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Video: Linda thinks that, in the interest of fairness, KOTR should be a three way. This is the second half of a video montage I'm sure we'll see two more times tonight. Maybe two more if you watched the Preview Channel show.

Wrestler Free Open. See, no one's really getting pushed on this show.

Hey, you're not Michael Cole! It's the Continental Airlines Arena! It's King Of The Ring. The fans are just getting in. It's the Jonathon Coachman and Tazz - Cole's still recovering from his injuries on Smackdown and isn't here tonight. Coach is yelling a bunch here - he sounds much better when he's talking normally. There's the World Title match up. And here's the KOTR Bracket - no Combos sponsorship here. 

Let's go back to Last Thursday. How come this picture looks a lot sharper on Heat than it did on Jakked. We just get the Rhyno turn. (:55)

Back live, let's look at the two semi-final graphics. We'll talk to E & C later on. Time for a break/PPV promo. 

It's odd how Vince's threat to Austin didn't make it in this - like the made the promo and later didn't think it was enough to sell the PPV or something.

I'm not sure how that commercial sells anything, but it's MTV so it's supposed to be edgy or some such crap.

"Bender Bending Rodriguez"

Somewhere in the back, Spike Dudley and Molly Holly are sitting and talking. Spike's Dudley T-Shirt has his brothers X-ed out. Lillian Garcia bugs them - he congratulate them on winning half hearted, and since they got involved in his match at KOTR, he's challenging them for a tag team title match. And now he's got to go find a partner. Lillian is confused - usually you get a partner then make the challenge, not the other way around.

Commentators talk about that situation and Tazz picks up on the edited shirt. then Shane vs Angle. This one, I know I already saw. I keep thinking Angle said "Lex Luger" but then I remember the context. They're kinda promising that Shane will fall from a very high place here. (2:35)

Shane McMahon just arrived - there's Test to say hi. Shane's ready - no butterflies about what's going on later on. Test is surprised Shane is that confident about Angle and Shane gives us the impression that he wasn't really referring to Angle at all - it's gonna be an interesting night. Shane doesn't elaborate - Test: "C'mon, throw me a bone!" Why is Test even here?

Announcers are wondering what's Shane is up to - I'd wonder if Test and Shane are really as allied as Test (and everyone else) thinks they are. Tazz says WCW because they've long forgotten that they were prohibited by Vince from saying that acronym on air. Coming up later - Matt Hardy vs Justin Credible for the European Title!

We're still at the Continental Arena.

This part week, Kurt Angle was on Conan O'Brien - let's take a look. I miss Andy. (1:46

Moving on to something completely different, DDP and the Undertaker. (2:15)

RC Cola Tag Team Title Change Of The Week

Lillian Garcia talks to the Dudley Boyz: With Coach and Tazz hosting, Cole hurt and Kelly off TV, I think she's the only interviewer. They accept Spike's challenge for the tag team titles. They're amused about the mystery partner. "Much like you, Lillian, [Spike] doesn't have any friends around here."

On Smackdown, Steve Austin beat the crap out of Michael Cole. (1:15) Tazz is pissed at Steve Austin, hmm.

That sign doesn't lie (we assume) - it's the Continetial Arena and we're sold out.

Edge and Christian discuss life, liberty and the pursuit of coolness. Edge: "So?" Christian: "So?" "Well, this is it." "Yep. This is it." "Two matches away from being King of The Ring." "Yea, I guess." "What do you mean, you guess?" "C'mon, and really. I mean, yea, we're both in the semis, but I had to beat Kane and Big Show to get there and now I have to face Kurt. That's three former WWF World Champions! Could your road to the semis have been any easier? Really." "Well, maybe you should go see Commissioner Regal about it." "What? Why, you think maybe he'll give me a bye or something like that?" "No, I think maybe he'll have some tea to go with your [bleep]-cakes!" "Really - it must be nice to have everything in life come so easy." Christian walks off.

Coach needs to work on his segues. Tough Enough talk. Clips. Then Access Hollywood reading New York Post's review. And then Entertainment Tonight. (2:25) The official season premiere is after Smackdown this week - they don't mention they're repeating the casting special next.

Combos Kendo Stick To Angle's Head Of The Week

Coach makes Shane sound like the Diamond Cutter. Next week on Heat - the APA guest host. 

At ringside, your announcers are Paul Heyman and Jim Ross. Heyman says he hears that if Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho win, they may jump to WCW. Ross says he heard it too, but he wasn't gonna bring it up.

Matt Hardy (w/Lita and RAW Magazine) vs Justin Credible (w/no one) for the European Title - Champion comes out first because Lita's on the cover of the magazine. Justin uses his own music and not X-Factor's, though he's announced as part of the group. Did they add lyrics? Lots of talk about Austin 3:16 being born at KOTR. Matt kisses his belt - goodbye? Circle, lockup, Justin uses the hair to push Matt in the corner. Clean break but Justin's yelling at him than running for the ropes when he comes. Matt gives the breaks. Kick by Justin, right, right, whip, reversed, drop toe hold, Matt walks over his back and slaps him in the back of the head. Justin up and down with a right. Corner whip, kip up by Justin but Matt's stopped short - big right. right. Whip, Justin flip to the apron and Matt knocks him to the floor. That's the first move they actually call. They're hyper about  the possible defection, which would happen on RAW. Turnbuckle shot. Neither Jericho or Benoit are here, so no way to confirm. Justin throws him back in and beats him in the corner. The lights dim for some reason (maybe it's just the camera) - Justin with the pull out powerbomb for one two. MSG RAW next year. WCW has never been there. Justin with a right right right. Cover one two kickout. JR woke up to call that. Matt with rights but Justin with a high knee. Chop. Chop. Matt turns it around - chop, chop. Right, corner whip, Matt charges in and Justin moves. Justin takes his time following up but picks Matt up by his hair - snap mare, takedown, chin lock. Taker has been here since this morning - DDP is not here yet, or he's keeping hidden. Crowd getting behind Matt. Matt up to elbow out, but Justin pulls him down by his hair. Justin with a whip, back elbow. Cover one two kick out. Cover one two kickout. Chin lock. This match is on Nitro, you know. I guess it's like that every month but it's still annoying. Matt battling up to his feet, elbows out, off the ropes Matt with a sunset flip for one two. Justin up with a DDT, slow to cover one two kickout. Justin kicks Matt down in the corner and goes to the opposite. "He's finished!" Loading up the boot and charging - sliding dropkick misses and Justin gets crotched again. Both slow up and Matt with rights. Corner whip, reversed, Matt rebounds into a kick, powerbomb no Matt with the take down and catapult into the corner. Justin stays on his feet so Matt gives him ten turnbuckle shots. Slam. Shirt comes off - squeal. Up to second rope - legdrop. Matt hurt himself, slow to cover one two NO Justin kicks out. Matt calls him up - kick to the midsection - Twist Of Fate no, Justin rams him in the corner. Mat out with a clothesline but it's ducked, kick by Justin, corner whip, Matt stops short off running into the ref and turns right into a superkick! ONE TWO NO! Painstakingly close. Justin decides to tie Matt in the top and middle ropes for reasons unknown to the rest of us, beats on him, then swipes at Lita. Justin goes back to work on Matt - no, don't turn around - LITA 'rana. Matt's finnaly free - kick to the midsection, Twist Of Fate, one two three! (7:02) Wait, SEVEN MINUTES? Wow, I never get matches that long. This must be the house show match I've heard good things about. Anyway, Team Extreme is bunch of dirty cheaters. The announcers do NOT ask if X-Pac will even the score later tonight but they should have.

Title graphic. Here's the video package in full - we should still have a couple minutes after this is done, right?

Back to the announcers - Austin is unbalanced, the pressure is on, the rumor of the jump, la la la la. Tonight is a turning part for everyone - no one leaves tonight the same. JR hypes it one last time as we run out of time.

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