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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan




The Rock returned to RAW. And then Smackdown.

WWFNY! Your announcers are Al Snow and Michael Cole. No explanation where Cole was last week. The Rock is back where he belongs. Al has a good luck charm. Scotty 2 Hotty later and RVD in action, but now...

Saturn (w/Moppy) vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. - I think of the dueling brainbusters, Al thinks of Pepe the Stick Horse. Chavo throws his shirt at Saturn. Lock up, headlock by Chavo, into a hammerlock, right to the back, hammerlock reversed by Saturn, elbow by Chavo, elbow by Chavo. Off the ropes, shoulderblock by Saturn. Whip, lunging forearm. Al mentions Eddie immediately this week when going through the family spiel. Slam. Springboard legdrop with a twist for one two kickout. Turnbuckle shot. Push in the corner. Shoulder to the gut. Corner whip, reversed into a knee and Saturn is thrown shoulder first into the ring post. Back suplex. Cover one two kickout. Kick to the stomach, kick, kick, kick, kick, choke. Choke scrape again. Snap mare, walking, dropkick to the back, cover one two kickout. Saturn with a right, Chavo with a right, Saturn with a right, Chavo with a whip, drop down, clothesline by Chavo. Saturn with a right, Chavo with a forearm. Slam. Chavo with a cover one two kickout. Corner whip, charge in but Saturn gets a boot up, then charges out into a clothesline. Second rope dropkick is caught and turned into a - well, first he'll give a thumbs up to Moppy, then Saturn will turn around and slingshot Chavo into Moppy. Moss Covered Three Handed Family Grudunza and that's it. (3:07) Cole promises to talk about Rock all throughout the hour, in case you were worried.

Moments ago, Scotty 2 Hotty signed autographs. He's the guest host here tonight.

Use 1-800-Call-ATT to tell someone that Austin robbed Kurt Angle of the WCW Title last Monday. 

Summerslam hype. Tough Enough Hype. Kurt Angle's the common denominator. (2:31) Al hopes people gain the same respect for the business that Kurt Angle did. 

Hardcore Holly vs Sean Stasiak - Cole segues between Paulina's injury and Hardcore's injury. Lockup, Sean wins, right, right, right, whip, Sean throws Hardcore out through the ropes. Stasiak picks an argument with Alliance ref Brian Hebner, allowing Hardcore to slip back in, spinm Stasiak around and hit him with a right. Chop, Chop. whip, reversed into the worse press slam (no presses) ever and quickly dropped on the top rope. Stasiak picks Hardcore up in a fireman's carry on the rebound, spinning him around in a flapjack. Al calls Sean "the man from U.N.C.L.E." and claims he's into "secret agent stuff." Also, his tights look like a Pez dispenser. Stomp, stomp, right. right. Corner whip, follow in clothesline. Pull out into a knee, and another. Cover one two kickout. Sean questions how hardcore Hardcore really is and then slaps him in the face. Slap back. Slap by Sean, slap by Holly, right from Sean, right from Holly, right from Sean, right from Holly, right form Holly, chop from Holly, whip, best dropkick in the business (not said). Cover one two kickout. Al's notes are accidentally his Dad's shopping list. Hanging Sean over the top rope - low blow. Kick. Chop. Chop. Corner whip, kip up by Stasiak and a reverse neckbreaker. Cover one two kickout. Right. Right. "What would it mean for the career of Sean Stasiak if he won?" "It would mean a lot. That's a dumb question." "Thanks for the dumb answer." Corner whip, kip up by Stasiak, Hardcore catches him over his shoulders - Alabama Slam. One two three (2:47)

In the back, Scotty gets his food and talks to waitress. "Hey, by the way, what do you think about the Rock coming back to the WWF?" "(angrily) What do I think about the Rock coming back to the WWF. You mean the Rock that raises the eyebrow? Do you mean the Rock that does that People's Elbow? Do you mean that Rock that wears that big giant diamond plated belt buckle? [pause - waiting for an answer?] (happy) I think it's great! As a matter of fact, I guarantee The Rock is gonna kick Shane McMahon's ass all over Anaheim tomorrow night. Who knows, maybe the Rock will drop the People's elbow right smack dab in the middle of DisneyLand!" "Cool!" 

Why do they sell WCW shirts in WWFNY? Cole tries to goof on Al by saying "they EVEN have Al Snow T-Shirts here!" Al says the only downside to WWFNY is Cole.

Raven and Justin Credible vs Billy Gunn and the Big Show - Al: "I don't blame Billy Gunn for being a little upset - he went from Bart Gunn to Big Show." Al's suggest for this team's name: "Giant Ass." Justin and Show will start this off. Show misses a right, Justin with a right, right, right, blocked. Show pushes him in the corner and squashes him with a clothesline. Hometown boy Al Snow is only Lima's third favorite wrestler, according to a recent survey. Who was he beat by? Corner whip, Justin flip to the apron, big knee takes him to the mat. "Slow Gunns!" "That's not bad." Billy tosses Justin back in - chop. Tag to Raven. Raven's not too happy with this idea. He wants Gunn. Show's not going for it. Oh, yea, he is. Gunn is happy to be here. Lockup, no Gunn with a hammerlock into a headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, hiptoss blocked, knee, whip, tilt-a-whirl slam, tilt-a-whirl slam for Justin. Raven's out of the ring, and Gunn follows. Gunn throws Raven in, but SUPERKICK from Justin stops that. Justin yells at him at the floor while Show argues with the ref. Gunn thrown in, Raven covers one two kickout. Right times seven, head smash times six. Choke on the mat. Corner whip, charge in, Gunn gets a boot up. Gunn with the One and Only, but Justin's distracting the ref! Now the ref is over, one two kickout. Tag to Justin. Double whip, their double clothesline misses, Gunn's does not. Tag to Show. Right for Justin, right for Raven, right for Justin, right for Raven. Slam for Justin, corner whip for Raven, Justin whipped into him and falls out into a powerbomb set up. Raven tries to attack and he gets the goozle - he can't do both at once, can he? Well, Gunn rushes Raven and takes them both out of the ring with a big ol' shoulderblock, leaving Show and Justin in the ring - Alley Oop. Cover one two three. (3:31) The WWF is undefeated tonight and I'm thinking they've stopped keeping tack of these things.

Scotty asks three kids if they're ready - they say yea. And off they go. 

Scotty 2 Hotty is out on the stage. Those three kids are waiting at the end of the stage.. Scotty dances. Is he gonna do the W-O-R-M? Yes! No chop for the ground, just an arm pump. Cole tells us that this will be the first ever Worm Race - that would explain the lack of furniture and the two lines on the mat. Scotty's ankle is okay - "100% from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes - and that includes the little worm in between!" This time, when Cole talks about a Worm contest, it's Al who threatens to unzip his fly. Anyway, the rules is that you've gotta Worm from one line to another, do the chop, and then go back the other way. And they're off and they're all cheating in their own little ways. We need a photo finish (the camera on the floor tries to be like the sprinter camera in the Olympics but can't keep up and we don't get a good shot of the line) but Scotty gives it to the girl, of course. She may have won, who knows. What's the winning prize? Oh, she's got four tickets to the WWF show later this week. Here's another (better) look at the finish - yea, she just did beat it out. What's her name? Tara. Tara has set the world record for Worm Racing here tonight.

Slim Jim Cookie Try Shot of Last Thursday

Two weeks from tonight, Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle for the WWF Title.

Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn for the WWF Hardcore Title - These two have fought each other before or something. Circle. Headlock, by Van Dam, off the rope, shoulderblock. Off he ropes, over, under, Lynn off the ropes, under, kick to the stomach, corner whip, reversed, kip up by Lynn, springboard moonsault bodyblock but Lynn moves out of the way and RVD lands on his feet, Lynn slides under, jumps over the sweep and ducks under the side kick, break. Lock up, no, RVD with a kick, forearm. Corner whip, reversed, Lyn charges in and gets backdropped, lands on the apron, RVD tries a shoulder to the midsection but Lynn jumps over it and guillotines him on the ropes with a legdrop. RVD falls all the way to the floor. Lynn goes up to the apron - running somersault bodyblock. Cover one two kickout. Forearm to the back, right from RVD, right from Lynn. right, right from RVD, whip into the ring post by Lynn. Dropkick and RVD goes over the barrier. Lynn with a springboard on and off the barrier with a clothesline. Lynn struggles with his knee, now with a cover, one two kickout. Lynn throws RVD over the barrier and comes back over himself. Now he's looking for something - a steel chair. Shot to the back! Lynn throws RVD back in. Lynn tries to get back in, but gets a knee to the face. Kick to the back. Slam, on to the chair. Off the ropes, and since the chair is under Lynn and not on top of him, of course RVD's rolling somersault legdrop is gonna miss. Both men are holding hurt body parts, Lynn up first. Kick, right, corner whip, reversed, Lynn with a sunset flip roll up one two kickout. RVD with a jacknife cover one two Lynn kicks out into a cover one, reversed by RVD one two reversed by Lynn one two reversed one two reversed one two. Lynn with a right, RVD's right misses, German suplex with a bridge for one two kickout. Both men are down. Lynn up first again, right, right, suplex, no blocked. RVD with a suplex no Lyn falls behind, RVD with a mule kick. Short clothesline. RVD gets Lynn in position, putting the chair on top of him and going up - split legged moonsault but Lynn gets his knees up and hits RVD with the chair. Both down again. No, Lyn covers one two kickout. Lynn first up again. Right, right, kick no RVD catches it and steps over to hit his own enzuiguri. RVD going up - no Lynn catches him and crotches him on the top rope. Right to the face. Lynn sets up the chair. Right, going to the second rope, superplex but it's blocked and RVD throws him off, on to the chair. Now RVD righting himself again - five star frog splash.  RVD hurts but he covers - one two three. (6:28) Here's a replay. Go rent an ECW tape.

Hey, the Rock returned. Video package. Later.

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