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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan





Here's the traditional sneak peak of a video package we're getting later - Austin/Angle. 


Live! Pittsburgh! It will be an emotional night. They must've just opened the gates because it looks really empty there. It's all about Kurt tonight. Your hosts are Michael Cole, Al Snow, and this Steve Austin/Kurt Angle graphic. Cole promises we'll get video clips from Smackdown. I was worried. Regal will have a health update and Angle's whole family will be here. Hmm. But now, with no real good segue, here's a look at how we got to the Edge/Christian match tonight. (1:17) Coming up, an update on Angle. Look at these people. 

The WCW Tag Team Titles are on the line tonight. Kroni>| has been a pain in the neck for Undertaker and Kane and Steven Richards has been a master manipulator or something. Take a look at this recap video package. (1:13)

Backstage, Tazz talks to Steven Richards and Kroni>| - Steven reminds us that the Undertaker broke up the RTC (apparently we flipped to the Rams/49ers game for the last few minutes) and he wants revenge. Steven basically recaps the video package and graphics we just saw. Thanks a lot Steven. I sure hope this "backwards letter" thing doesn't become the new "z" of wrestling names or I'll have to start killing various people.

Back to Cole and Al, who talk about what Undertaker and Kane will want to do tonight. Still to come, an exciting Kurt Angle video clip and injury update. 

Lugz Moppy Killing Of The Week. Wonderful timing by the WWF to do an angle about a funny death.

Let's go back to Smackdown and see how Raven got the best of Saturn last time we saw these two together. Al thinks Raven has made a tremendous mistake by ticking off Saturn. Moving on, here's the Rock doing an interview on Smackdown. Cole calls Rock "hot" and Al says he's "flaming hot" and that's easy to take the wrong way. Let's see the whole thing. No, you watch. (4:47)

That moves us on to the WCW Title match. Blah blah blah. 

In his office, Commissioner Regal looks worried. Let's go back to Smackdown and see Kurt Angle getting a piledriver. Al, of all people, is surprised that Tazz helped Austin. 

Tazz talks to Stephanie McMahon. Actually, Stephanie takes the microphone and just goes on in her own little world to hype the RVD/Y2J match. And then does her Rock impersonation. Remember, she beat the Rock. "If you smell-lalalalalalalala what the Steph is cooking!" That's the funniest thing in Tazz's life. Try and figure out why someone who doesn't actually have anything to do tonight (yet) is getting interview time on the warm-up show.

We segue from Stephanie to RVD/Y2J to Tough Enough (oh, I sure won't miss the lame segues to Tough Enough) to the video package. (2:28) Tough Enough is ends Thursday.

Let's go back to Kurt Angle getting piledriven on Thursday. Cole says that he and JR were relaying updates all night but no one knew what was going on - huh? Anyway, let's go back to the end of the Tajiri match to see Angle appear. (2:25)

And now, some words from Commissioner Regal. "Due to the attack on the part of Stone Cold Steve Austin last Thursday on Smackdown, Kurt Angle received a very serious neck injury. Having had his neck examined by several physicians this past week, it is my duty as commissioner to inform you that Kurt Angle has not been medically released to compete tonight at Unforgiven. (Crowd is surprised, then settles into some boos.) However, due to the resolve of Kurt Angle, to continue in this match, I have decided that it is in the best interest of the WWF that this match do occur. Being the WWF commissioner I take full responsibility for any mishaps that might befall Kurt Angle because tonight, and only tonight, I think it is well worth the risk."

M&Ms four way warfare

Unforgiven will start tonight with the four way match for the WWF Tag Team Title match. Look at that graphic and watch how the Hurricane flies in and the European belt seems to float on it's on. He's truly powerful

Lillian Garcia talks to the Hurricane: He's got a new suit. What is Lillian doing to her hair? How does he feel about tonight's match? "Just a minute, Citizen Garcia, my Hurri-senses are telling me something is amiss! We're in Pittsburgh, correct? Just as I suspected! I smell the foul fumes of fakery! There's a man in this town who dares calls himself 'super': Super Mario Lemieux. (Crowd cheers.) Well, I agree, he has talent and skills, but does he have - powers? I mean, he can't fly, he can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, he doesn't even have pearl vision! What's up with that? We in the superhero community have a name for people like Mario Lemieux: mere mortal. But the citizens of Pittsburgh tonight get to see a real live superhero in action!" Hey, it's Lance Storm. "You's just about ready to go?" "Ah, Citizen Storm, Hurricane powers, activate!" Hurricane sticks out his fist. Lance looks at him, looks at his fist, and reluctantly does the fist touch. "You are now a Hurricane!" Hurricane flies off. Storm: "No comment."

Hi Justin.

Let's look at Booker T/Shane/Rock. The best part is that this includes clips from that Smackdown interview. I get that not everyone got to see Smackdown but do they really think people are one standard Rock interview and one Angle injury (which makes it less believable that'll he'll win) away from buying this show? I guess so. (2:26)

Al and Cole finish up and send it Paul Heyman and Jim Ross

the one Billy Gunn vs Tommy Dreamer - Oh Billy Gunn was so worth fifty minutes of waiting. Also, Dreamer. Dreamer attacks before the bell and it's on. Corner whip, Gunn goes in hard, falls down and roll out. Dreamer follows him out with rights, so Gunn toss him off the apron in to the barricade. Back in and Gunn with punches and kicks. Argument with ref Brian Hebner. Dreamer grabs on to the top rope so Gunn pulls him off. Gun to the second rope, flying fist. Heyman: "Mark my words, Rock will lose the WCW Title tonight." JR is just believes just as strong that Angle will win. Gunn is limping, having hurt his left leg on landing that move. Picking up Dreamer, whip, back elbow misses and Dreamer takes out the bad leg. Dreamer goes to the outside and starts ramming the bad leg into the ring pole. Corner whip, but Gunn collapses in pain before he gets to the other corner. Kicks to the knee, then smashing it into the mat. Again. Dreamer takes his time and Gunn fires back with punches, off the ropes, right into the Lo Down. Dreamer takes his time in covering one two kickout. Figure Four! Crowd woos. Grabbing the ropes for added leverage and Hebner catches him, so it's broke. More shots to the injured leg. Dreamer goes to hit a running shoulder into the leg, but Gunn moves out of the way, and Dreamer goes shoulder first into the corner. Dreamer stumbles back into to the middle of the ring, and Gunn hits a Fameasser with the bad leg. One two three. (3:12) Gunn's still feeling the pain in his leg but doesn't want Hebner's help.

Look at the announcers. Look at the graphic. Look at the video package. See you next week.

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