on, as I go apathetic. Jeff tells him to stick it where the sun don't shine, and rips up the pamphlet and throws it in his face.

Back in WWF New York, Lawler babbles on about the RTC. Some music plays in the backround, and out comes Rebecca dressed as a cheerleader. Well, this is better than most MTV show's.


When we come back Tazz is showing off his drawing of the King on his throne, a toilet. Tazz laugh's like a crazy man.

Bull Buchanon vs. Jeff Hardy(w/ Tag Belt)--Lockup--no, Bull with a kick and starts hitting Jeff with all sorts of punches and kicks. Irish whip, Jeff slides out, Bull out after him, but Jeff is already back inside. Whew, that guy's fast. Bull Buchanon gets dropkicked through the bottom rope, and then nailed with a pescado. Jeff with a kick, Irish whip into the apron, reversed, no Jeff flys into the ring, avoiding the apron. Buchanon slides in, but gets hit with a dropkick. Hardy into the turnbuckle, Bull charge's in, misses. Jeff on the apron now, up top, cross body. One, two, kickout ! Hardy punches away and goes for a sunset flip, caught, and Bull tosses him all the way to the floor ! Bull slams him into the guardrail, back into the ring. Irish whip, Bull with a tilt a whirl, countered with a headscissors takedown. Bull and Jeff exchange shots, Jeff in the corner, Bull pounds away. Irish whip by Bull and Jeff hits hard. Bull with a stomp, and now he's choking Jeff out. Jeff with a sunset flip. One, two, kickout. Clothesline sends Jeff down. Bull choking away on Jeff in the corner, followed by shoulder thrusts. Out of the corner now, Bull hits a verticle suplex. One, two, shoulder up. Side headlock, Jeff elbows out. Off the ropes, boot to the face by Bull. Bull off the rope, countered by a shot to the guy. Jeff with a springboard moonsault ! One, two, three ! (4:07)

In the back the King is drawing Rebecca. Rebecca say's she's posed nude before, and King ask's her too. Oy vey..

WWF Slam of the Week: Edge and Christian costing Lita the Women's title by hitting what CRZ described as a Side Walk Slam-Slop Drop combo. Ah, I see, he doesn't know what to call it either.

In the Back: Lillian interview's Edge and Christian. These guy's are too, funny, but they talk to fast for my 76 gwam. Tonight Edge and Matt Hardy !!

Lawler said it's been so much fun, maybe because of Rebecca. Lawler understand's we're going to be taking a few questions. Okay for this, I'll just give a summary of the Q & A OK ?

Q1: "What do you feel about Debra being Lt. Commissioner, I mean a women of that magnatude being in a postion mostly dominated by men ?"

King: "Well let me tell you....the smile almost had to be surgically removed from my face, when I saw Debra being appointed Lt. Commissioner. Because, I mean we got,Puppy Power.

Tazz: What did It feel like at Summerslam to get Choked out by the One Man Crime Spree

Lawler: It didn't feel that great, but not as bad as you wearing a toilet lid on your head.

Q3: Do you know who the man behind Rikishi's brutality is ?

Lawler: All signs point to the Rock.

Q4: What have the XFL Cheerleading Tryouts been like ?

Lawler: They've been great.

Q5: Gore or Bush.

Lawler: He's pissed because none of them excepted the Smackdown ! challenge, but honestly, he like's Bush.

Q6: From Rebecca in NYC, how exactly did you come up with the term Puppies ?

Lawler: He said the Road Dogg was the first person to say it, but now he grabbed it and has had it copyrighted.

Q7: What was it like working with Andy Kauffman ? -This is a zinger..

Lawler:" Did you see the Movie Man on the Moon" Guy: "Yes I did." Lawler: "So you were the guy who saw it !" Funny. Lawler said Kauffman was a great guy, as opposed to Carey, and that Kauffman really loved wrestling.

Rebecca then comes out, and whispers in Lawler's ear, and Lawler gleams, as they both walk off. I smell, something cooking.

Edge(w/Christian) vs. Matt Hardy(w/Jeff Hardy)--Now this is what I'm talking about ! Hardy attack's right away. In the corner, Edge is being pounded on by Matt. Irish whip, backdrop by Hardy. Edge get's up and eats a couple of right's and he's back out. Edge into the corner, getting pounded on some more by Matt. Edge counter's, with a snake eyes on the corner. Shirt off of Edge now and he chokes Matt with it. Edge kicking away on a fallen Matt. Matt up now, into the ropes and out the other side. Edge goes out to meet him now, and tosses him back inside. Edge on top, cross body, rolled through. One, two,kickout. Edge up now, vicious clothesline, get's two. Matt back otutside now, as Christian kicks away on him. Edge into the steel steps, hard. Matt rolls him back inside, Edge suckers him in and tosses him into the second rope. Edge now with a bodyslam, to the second rope, Matt moves, but Edge lands on his feet. Edge goes for a swinging neckbreaker, reversed into a DDT. Matt with a clothesline followed by a reverse neckbreaker. One, two, no. Irish whip, reversed, boot to the face. Matt up top, LEGDROP ! The ref is distracted by Christian and Jeff takes him down. Edge up now, right for Matt, baseball slide for Jeff. Edge with an inverted Twist of Fate, but Jeff distracts the ref. School boy by Matt get's two ! Clothesline misses, kick to the gut, TWIST OF FATE ! One, two, Christian pulls him out. The ref outside, Christian inside, Impailer. Edge cover's. One, two, Thr-NO ! Christian rolls in a chair. Edge picks it up. POETRY IN MOTION into EDGE. ONe, TWO, THREE ! (6:43)

Afterwards the RTC attack and all 4 members beaton the Hardyz.

Back to WWF New York for the closing. Lawler says Foley didnt say Lawler couldnt punch Tazz, and Lawler then nails Tazz with a right hand.

Show Closes. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK !

Larry Musso
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