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I think it's a rule that in every "MTV at 20" special they do, at least 20% must be "other people talking about how great MTV is." (75% is MTV people talking about how great MTV is.) All and all, that makes more sense than their marketing plan to make MTV seem like a STD.

wwf the world leader

"Kane's got a chain" Back to Monday. Actually, this might be part of the video package from Jakked to hype the IC match. And here's part of the one to hype the World Title.


"Who's Judgment Day Will It Be?" The doors have just open at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. Your hosts are Tazz and Michael Cole. This is a very anticipated PPV - mostly for the Chain Match and the World Title Match. This issue is very very personal.

William Regal is doing some paper work in his office. As usual, Jonathon Coachman is in to bug him - Regal complains about his slightly unbuttoned shirt. When asked, Regal says he's not getting involved with Undertaker and Austin, but since Rikishi personally offended Regal, his career is in trouble. Coach asks about Kane and Triple H but Regal tells him to leave.

It's Vince. Lillian asks where he's been - it's not any of her business. He's here tonight because he's deeply concerned about a number of things - like that chain match with his brother in law. Also, he's worried about various "pranks and hijinks" that have been pulled, and he's concerned about Steve Austin. And then he walks off as Lillian tries to ask a question about Sara. 

Is Vince going to shake things up (here at Judgment Day)? Moving on, Tazz is shocked - he just found out Friday (while throwing out the first pitch at the Mets game) that the Dodgers left Brooklyn. Cue video package from Superstars, I guess. He shakes a lot of hands and talks to Piazza. He's worried about blowing his shoulder out. He's advised to take it easy. Hey, they plan the Tazz video on the Mets Jumbotron. Tazz is number 13, like duh. It's high, real high, but caught. (1:25)

Back at the arena, Cole makes fun of the through, and then points out that the Mets actually won that day, so go Tazz. Stay tuned for late breaking news!

JVC Lionsault/Conchairto Of Last Monday

45 Minutes away and you can start to see people filling up the seats. We are LIVE. Chris Jericho will be a part of the Tag Team Turmoil - here's a graphic (Radicalz, APA, E&C, Hardyz, Dudleys, Jericho & ???) and I'm still wondering why the Hollys aren't in. Jericho has a shadow with him. Remember, it all depends on order - who's gonna end up with that last shot? Who's gonna be Jericho's partner?

Earlier today, Lillian talked to Jericho - who's gonna be his partner? Jericho says that's irrelevant - what is relevant is that Chris Jericho and...his partner will make sure Edge and Christian won't be eight time champions. He seems more concerned with E&C losing than actually winning this thing.

Still to come - oh, there are the Hollys and Kai En Tai - they meet later on Heat.

What's with the ECW signs? Look at those people stand in the lobby and yell for no reason.

Judgment Day is a forty minutes away - according to Tazz, Tazz says this is like the student versus the teacher. This has been a hard first half of the year for Chyna, with the neck injury and returning too some. Various squash footage. Clips from their interview. Clips of Lita and Chyna squashing people. And this stuff from this week. (:58) Back at the arena, the announcers try to speculate on what Eddie was doing out at Smackdown.

Earlier today, Kevin Kelly talks to Eddie Guerrero - who was he clapping for? Eddie says there is history between him and Chyna, she is the ex-mamacita. Then again, Lita's a fabulous athlete. So, Eddie asks Kevin the question Kevin asked him, and walks off. These interviews on Heat are so very helpful.

Chain Match! World Title Match! Everyone is quit and intense. Like Kurt Angle - he's getting ready for the two of three falls match. It's all about the medals. Here's a video package. I'd like to meet whoever thought Benoit stuffing the medals down his pants was a good idea. (2:09)

Lillian talks to Chris Benoit - Benoit shows off his medals. He took them because he knew how much they meant to Angle, and then he puts them in his safe place. Lillian is approximately weirded out.

Call your pay per view carrier now!

Coming up next - Raven versus Val Venis! There goes my guess for the mystery partner. I should never pick mystery partners

Twix Undertaker Beatdown Of Three Days Ago

Did Austin make a mistake by bringing Undertaker's family in it? Cole throws it Jim Ross and Paul Heyman, who tells us that it's now beyond just a title match.

Val Venis (w/no one) vs Raven (w/WWF the Music Volume 5) - RTC is breaking up, Raven's getting a face pop. Lockup, push Val in the corner.  Right misses, Raven hits one. Drop toe hold armbar, reversed, right by Raven. Val charges and gets an armdrag. Headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, under the clothesline, right is blocked and Val hits three of his own, clothesline misses and Raven clothesline him over the top. Raven waits in the ring, no Val pulls him out, Right by Val is blocked, raven hits one but Val gets a couple knees, whip, reverse and Val goes into the steps. Val thrown in, Raven follows. Val begs off, Raven doesn't care and gets pushed into the corner. Rollup by Val for one two. Reverse neckbreaker for 2. Paul tells us that he never ever did a chain match in ECW because they're too violent for even him.  Another reverse neckbreaker. Ross says that a chain match can be even more brutal than a Hell In The Cell match - perhaps they're working too hard here. A third reverse neckbreaker, one two kickout. Heyman compares it to Val's tactics against Chyna. Strange how we're talking about the neck injury more tonight than we have in the last month combined. Rope assisted camel clutch by Val, which is illegal and gets broken a couple times. Ross doesn't understand why Val was in the RTC in the first place. I guess he's been brainwashed too. Back suplex. Cover one two. Right, right, push in the corner, rights by Raven, corner whip, rebound clothesline.  Mr. Wrestling #1 High Knee! Whip, reversed, Val puts his head down too son and get a knee, clothesline, cover for one two. Raven picks him up and gets a jawbreaker. Val sets him up, makes a break signal, piledriver? no Raven blocks it. Pound to the back, piledriver try #2 but Raven stops from going up, then backdrops Val, but Val holds on for a sunset flip, one two kickout. Val with a chop, right, corner whip, reversed by Raven - Bronco Billie Special, one two three! (4:09) WOW, I'll be. I wonder if he even knows who he's stealing from. RTC is on that losing streak. Val looks at himself and seems to think "Why I am wearing this shirt? Where did my sleeves go?" Little talk about RTC getting a new leader so I guess that idea isn't so strong.

Triple H/Kane video package

Next week - TOO CHEESE HOSTS! That will be either really fun or really painful - no in between.

The Hollys (w/Molly Holly) vs Kai En Tai (w/Flags) - The strobe effect of the lights in the Hollys entrance video is turned up to 11 here. I can't look at the TV during the Holly entrance any more, with the strobe effect being nutty strong. TAKA HAS SOMETHING TO SAY! "Holly family, families are supposed to be about love! But tonight. Kai En Tai shows you know love! We can not show you love, we will not show you love, for we are EVIL! HAHAHAHA!" "Indeed!" There's even more awkward pauses than usual. Heyman pins Crash's recent attitude change on losing the WWF Light Heavyweight Title. Hardcore with a headlock on Taka to start, off the ropes, shoulderblock.  hiptoss by Taka but Hardcore kicks him away, clothesline, sledge to the head, to the back, to the back, tag to Crash - up to the rope and a shot to the side. Slam (Taka's legs dropping ropes in the process), stomp, stomp, right, off the ropes and Taka ducks, bring down the rope toe. Taka goes to the apron - Asai Moonsault. Thrown back in, stomp to Crash, tag to Funaki, right, right, whip, reverses, Hardcore pulls him down by his hair. Crash stomps Funaki not the ground, tag to Hardcore, kicks, and then a kick down and a boot choke in the corner. Corner whip, Hardcore charges into a boot, Funaki charge out to a powerslam. Vertical suplex by Hardcore. Tag to Crash, kick, whip, head down too son and Funaki kicks him, off the ropes and Crash hits a clothesline. Celebration by Crash and the fans don't know they aren't supposed to like him. Are they not supposed to like him? I don't know anymore. Chin lock by Crash - TAKA tries to sneak over for a rope but he's too far for his corner. A chain match is worse than a barbed wire match in Heyman's eyes. Now Crash puts on some weird double legscissors submission - Strangle Hold Alpha? Like I know. Doesn't last too long. Whip, clothesline misses, Funaki hits a back suplex. As they crawl for a tag, Ross is thinking of some great older chain matches and the people who were in them (which one would assume would before most of the audience's time, oh well) like "The Professor" Boris Malenko, Johnny Valentine and Wahoo McDaniel, Ivan Koloff. Tag to Hardcore, tag to Taka - Spin kick by Taka, ducks Crash's clothesline and superkick for him, Spin kick for Holly, whip, drop toe hold on Hardcore, came clutch by Funaki, bow, dropkick to the face. Celebration, double whip, double head down too soon, Hardcore ends up dropkick Taka and Crash backdrops Funaki and takes him outside. Whiplash spinebuster by Hardcore on Taka and he covers for the one two three. (3:42) Molly celebrates with them in the ring.

Ross starts to send it to the World Title Video package but then realizes that we have some time to kill so we see the replay of Hardcore's whiplash move. Here's a look at the graphic. Ross and Paul Heyman talk about the match some more. Paul talks for a long time and we look at the graphic again. Ross sends us to a look at what lead a "rivalry that is not new." They bring back footage of Austin being thrown through the window for this - I guess that's not old footage but it seems that way since they kinda forget about it.

That's it.

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