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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan




Outside, X-Factor pulls up in a limo. Yes, they've got their music playing in the limo when they come out. They'll host Heat - right now.


Two weeks away from Invasion, it's SNH @ WWFNY on MTV. X-Factor is here! A WCW Match (forthefirstimeeveronHeat!)- the tag team titles are on the line! Your announcers are Tazz and Michael Cole. But now...

Tajiri (w/o Regal) vs Jerry Lynn - Regal's busy doing commissioner type stuff - nice buzzsaw sign! Oh, Regal's all testing Tajiri to see if he can win all on his own. Lockup, Tazz says "gimmick" and we're off and mat wrestling. Lynn with the headlock takedown, Tajiri with the headscissors reversal, clean break and they're both up so Taijir can get the headlock. Off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, Lynn goes for a leap frog but Tajiri dropkicks him. Whip, reversed, right misses, hard superkick by Tajiri! Picking him and slamming him head first in the corner - corner whip, reversed, Charge in but Tajiri jumps up, hooks Lynn with his legs and tries for the Tarantula, but Lynn pushes him off and to the floor. Tajiri back up on to the apron - Hotshot! The fans don't like that they don't get to see the goofy submission move. Stomp, stomp, Lynn takes Tajiri in the middle of the ring - spinning Gory Guerrero Special! Tazz doesn't know the name. Tajiri falls loose and hits a hard kick to the chest but Jerry Lynn just tells him to bring another. This one's to the had and Lynn goes down. Lynn gets up and Tajiri goes for another, Lynn ducks and hits a German suplex bridge one two shoulder up. Lynn with Tajiri like yells. I think he's having an identity crisis. Stomp, pick up, punch, whip, tilt-a-whirl back breaker one two kickout. Lynn argues the count. Lynn with a snap mare and a chin lock. Tajiri looking for a way out, here's some elbows. Off the ropes, clothesline misses, Lynn with a German Suplex, slightly blocked, try again, Tajiri lands on his feet, waits for Lynn to get up and a 'rana. Spin kick! Tajiri with a whip, reversed, handspring elbow by Tajiri. Tajiri covers one two kickout. Corner whip, no reversed into a short clothesline. Lynn going up to the second rope - coming off, maybe trying for the jumping Tornado DDT but Tajiri catches him with a kick the midsection. Lynn falls to his knees and Tajiri hits the big kick to the head and covers, one two three. (3:48) Coming up later, that WCW match! Tazz says "krazy Kanyon" so I guess maybe he's picking up where he left off, personality wise. 

Slim Jim Crusierweight Title Match of Thursday

Backstage, X-Pac polishes his belt. He and Albert converse. "Yea, you know that WCW Cruiserweight Championship - that thing hasn't meant a damn thing since I was champ." "Not a thing." "This right here, this is a real championship. Know what I'm saying, champ?" "I know what you're saying, I'm with you. See this IC Title here? I brought some prestige back to it, since I took it off Kane's shoulders. You know what I'm talking about, champ?" "I know what you're talking about." Oh, here's Justin. "Hey guys, what'cha doing?" "Nothing." "Nothing." And then X-Pac and Albert turn away from Justin and talk about their belts some more. Poor Justin.

Michael Cole says "tough enough" so here we go. They showed this before Heat so you'd think if you cared you would have watched it already. The fourth time you watch it, you don't watch it. You know, you can't count on the Royals for anything. (2:10) Tazz talks about what happened but the Heat Music wants to cut him off. WCW Tag Titles! X-Factor! They didn't do the second segment interview!

Lugz Jeff Hardy Saving Trish Of The Week

Cole and Tazz debate Jeff's motives, and Lita's feelings about it.

K-Kwik vs Rhyno (w/Two Weeks Ago) - Tazz successfully guessed that Kwik was gonna rap. Rhyno's gonna get his rematch at Invasion, don'tcha know. Rhyno starts with a push and Kwik fights back with punches but one good gut shot stops him. Whip, reversed, jumping side kick. 'rana!. Right, right, whip, clothesline but Kwik splits under (awkward to the max), Kwik rolls backwards for no perceptible reason except that Rhyno puts him in a waistlock next, Kwik tries to elbow out, he does, off the ropes, cross body block for one two kickout. Perhaps Rhyno shouldn't have stood there watching him. Dropkick and Rhyno goes out. Tazz suggests that Cole is the Mole, mostly because it rhymes. Rhyno with a right and running him backwards into the apron. Tazz: "Don't look at me! My name don't rhyme with mole!" Kwik thrown in. Kick to the ribs. Kwik thrown in. Kick to the ribs. Cover of one two kickout. Pick up, snap mare, kick to the back.  Pick up, no Kwik fights back but a forearm push him down. Pick up, snap suplex. Surfboard! Knee to the back. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Rhyno going to the top rope. Cole, in the midst of talking about WCW and RAW, "Since we are in Atlanta, you never know who might show up." Splash misses. Rhyno's clothesline misses, Kwik's thrust kick doesn't. They've said Shane vs DDP is the opening match of RAW a few times but I haven't pointed it out. Both slow up. Rhyno with a chop, Kwik with a right, Rhyno with a chop, Kwik with a right, Rhyno with a chop, Kwik with a right. Rhyno with a chop no Kwik ducks that and hits a series of rights, and the dancing right. Whip, reversed, flying headscissors. Ugly looking Flatliner one two why is he using this for a near fall when Kanyon's on the show later? Right, corner whip, kip, flip, split, GORE. One Two Three. (4:03)

Backstage, Albert and Justin are reading the History Of Wrestlemania book. X-Pac: "What's up fellas?" Albert: "Hey champ!" X-Pac: "What's up champ?" Albert: "Just sitting here with Justin, going over a book about champions. You know what it takes to be a champion, right?" "Yea, I know exactly. So do you, champ." "That's right!" "You know, it doesn't seem right. He's got gold, I got gold, it's about time you got gold too." Justin looks happy, and X-Pac hands the light heavyweight belt to, um, Albert. The gold he's got for Justin is a toy mini-WWF belt. Justin looks less than thrilled, but Albert and X-Pac laugh and leave. Justin laughs with them, but his expression changes after they're gone.

Real Gold (or at least WCW's) is on the line NEXT! Wow, we've gone this long without getting an X-Factor interview. Tazz isn't really thrilled with the way Albert and X-Pac are treating Justin, for whatever reason.

Hey, this isn't a title match! This seems like recap of the Torrie/Vince stuff from RAW and Smackdown! Liars. (1:55)

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire vs Chris Kaynon and Sean Stasiak for the WCW Tag Team Titles - Champions come out first because this is Heat and no one does anything right. Your announcers are Arn Anderson and Scott Hudson and they're 'live' from the arena. Lillian does introductions. Your ref is Billy Silverman. Someone made a Palumbo/O'Haire entrance! Stasiak's still using whatever music they were using for the Perfect Event (not the new stuff he got at the end) and we see his video - no sign of Stacy Kiebler in it at all. Kanyon has a leather jacket. I know I usually like history being brought up but I think I'd actually be happier here if no one said "Meat." He's got the Mecca tights. Kanyon and Palumbo are gonna start this off - Kanyon with a kick, right, right, right, right, the crowd has already turned, Kaynon laying in rights on the ropes. Whip, reversed, under, and Palumbo hits a dropkick. Right for Stasiak. Right for Kanyon, discus right! Right, whip, clothesline, misses, powerslam does not one two kickout. Turnbuckle smash, tag to O'Haire. Double push in the corner. They've been team "a long time". Double whipping in the corner. Wasn't that Harley's Angels move? Double armbar take down. Right, left, whip, clothesline misses, hiptoss is blocked ant turned into a swinging neckbreaker. Tag to Sean, right, right, whip, jumping back elbow. Right, right, whip, reversed, kneeling back elbow by O'Haire, and a high knee. Tag to Palumbo. Stasiak grabs the top rope and won't let go when O'Haire pulls him, so Palumbo runs and leapfrogs over O'Haire onto Stasiak's chest. Palumbo with a forearm, forearm, forearm, corner whip, reversed, armbar takedown! Ten punch count a long! Wait, no, Kanyon's in, distracting the ref towards O'Haire, and hits a second rope Russian legsweep (Hudson: "Flatliner!") to help Stasiak retake the advantage. Why did everyone thing that was a Flatliner when it doesn't even look like one? I mean, at least, if you were looking in the right light and at the right angle, Chavo does look like Kidman but that's not even close. It's the same effect, but Kanyon's move is a reverse Russian legsweep. These details are very important to me.  Push in the corner and punches. Corner whip, no knee by Stasiak, gutwrench suplex (though I think it was supposed to be a powerbomb), cover one two broke up by O'Haire. O'Haire is thrown out as Stasiak pushes him into his corner and tag to Kanyon. Shoulder to the gut, right right right right, right no it's blocked right by Palumbo, right, right off the ropes, Kanyon catches him in a Rock Bottom set up but lifts him up and pulls him forward (which is closer to the Flatliner but still not right) - Big Book Of Moves says Front Facelock Drop, so I will too. (It also says Michael Hayes uses it - hmm.) Cover, O'Haire is into break it up before it gets far. Tag to Stasiak, right to the midsection, Kanyon with a Russian Legsweep, Stasiak with a running elbow drop cover one two kickout. Right, corner whip, kip up, Stasiak picks him up over his shoulder, dropping him down and hitting the reverse DDT one two kickout. That was Stasiak's finisher, right? Tag to Kanyon, whip, sleeper by Kanyon but Palumbo with a back suplex. Race to the tag, Palumbo really needs one - tag to O'Haire, right for Kanyon, ducking Stasiak right and hitting one of his own, clothesline, clothesline, spinning heel kick, spinning heel kick, Mongolian chop for Kanyon as Palumbo clotheslines his ex partner out of the ring. Elevated bear hug on Kanyon - Palumbo with a high jumping side kick to Kanyon's back, knocking him face first into the corner. Jungle Kick for Stasiak! Fireman's carry, swinging around into a DDT and that'll be good enough for the one two three. (6:07) O'Haire and Palumbo get intense.

Backstage, X-Factor. X-Pac: "I guess that was alright, for a WCW match." Albert: "You know about good matches, champ. But speaking of WCW, tomorrow night, WWF in Atlanta." "Oh, don't remind me. Last time I was there, I got arrested for invading their offices, going to the CNN Towers and reeking havoc over there." Justin: "Hey-" Albert cuts him off by pointing out it's time for their interview. Justin, as you might guess, is getting more and more angry. X-Pac hasn't been back to Atlanta since 1998?

I know you hate X-Factor, but you don't got look at them like that. Let's watch them walk to the stage! Time for Q&A. Tazz asks about the "phat" music. Justin fills him - Uncle Cracker (their friend), his Double Wide CD. X-Pac cuts him off to say it's also on the Mission Impossible 2 CD. Cole says people say X-Pac has become more cocky since winning the LH Title. "X-Pac Sucks" I don't believe X-Pac could ever be more cocky. He thinks it's a fact because he really is that good. Tazz asks how Albert feels about the IC Title. Albert feels great - he's the biggest, strongest man in the WWF. X-Pac says Albert did it all by himself. Albert says he's the pound for pound toughest wrestler in the WWF. X-Pac agrees. Cole asks about their views on WCW. Albert says WCW has one foot in the grave, and at Invasion, they'll seal their fate. X-Pac doesn't care if they have a new owner, if WCW goes into their backyard, the WWF is gonna take them out. Justin starts to talk, but X-Pac cuts him off to throw a non-challenge (because he's the best and doesn't make challenge) for Kidman at Invasion, if Kidman thinks he can handle it. "I'm the greatest lightweight/crusierweight in the history of our sport!" Oh, they're out of time and Justin doesn't get to say anything. He does get to pose but he don't look happy. I guess he really doesn't have everything he ever wanted.

Tazz and Cole talk about Invasion and RAW. What music is playing? Invasion video package. (2:13) Shane suffered a separated shoulder and a concussion, so of course he's in good shape for a street fight on Monday against Diamond Dallas Page. See you on RAW! I guess that Justin stuff is going nowhere tonight.

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