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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan




All the titles will be on the line at Backlash. And it's lead to much violence. Let's look at some off it. People will talk as well. The climax of the music means the opening of Heat. (:58)

Welcome to Chicago and the All State Arena. What Backlash will happen tonight when the Undertaker and Kane meet Steve Austin and Triple H? Michael Cole and Tazz are up in a sky box, bringing us hype by the truckload. Here's a graphic. Tazz doesn't remember the last time we went into a PPV with a title guaranteed to change hands. We'll warm up with some high flying action - Lita versus Molly Holly later on. 

But first, let's talk about the XFL. Cole: "The media bashed it, the fans loved it but nonetheless, it was a season of firsts." Here's the video package - they added an XFL graphic this time, I guess because people weren't sure what it was. (2:45)

Cole: "The media had a field day all year long blasting the XFL, but as these fans in Chicago can attest, of course the Enforcers played here, these players left it all on the field." Tazz: "Look I personally could give a rat's ass what the media says - I personally was digging the XFL and one thing you gotta attest, these players left it all on the field and that's the way it should be done, XFL style." Lita and Molly later! Chris Jericho is just arriving! Will we find out the rules for his match?

I could tell you what the announced attendance was for the Enforcers last home game but if you're gonna make the joke, you gotta do the work.

The Allstate Arena is not WWFNY, really - look at the plane going to O'Hare, then look at the fans in the arena. 

Michael Cole says the arena is Jakked - hmm. Anyway, no one knows the rules for the Duchess of Queensberry rules are - not even Joey Numbers! Here's a video package. (1:11

Backstage, Coach asks Regal (who's looking nervous) about the rules of the match. Regal complains about Jonathon's claim that no one knows the Duchess of Queensberry rules are - he does. There's so much stuff written about the rules that he can't even try to explain them in a such segment, much less verify them. Regal suggests that Coach asks the Duchess herself - she'll be her later. Coach is appropriately aghast. Regal says he's waiting for her, and when she comes, he can ask whatever he wants. But go, now.

Tazz says rumor is that the Duchess is one hot piece. Cole checks his watch - 45 minutes away. But before that, Lita vs Molly. Keep on watching and we'll keep stringing you on.

Lugz 3D on X-Pac Of Smackdown

Kevin Kelly talks to the Dudleyz. D-Von says everyone's sick of X-Factor complain, whine and lie. X-Factor said they couldn't give them Wassup, and they did. X-Factor said they couldn't 3D them, and they did. X-Factor says that they aren't going through a table, and tonight, they'll take care of that. Bubba says Chicago wants tables and they're gonna get tables. TESTIFY.

Cole says "Does Chicago want tables?" is the question of the day. Here's a graphic for that - and then the Ultimate Submission match. (1:26)

Backstage, Lillian Garcia talks to Chris Benoit - what's his game plan? He's gonna make Kurt Angle humble, scream and tap. He's going to submit more in 30 minutes than he has in his old career. There's no proving him wrong.

Lita is stretching for her match - it's coming up later.

Castrol Chair Shot From Shane To Show Of Raw.

30 minutes away, and another look inside the Allstate Arena. The world is focused on the last man standing match between Big Show and Shane McMahon, and I got to show during this. "You saw what [Shane]'s done in the past - what is he going to do here?" Here's a video package. (2:32)

Lillian Garcia talks to Big Show backstage: Vince got Show in this match because he knows what Show is capable off. This isn't a fairly tale - there's no beanstalk, there's no pot of gold, there's no happy ending. There is the biggest nastiest giant the WWF has ever seen. Shane won't be asking which way to go, because Show's going be dragging him into the biggest nightmare ever.

Next week on Heat, Triple H and Stephanie will be guest hosts. Is this the second or third time for Stephanie? Did the poor ratings on Heat scare them into putting big names back on the show (as opposed to "the Jakked guy who wasn't on Heat this week")? 

Molly Holly is doing push ups. She does them much better than I do them, but that's not the point of this particular camera angle.

20 minutes till Backlash, and the big "all the titles on the line" match. Guaranteed a title change. If it's a WWF PPV, there's guaranteed to be one person at ringside: Jim Ross. Also, Paul Heyman.

We go down to ringside - Paul Heyman and Jim Ross. JR says it all revolves around Kane's injured elbow. Heyman seems to like a tag team title change here.

Well holy crap, it's Jerry Lynn. If JR hadn't mentioned this possibility earlier today, I would have been more surprised. Continuity does carry over from - this JR heard rumblings about Lynn challenging Holly earlier today too. Of course Heyman hypes Lynn's ECW pedigree. The crowd is LOUD. "One of the finest athletes ever from the state of the Minnesota." Who is that a shot at? "Judging by the response tonight, Chicago knows what Jerry Lynn is all about! So earlier tonight I challenged the Light Heavyweight champion to a match. So, Crash Holly, I think it's time, that you and I, show the Light Heavyweight Division the attention and the respect that a born champion like Jerry Lynn can bring to it." Hollys NEVER back down from a challenge, so

Jerry Lynn vs Crash Holly for the Light Heavyweight Title - The shocking thing here is that Crash has got his last name back! Lynn tries to ambush Holly as he gets on the apron, but Crash blocks the punch and hits a shoulder to the gut and Lynn flip but we're too busy looking at the graphic to tell how. Stomp, stomp. Tim White has to remove Crash's hat and belt while the match goes on - right, whip, over, under, Crash hits the 'rana, but Lynn turns a flying headscissors into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cover one two. Meanwhile, Heyman is dropping the "X-Pac and Lynn are old rivals" knowledge. Stomp, right, right, right, right misses, Crash hits three rights (lod "ECW" chant), whip, reversed, Lynn's clothesline is ducked, Crash's isn't. Another, and a dropkick (that doesn't really hit ) one two. Stomp. Right. Right. Kick, kick, corner whip, Lynn gets up a boot. In more Life convergence, JR starts to wax about how much he'd like to see more focus on the Light Heavyweight division. Lynn charges out - right into a powerslam, one two kickout. Push into the ropes, shot to the back by Crash. Stomp. Stomp - Bow and Arrow! The announcers strangely disappoint by not segueing into talk about the Ultimate Submission match. That seems weird to type. Lynn breaks free and flips on top - one two kickout. Ax handle to the back by Crash. Right. Right by Jerry. Right by Crash, right by Jerry, Right by Crash, right, right, whip, clothesline. Forearm to the back. Whip, Lynn with a crucifix roll up for one two. Press cover by Crash and White's slow to count one two reversal one two reversal one two reversal one two Crash breaks free. Double leg takedown by Crash and a jacknife cover one two Lynn bridges up and into a inside cradle one two three (3:37) Lynn had the tights, but I didn't notice it live. Heyman works in Kurt Loder's name - surely a bad sign. Anyway, the revolution (and title change) begins with a sub four minute match. (They still have Crash Holly listed as the champion over @ - no Lynn pictures yet?)

Shane McMahon is here. And he's got a book.

Marilyn Manson, Undertaker and Kane.

Here's one more exterior. The Allstate Arena has 18 consecutive sell outs, according to Jim Ross

Lita (w/Divas Magazine & WWF the Music Volume 5 and Backlash Hype but no Hardy Boyz) vs Molly Holly (w/o Crash or Hardcore) - Lockup. Headlock by Molly, into a hammerlock, reversed by Lita into a roll up for 2. Lockup, armbar by Lit a into a hammerlock, reversed by Fireman's Carry by Molly, armbar, twist , and a Oklahoma Roll for 2. Lita with a kick, whip, reversed, flying headscissors and Molly holds her head. Lita charges at her, shoulder to the stomach, shoulder to the stomach, monkey flip but Molly lands on her feet. Lita charges, kick caught, enzuiguri is ducked. Molly with some sharp elbow drops. Pickup, snap suplex, one two. Whip, head down too soon, Lita hits a swinging neckbreaker. Molly is slow up, holding her neck the whole way, right blocked, slam, no Lita falls behind and drops Molly with a inverted DDT for one two. Twist Of Fate - no, Northern Lights Suplex! One Two kickout. Molly's the coolest. Vertical suplex. Going up the top - Molly going for and hitting the cross body means one two kickout and she's not gonna last much longer. Corner whip, reversed, Molly Kips up, right is blocked by Lita, clothesline is turned into a backslide into a Twist Of Fate. Short moonsault (hits Molly's legs) but that's good for the one two three (2:41) Here's some replays. Perhaps Lita is one step closer to the Chyna's Women's Title

One week from tonight - Mr. and Mrs. Game will be on Sunday Night Heat. "That will be historic!" You still have time to order Backlash. JR and Heyman kill time before we see the final video package. And there it is and again my VCR cuts off so I'll estimate (~4:00) and that's it.

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