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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan




WWF standard opening.

Here's part of that video package from Jakked last night. (1:05) or so, just the stipulation match, the contract signing and the stunner.


Lookat those people. And THAT CAGE. This could end it once and for all.

Tazz and Michael Cole are hanging out on top of the stage - this way, no surprise guests backstage accidentally get shown, I guess. Tons of gambling references because we're in Las Vegas. You might not know - but there's a three falls match. Also, a Triple Threat Tag Team Titles Table Match. Let's go back to Raw, where Taker took out everyone in the match, then Edge and Christian played mind games.

Kevin Kelly talks to Edge and Christian: People doubted these two at WM, but they won. Same thing at Summerslam in the TLC match, and they won that. Same thing in the the third game potato sack race, but they won there too. They're five time champions - and even though the Taker and Kane are big and Dudleyz like champions. But, the important think is that a zombie would starve if they went after the other four - and E&C's brains are gonna be all the difference.

Back to our hosts - who segue into the Trish/Steph match. Trish may talk to us later on. Or she may not.

Team Xtreme is in the building - Matt will take on Rikishi later tonight.

You know, the best time to watch (MTV's) Fear is about 3:00 AM. It makes it all so very funny.

We're back and cameraman's about to trip there. Tonight, Big Show meets Raven for the Hardcore Title. Big Show could hit Raven with a slot machine! They could go in Casino! 

Lillian Garcia talks to Big Show: The 24/7 rule is back in effect - is he worried about others getting involved? Show says it doesn't matter "I'm a freight train of pain!" and he's going to be the world's largest Hardcore champion, which can only mean a feud with Big Vis.

Tazz and Michael Cole fear for Raven's survival - meanwhile, Steph and Triple are going some place. 

Here are the Las Vegas Outlaws cheerleaders. And they dance. Perhaps the safety dance, I do not know. Wow, with Cole and Tazz doing the promotional advertisements, this almost like WCW - oh, here's Right To Censor to stop this. Val says they'll stop the smut of the XFL from being on this program. They're not acceptable. Goodfather says scantly clad women are addiction - tonight we say no more. Bull says that good will prevail. Ivory says they're not the enemy - they're the cure. Ivory's appalled that the WWF makes role models out of such trash - and the WWF doesn't want Steven Richards to win tonight. There's a woman with a Right to Nudity sign - don't know why I pointed that out. We're confused for cheering. The RTC will prevent Kat from being the nude. Tazz says he never thought he'd be rooting for the King. Steven says the world turned it's back on morality, but RTC has not. Tonight, King will be sorry he came to the aid of Kat - we won't be seeing her naked tonight, but we will see King fall. It's for your own good. 

Backstage, the Kat and the King watch - a TV monitor is placed in creatively placed, as to block us from seeing anything neck down on her. We're supposed to think there's nothing there - and she says she's ready to get nude.  We go back to Smackdown, where Ivory got partially stripped, and RTC laid out the King. 

Who do fans think will when the title match? Kurt. The Rock. The Rock. Kurt. Kurt. Kurt. The Rock.

Tazz and Michael Cole talk about that match a bit. Here's the video package I already saw on Jakked. Tazz and Michael Cole talk about it.

Here's a look at The Kiss from Raw - Matt Hardy takes on Rikishi later.

Tazz and Cole talk about Steph vs Trish. Video package - I guess they didn't finish this in time for Jakked. (1:35) Let's talk more - Tazz makes fun of Cole blowing his line before the package.

Coach talks to the just arriving Steve Regal and Trish: As she showed Thursday, Steph's full of crap.

The Overstinkface of the week is Lita and Rikishi from Smackdown.

Let's look at Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross - they're pumped for the PPV. Let's go back to Raw and look at The Kiss again. And then the stinkface on Smackdown.

Matt Hardy (w/Lita but no Jeff) vs Rikishi (w/o Haku but w/WWF the Music Volume 5) - Rikishi stalks after Lita at ringside, so Matt attacks from behind, but one big punch knocks him down. Rikishi takes of his Thugwear, and tries to slam Matt's head into the stairs, but that's blocked and Matt smashes him in himself. Here's another. Rikishi in, Matt in, there's the opening bell. Right, right, right, right, big right from Rikishi stops that. Matt can't brawl with Rikishi, that's your story. Big headbutt, right, whip, clothesline misses, sunset flip isn't a good idea but Matt moves out of the way of the sit down - of the ropes and a clothesline Now lots of punches, Matt yells to the crowd. Big chop in the corner, but punches allow Rikishi a chance to recover and knock Matt down again. Matt up and again with punches again in the corner, right, corner whip, reversed, Matt bounces out and ducks the clothesline - kick to the gut, DDT. Matt takes off the shirt. Kick to the stomach - Twist of Fate? NO, run into the corner, but Matt holds and back in the ring - so Rikishi does it again and matt lets go this time.  Matt charges out - right into a Samoan drop. Rikishi kicks matt down in the corner - now it's stomps. Picking Matt up by the hair, Matt fires back with rights, but again one punch takes him down. Whip, clothesline from Rikishi. Rikishi stalks around the ring, grabbing Matt by the hair and choking him on the ropes near Lita. Forearm to the back of the head, palm thrust! Push in the corner, corner whip, bounce out so another corner whip. Rikishi pats his rear - running butt splash. Matt falls down - Rikishi's got a bloody lip but raises the roof. Is he gonna Stinkface? No, Lita's in and hits a low blow to stop that from happening. (3:54 DQ) Jeff Hardy is in - dropkick. Corkscrew moonsault and his shirt is off - now the 3 on1 beatdown. Ravers and hip hoppers never get along. Haku hits the ring to make the save, but Team Xtreme get out in time. This isn't settled.

JR would like to talk about the three falls match. Here's the video package from Jakked in full. Here's more talk about the matches.

Michael Cole talks to Vince: Cole would like to talk about Trish and Steph. Vince would like to talk the weather, the three falls match, the title match, and anything but. Angle's gonna win, that's his prediction. He'd like to talk about Steph and Trish, but oh, no he's got to go talk to someone right now. Perhaps some other time.

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