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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan




tv14 dlv and a video package. (0:48)

Heat-SEVERE WEATHER WARNING-Open. My cable company feels the need to block out every channel with a ten second warning every five minutes when there's a storm nearby, so I might miss something along the way.

It's HEAT. People are coming into the arena. Coach reveals this isn't really WWFNY. Oh yes, your announcers are Jonathan Coachman and Al Snow; that means we just have Lillian as interviewer again this month, unless that Leary guy got a plane ticket. Also, Invasion is big. Having this on tape RULES - bye bye hype. Al: "This is not your normal McMahon dysfunctional family feud." 

Let's go back to Snackdown and that classic main event. You know, with two play by play guys, you'd think you'd get double the action. But you'd be WRONG. (4:34) Al: "The tension is so thick!" Al is laying it on very thick. Vince most love him. More matches for Invasion to be announced - stay tuned.

Invasion is getting BIGGER AND BIGGER! A HUGE MATCH UP - Big Show, Albert and Billy Gunn vs Chris Kanyon, Shawn Stasiak and Hugh Morrus. Who did Kanyon piss off? Then again, Morrus worked Jakked and he didn't, so maybe he won't be jobbing for a third straight Sunday. Also, previously announced, APA vs O'Haire/Palumbo. (1:52) Al shills shills shills. 

Tough Enough. I think I skipped by a sure to be witty word play on "Tough Enough" The best part of this is that it's the same package as on Jakked, so I don't even have to stop to time this (2:08)

Jeff/RVD gets graphic hype, ref's get a video package. (1:18) Coming up, Chavo Guerrero vs Scotty 2 Hotty!

Backstage, Stacy and Torrie discuss how little they'll be wearing underneath. They're gonna win so there's no real need to worry about it. Is this going anywhere? Here's a zoom in on a bra. Here's a graphic. Here's the same video package from Jakked (2:02)

Here's graphics for E&C vs Awesome/Storm and Tazz vs Tajiri. Al makes a "Tazz is short" joke and we're just counting down till he gets choked out. Just added - Raven vs Commisioner Regal

Al previews Tough Enough for next week. Next week, Commissioner Regal and Tajiri host Heat - hey, you think that means they won't be out of a job?

Time to send to the announcers - Michael Cole and Jim Ross. Just in case you needed more hype, they'll keep doing it all night long.

Scotty 2 Hotty (WWF, with new video package!) vs Chavo Guerrero (WCW, with a (new) video package) in Light Heavyweight action - I think everyone likes "Crusierweight" better, which is why they go the other way. JR does say cruiserweight, if you're a WCW/ECW loyalist.  JR says "Gory" and "Chavo (Senior)" but not EDDIE. C'mon. You ref is WCW's...well, it's a WCW shirt, but it's not Robinson or Patrick and even if Billy Silverman dyed his hair blond, I don't think he'd look like that. It does kinda look like that WWF guy I couldn't recognize on Jakked. They need nametags. Scotty starts the clap. JR talks about his past WCW work. Lockup, headlock by Chavo, off the ropes, shoulderlock. Off the ropes, over, under, quick turn around, Scotty looks at Chavo and then is off the ropes, Chavo puts his head down but Scotty flips over. Chavo off the ropes and a big hiptoss by Scotty. Scotty goes to pick up Chavo but Chavo kicks him away. Dueling kip ups! This really is a light heavyweight match! Circle. Lockup, Chavo quickly sneaking behind for a hammerlock, and then running Scotty into the corner. Kick, kick, corner whip, reversed, Chavo kips up to escape and tries the hiptoss, Scotty blocks and tries his own, Chavo blocks, Scotty flips out (it really is a light heavyweight match!), Chavo tries the clothesline but Scotty ducks under - superkick! One two kickout. Not quite super enough. Armbar, Chavo quickly escapes with an eyepoke. Whip, but Scotty grabs the far ropes. Chavo charges and gets backdropped, but lands on the apron. His punch is deflected, Scotty is on target. The punch knocks Chavo back, but he manages to hold on to the top rope and remain standing on the apron. Meanwhile, Scotty slides out of the ring, between Chavo's legs, and is position to drop him chin first on the apron. Dancing punch. Whip, reversed and Scotty goes into the steps. Chavo throws Scotty in - is he going up? Kinda - springboard splash (a little short) one two kickout. Turnbuckle smash. European uppercut. Boot choke. Chavo pulls Scotty out of the corner, but Scotty fires back with rights. Corner whip, charge in but Chavo gets his elbow up. Up to the second rope - missile dropkick connects! Cover one two kickout. Chin lock on the mat. Cole just said the ref's name is Brian Hebner, and I'm assuming same spelling (and same family.) Plot Hole Closed Up: Officials for each match were determined by a coin toss, earlier today. Thank you. Scotty battles his way out of the chin lock, right, off the ropes, go behind, Chavo runs to the ropes to get out of the waistlock, Scotty gets knocked back. Chavo charges - flapjack by Scotty. Scotty going up - Chavo crotches him on the top rope. Chavo pulls his legs on the inside of the ring - top rope 'rana! One two kickout. Chavo is frustrated. Chop. Kick. Corner whip, Chavo gives him a back suplex on the rebound out. Cover one two kickout. Chavo picks up Scotty, and again Scotty fights back with a right. Chavo with a right. Scotty with more and wins this. Whip, reversed, kick to the midsection, 'rana but Scotty must be blocking it - Chavo falls forward and gets dropped on the top rope. Both men are down. Both up at 5 and another punch exchange, another win by Scotty. Whip, reversed, back drop.  Corner whip, two hand push down (hard), Scotty flips Chavo over and there's the face. W O R M  woo woo woo ya. Cover one two kickout. Cole sells (hard) Scotty not hooking the leg being the reason Chavo could get out, but the fans in the arena aren't happy. Chavo to the apron, Scotty pulls him by his hair, but Chavo hits an elbow to escape. Chavo sets him self up - springboard cross body but Scotty catches it into a powerslam! One two kickout! Back suplex, no Scotty doesn't follow through and Chavo lands behind. Waistlock, Scotty with one elbow but Chavo isn't letting go, two elbows but Chavo's ducking - knee to the gut - BRAINBUSTER! ONE TWO THREE (6:46) I was SURE they weren't gonna let him use that. Shows how much I know. I'll take two scoops of this.

Hey, Mick Foley's here. There's Lillian - what's he doing here? Mick says, when you look back at his career, you notice (among other things), that he's been beat up by all three groups - WCW, ECW and WWF. "It just seems to make perfect sense." What does that mean? Foley pulls out a ref shirt from his bag - he's gonna be the ref for the referee match. "I'm gonna call it right down the line." Close enough. Also, he has another reason for being here - but we don't get to know that right now. 

Here's the Invasion video package from Jakked. (3:42)

And that's it.

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