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Earlier tonight, Kurt Angle showed up in a limo.

Earlier tonight, the Rock showed up in a limo.

Earlier tonight, Steve Austin & Debra showed up in a limo.


THOUSANDS. It's (still) HEAT. It's (still) LIVE. It's (still) NEW YORK. It's (still) WWF NEW YORK. STARS STARS STARS. Cole's gonna have a heart attack in the middle of a Heat opening. Al Snow and Michael Cole are your announcers - they talk about the great MSG show and hype some of the participants showing up tonight. Tonight's main event: Edge vs Booker T! Edge has a ladder match at No Mercy. Also, the Hardys defend the WCW Tag Team Titles, and we'll hear from the Rock and Steve Austin tonight, in this very building. LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK.

LIVE Rhyno LIVE vs LIVE Tajiri LIVE for LIVE the LIVE WCW LIVE US LIVE Title LIVE - STEVE AUSTIN AND THE ROCK LIVE LIVE LIVE TONIGHT. LET'S GO BACK TO RAW. RHYNO (okay) charges Tajiri but Tajiri (who's in a bad mood because of those clips) moves out of the way and lays in the kicks and punches. Corner whip, reversed into a knee, powerbomb YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB TAJIRI but apparently Tajiri can't faceslam Rhyno because he doesn't go down - Tajiri backs up and hits a thrust kick to take him down. Charge, into a back elbow. Rhyno's going out and up. What doesn't seem like a wise idea gets worse when Tajiri catches up to him on the top rope. Rights stop Rhyno, and Tajiri manages to turn him around and drop him down into the Tree of Woe position, finishing it off with the sliding dropkick to the head. Back heel kick to the chest. Shout to the crowd. Rhyno frees himself, but Tajiri is there - whip, reversed into a spinebuster. Both men down. Rhyno up first and picking up Tajiri - snap suplex, cover one two kickout. Chin lock. Tajiri quickly up and out but he's thrown down by the hair. Whip, head down too soon so Tajiri kicks it, Rhyno stands up and Tajiri hits a standing spin kick to the head. Rhyno with an open hand slap. Tajiri with an open hand slap. Repeat. Al's bringing up Rhyno and Tajiri's ECW rivalry. More exchanging blows, but Tajiri gets in a deciding one - whip, reversed, handspring back elbow. Cole says that Tajiri is a former US Champ but I don't think he realizes who he lost it too. Tajiri with a (Cole: "leg scissors") 'rana, no roll up. Tajiri off the ropes, and right into a belly to belly suplex. Setting up for the Gore - Tajiri jumps jump and rests on the ropes to avoid it. It also nicely sets up the Tarantula. Referee Charles Robinson gives the five count, actually gets to five, and when Tajiri still refuses to let go, calls for the bell. (DQ 3:40) Tajiri still won't break the hold - oh now he will. There's the big kick and a big yell from Tajiri. He's out of control.

Still to come, the Rock and Stone Cold.

In the arcade, the Dudleyz scare off a couple kids so they can play the game. And then they talk about how much fun they're having playing and obviously have no idea what they're doing.

Who could show up tonight? The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Set your VCR! 

It's the Undertaker's music and video. And there's Undertaker himself, along with Kane (still in wrestling gear.) Undertaker encourages the crowd to make noise because he has nothing to say and needs to kill time. 

Lance Storm (w/Ivory, already in the ring) vs Perry Saturn (w/o Moppy 2 Hotty)- I thought I was kidding. Cole: "All the stars in WWFNY, but we're back in the arena..." I wonder if Saturn is still mad at Storm for superkicking him. Lockup. waistlock by Saturn, hammerlock by Lance, hammerlock by Saturn, headlock by Saturn, Storm pushes him into the ropes, shoulderblock by Saturn. Cole says we'll hear from Austin for the first time since he won the title. Saturn off the ropes, over, Lance's hiptoss is blocked, Saturn's is not. Saturn's elbow drop misses. Lance's elbow drop misses. Saturn with a right, whip, I guess that counts as a 'rana. Big main event for RAW but they talk about it later. Saturn is happy. Knee by Lance, knee, whip no Saturn holds on to the ropes and gives Lance a forearm. Saturn with a hammerlock (while still facing Storm) and tossing him so the locked (left) arm lands on the top rope. Saturn with a whip, spinning armbar takedown (I'm making it up) on the bad arm. Hammerlock. Lance elbows out. Whip, reversed, Saturn holds the arm to hit shoulders to Lance's left shoulder. Armdrag, and then a step over armbar. This would be a good time for Perry to bust out the Rings of Saturn but Ivory's up on the apron and yelling at Saturn. The ref wanders over, then Saturn wanders over and applies the liplock. Ivory is aghast. Storm tries to make the best of a bad situation by hitting a superkick, but Saturn catches the foot, spins Lance around, and clotheslines him. Cole tries to make a point that Saturn is in a good mood, and has been that way since he got Moppy 2 Hotty last week. Saturn off the ropes, but Ivory (still trying to cleanse her mouth) grabs a foot. Saturn turns around and gets a running knee to the back, taking him out. Lance out, apron smash. Apron shot. Stomp. Turnbuckle smash. Chop. Chop. Trash talk, and Saturn comes back with rights. Whip, Lance ducks the clothesline and goes for the waistlock, Saturn goes to the ropes, Lance rolls back, but is up to hit a jumping heel kick. Cover one kickout. Ivory is unhappy with the count. Stomp. Cole says Lance Storm is the Billy Gunn of the Alliance, but not in those words. Stomp. Stomp. Lance off the ropes, legdrop. One two kickout. That move never pins anyone. Chinlock. Saturn trying to get air (and the crowd behind him.) Saturn elbows out but Storm with a knee, whip, head down too soon, kick, Saturn with a springboard dropkick. Everyone is down. Now they're up. Lance's punch is blocked, Saturn's punch is not. Repeat. EXPLODER. Clothesline. Overhead belly to belly suplex. Off the second rope cross body, one two kickout. Lance with a jawbreaker. Saturn stagers around, tries a clothesline, Lance blocks it and hits a Northern Lights Suplex one two kickout. Nice bridge. 'rana - no, powerbomb by Saturn. Saturn gives the thumbs up to the deceased Moppy - slingshot into the corner. Storm rebounds right to Saturn, but before Saturn can hit the Moss Covered Three Handled Family Gredunza, Storm slips loose. His clothesline misses, Saturn's clothesline misses, SUPERKICK. One two three. (4:53) That kick was suitably super. Ivory helps Storm celebrate.

Earlier today, Kurt Angle signed books and talked about his book. 

Stacker 2 Jericho Chair Shot of Last Monday.

Chris Jericho and the Rock - Al says Jericho has a chance to "finnaly win the big one."

Hey, it's the Rock! He actually has a microphone so maybe this bit will go somewhere. Maybe those other bits will come back to mean something later. Maybe maybe maybe. He's wearing his Rock (#1) football jersey. Team Bring It. The crowd is still cheering. Adjust the glasses. Walk around some more. Rocky chant. Still walking around. This is exciting, oh he's going to talk now - "Finnaly, the Rock has come back to New York City! This Sunday night, No Mercy the Rock, Chris Jericho, WCW Title, no question, electrifying. I [I?] want a little message to Chris Jericho: Chris, you have no idea! But the Rock doesn't want to talk about Chris Jericho, the Rock doesn't want to talk about the WCW Title, the Rock doesn't want to talk about No Mercy, the Rock wants to talk [removes glasses] about [pause - Pie?] his day in the big Apple. Myself, and and all my WWF teammates, visiting with everybody. From the Port Authority, to the New York City Fire Department, to emergency service workers, the New York Police Department, I can honestly say that you men and women are truly the real People's Champions. [cheering pause] And after seeing their faces, after looking in their eyes, the Rock can honestly say that on behalf of the millions [crowd: "and millions"] of the Rock's fans, the Rock says that we honestly say...just bring it!" the HECK? What does that even mean? The Theme From WrestleMania plays, which can only mean Jew Cool Linda McMahon. "Ladies and gentlemen, speaking of Just Bring It, put your hands together for Linda McMahon." The bizarre(st) thing is Triple H's video is playing on the monitors during this for some reason. It started before the music so it may just be random. Rock gets a kiss on the cheek and a handshake, but Linda doesn't let him walk off stage. "[looking at the crowd or maybe something in it] Oh no Rock, you can't go anywhere. It's really really important for you to stay, to hear this announcement. Tomorrow, it will be my privilege, on behalf of all the World Wrestling Federation superstars, employees, and most importantly, the fans worldwide in the World Wrestling Federation, to present to the honorable Rudy Guillani, a check in the amount of one million dollars, to the [drowned out by crowd.]" "So to New York City and all the people in it, we smell what you're cooking."

Slim Jim WCW Tag Team Title Change of Last Monday

Raven & Justin Credible (w/Terri, already in the ring) vs the Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) for the WCW Tag Team Titles - I think they came out to Raven's stuff. Cole and Snow make a big deal about Raven and Justin being once ECW rivals but now partners, ignoring the whole year plus interval between now and then and the times they've already teamed recently. Matt and Justin start. Lockup, Justin uses the hair, begs off, and sneaks in a kick. Corner punches. Whip, head down too soon, Matt with a sunset flip, Justin tries to punch him, Matt moves and punches. Four turnbuckle smashes, Russian legsweep one tow kickout. Corner whip, Charge in no Justin gets the elbow in. Justin to the second rope - "AAAAAAAAAH" - flying ax handle is caught with a shot to the gut. Matt off the ropes and a jumping neckbreaker. Tag to Mat, double team kickdown in the corner. Jeff says hi to the crowd and goes back top punching Justin. Corner whip, reversed, Justin kips up and dropkicks Justin in the back. Kick, armbar, eye poke by Justin. Justin tags out to Raven. Raven come sin punching, whip, double leg takedown, double legdrop to the midsection. Dropkick and Raven goes out. Justin charges in and Jeff moves out of the way and pushes Justin out of the ring. Matt in, Jeff running - Poetry in Motion out of the ring and on to Raven and Justin on the floor! Raven thrown back in, Jeff follows charges, gets a drop toe hold. Justin looks to be getting the better of Matt on the outside, and Raven clotheslines Jeff and himself out of the ring on the other side. Lita over to check on Jeff, Raven over to yell at Lita, Lita backs off, and right into Justin. Cole: "Lita is sandwiched between the Alliance members..." Lita smartly slides in the ring, but Terri happens to be waiting on the top rope for her (why?) and hits her cross body - it actually works! Unfortunately, Jeff is back up and in the ring so Terri has to run off mid celebration. Jeff's looking the wrong way and doesn't see the SUPERKICK, so it works. Justin and Raven work over Jeff on the outside, finishing off with a double Russian Legsweep into the corner. Justin goes back in as Raven gets another Russian Legsweep in. Turnbuckle smash. Boot choke. Setting up - the running sliding dropkick misses and Justin crotches himself, again. Both people could use a tag, or at least a break. Tag to Raven, , who grabs Jeff's leg - reverse enzuiguri. Tag to Matt, who come sin off the rope rope with a clothesline punch. for Justin. Punch for Justin. Swinging neckbreaker for Justin. Raven with a punch, whip, reversed, Matt with a kick, slam, going up (pushing Jeff out of the way) aaaaaaaaaaaaaah legdrop. Punch for Justin. Matt waits for Raven to get up, Twist of fate - no, Raven pushes him off, Matt runs into Justin, Justin falls to the floor and Matt falls into an inside cradle one two NO. Terri argues the count as Raven clotheslines Matt. Lita going up - swinging 'rana fells Raven. Now Terri's in the ring and she's setting up Lita for the Twist of Fate. That works as well as you'd think, and Lita quickly reverses so she and Matt (on Raven) can hit Twist of Fates of their own. Swanton Bomb on Raven. Matt covers one two three. (5:10) Brian Hebner just stood there and watched all that happened - but he's a rookie so maybe he just lost control. 

Al and Cole talks about the WWF visiting various places around the NY - Al is wearing a FDNY shirt.

Booker T vs Edge (w/o Christian) - Lockup, Booker quickly goes for a knee and a forearm. Right. Right. Right. Chop. Whip, clothesline misses and Edge hits forearms. Whip, dropkick. Forearm. Forearm. Chop. Whip, reversed into a clothesline, but Edge ducks under and hits a faceslam. Cover one two kickout. Corner whip, reversed, back elbow by Edge, second rope dropkick. One two kickout. Turnbuckle smash. Up to the second rope and punches - one two three four, Booker drops him on the turnbuckle. Clothesline. Kicks to the chest, armbar, roundhouse kick, one two kickout. Booker picks him up but Edge is fighting by punches, whip, reversed, 110th Street Slam. Booker's got that look - Spinaroonie! Harlem Side Kick one two kickout. Al is shocked that Edge kicked out of the Spinaroonie. Right right right right right Booker's pulled away from the corner for using punches and Edge takes advantage with rights of his own. Whip, reversed, spinning heel  kick from Edge. Clothesline. Whip, reversed, Edge ducks the standing spin kick and hits the spear. Edge is pumped and now he's doing the hand motion - Booker's not gonna stand for that and charges, but gets a flapjack for his efforts. There's Christian (w/belt) and he's on the apron - Edge punches him down, but Booker's ready for him when he turns around - kick, off the ropes, Harlem Ax Kick is avoided, and Edge hits the Edge-O-Matic one two kickout!  Edge with a corner whip, charge in, Booker pushes him up, Edge lands on the apron and pulls down Booker by the hair. The ref checks on Booker while Edge goes up - there's Christian again and he's dropping Edge neck first on the top rope. Edge stumbles to the mat - Harlem Axe Kick. One two three. (4:01) Booker is pleased. Christian, also pleased. Edge, hurt and probably not pleased. 

It's Skull ring. Also, it's Stone Cold next.

Monday, Kurt Angle & a partner of his choosing will face Steve Austin & a partner chosen by a vote of the Alliance members. Unless Austin is smart enough to fix the vote, I'm thinking the results will be awful similar to what happened last time they tried one. 

Here's a recap of a week that was in the WWF Title. (3:47)

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra are out. Let's have this camera shot of nothing just to mix it in. The crowd chants "What?" "Every time I see that piece of footage, it makes me sick." He's talking about it being a three way match with RVD. "What? What? What? What?" Oh, that's Kurt Angle, who's found his way to the stage to annoy Austin. Most people would settle for the bum rush than going for a mocking. Austin walks over to him. "I said every time I see that footage, it makes me sick!" "What?" Security is out. "This is my time, you ain't even supposed to be out here. You take your mealy mouth ass and you go right back there! Right now!" "What?" Crowd is now going with the USA chant. Austin to them: "What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? [to Angle] You got a hearing problem? You don't [What?] understand what I'm saying?" Angle's too busy saying what and Austin's still talking a now they're staring down and now we're out.

I'm thinking they could have found a billion way better to make use of having all these guys on Heat.

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