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TV 14 LV attitude

So like there's this three way match tonight (1:15)

Wrestler Free Open

It's live and Cole isn't as excited as usual. He's not yelling LIVE or ST LOUIS but instead speaking in a loud yet calm voice. Oh, your announcers are Al Snow and Michael Cole and they'd like to talk about the WWF championship match - that's for the biggest title in all of sports entertainment. Cole does like saying "questions" and occasionally "swirling" a lot. Al provides the recap. Also, for the second biggest title in all of sports entertainment (I'm guessing), Chris Jericho takes on the Rock. Can he win the big one? Didn't he beat Goldberg that time but I guess it wasn't for the title so maybe that's why. Also, E and C and a L. Let's see how we got from No Mercy to here, skipping a lot of the boring stuff (1:35)

Coach interviews the LADDER! I kid you not. He doesn't ask any questions but does bring up that two years ago at No Mercy there was that tag team ladder match. Coach explains the rules once again and sends us back to Excess (no!) - Edge whines that Christian always started things since they were kids and he has to finish them off. The Alliance is a haven for insecure people. 

Al and Michael talk about Christian and his jealousy. Let's look at the graphic again. Twirl ladder twirl.

Still to come, the APA. Cole yells LIVE this time so he's normal.

Lugz Hurrivictory of Smackdown, and a stolen Hurricycle.

Hurricane and Molly arrive (on foot, with that belt) and complain about their stolen of Hurrivehicle. Hurricane's Hurrisenses tell him not only the hurricycle is here, but also the people who stole them. They had to take public transportation! "You ever see Superman in a subway? You ever see Batman on a bus? You ever see Captian America in a cab? What'supwiththat?" Molly reminds Hurricane that they have to concentrate on winning the tag team gold - if he's double champion, he'll be able to get a new cycle. Or maybe a chopper. Or maybe a hot air balloon. But perhaps not a Molly Mobile. They fly off to the Hurricave to strategize. 

Hey, let's look at the graphic for WCW Tag Team Titles. No Direct TV coverage, but if you're one of the first 3,000 go to, you might be able to watch it over the web. Hope you have a sweet connection. (And can go back in time.) Also, WWFNY, if you're in the area. Speaking of WWFNY, let's go back to last week where they gave a bunch of money away. (1:30)

Let's get back to that three way match. Where does RVD stand? (In the middle.) Let's see what RVD did on RAW and compare/contrast to Smackdown. (4:07)

Backstage, Mick Foley is resting on a stretcher while reading his new book. Here's Lillian Garcia to ask him if he's worried that - well, Mick cuts her off and assumes that she's asking, with Shane, Stephanie and Vince all around, the fans might just get screwed out of "a good clean finish". Mick's solution is to make the main event a no DQ match to ensure that someone will get pinned or someone will submit. I believe you can see the countout rule sitting over in the corner, crying, feeling neglected and lonely. Also, allowing interference doesn't seem to equate with a clean finish but this is the WWF so thanks for stopping by, Mick. 

Slim Jim Mist/Chokeslam through a table from Monday

Tajiri and Torrie have just arrived (that's kinda late) and are part of two HUGE matches. First the tag graphic, then the lingerie match. And then the build up to that one. This is the closest Tazz gets to this PPV, I think. I wonder if they're going to explain what exactly the rules for this match are. (1:58

Earlier today, Stacy stands on a table (why - oh so we can look at her legs) and the Dudleyz talk. I wonder why Bubba never feels an urge to powerbomb STACY thru a table but I guess we can't be consistent - Bubba does feel Stacy's leg in the midst of a comparison. Here's another graphic. They hype the feed.

Tonight, Chris Jericho and the Rock. Can Jericho get it done? He's gonna feel pretty stupid if he doesn't. (2:02)

Down to ringside and Paul Heyman and Jim Ross. Heyman gets cut off (not that he stops talking) by the music of

who better than kris kanyon & Hugh Morrus vs A.P.A. - Tickets still available for RAW tomorrow night. Wow, I wonder if I should even bother getting tickets to the WWF Christimas-ish Chicago stop if they're this easy to get. JR talks about a big traffic jam outside the arena and late arriving fans, though the building doesn't seem that empty for a pre-PPV Heat. Bradshaw and Kanyon, Kanyon forced into the corner, knee, forearm, forearm, forearm, whip, reversed, head down too soon, Bradshaw forearm. Chop. Right. Chop. Right. DDT. Cover one two kickout - why does Hugh always come in as if he's going to break it up but then stop before Kanyon kicks out? Forearm. Corner whip, charge, Kanyon gets a boot up. Kanyon starts to go up but Bradshaw forearms him and catches him up there - second rope blockbuster suplex! One two Hugh actually breaks it up this time. Bradshaw on him with strikes (Long tells Hugh to get out of the ring and he does), back to Kanyon, whip, head down too soon so Kanyon kicks it and tags out to Hugh. Hugh is immediately forearmed and Bradshaw leads him over to be tagged by Faarooq. Punches. Hugh with a knee. Corner whip, charge in to aback elbow. Farrooq to the second rope - missile shoulderblock! Cover, but Teddy takes forever to get in the right place and Faarooq has to let go at one to take care of Kanyon - spinebuster! But Hugh's up and clotheslining him. Stomp. Stomp. Forearm. Kick to the rings. Tag to Kanyon, side Russian legsweep by Kanyon, Hugh with an elbow drop. One two kickout. JR explains that the women will be wearing lingerie in the lingerie match and plays off that it may not stay on. Kick down in the corner. Hugh looks at Bradshaw and by the force of the Jedi Bradshaw is compelled to come in the ring (or maybe Hugh said something), so Hugh takes advantage with a mighty forearm. Slam. "That's it!" Going up - he's going to miss - taking his time - flying elbow drop misses what a shock. Faarooq could use a tag and he gets it. Tag to Kanyon, and he's knocked down by a running shoulderblock. Whip, back elbow. Big boot for Hugh. Whip for Kanyon, big powerslam one two kickout. Faarooq ejects Hugh and follows out. Corner whip, reversed, Charge in but Bradshaw's moved out of the - clothesline from hell. One two three. (3:26) Replays

Coming up, Billy Kidman vs Scotty 2 Hotty for the WCW Crusierweight Title and MORE on the "Stone Cold Title defense." That's one way of looking at it. Hey, perhaps they can take a new picture for Kidman since he changed his outfit before he even got injured. 

JR gives his stamp of approval on Subway. Also, but not Direct TV.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Kidman for the WCW Crusierweight Title - Scotty is 203 pounds, and has a new denim trench coat to match new pants. Kidman is 215 pounds. I only point this out to figure out what weight limit they're going with right now. An added bonus is saying "Kidman is 12 pounds heavier than Scotty 2 Hotty? No way!" Lockup no Kidman will kick and forearm. Whip, clothesline misses, Scotty with a kick, snap suplex (on the second lift.) Kip up, moonwalk. Yell to crowd and Kidman jumps up and forearms Scotty from behind. Kick. Corner whip, Kidman charges in but Scotty gets an elbow up. Scotty goes to the center of the ring and gets that look - why not, it's only :35 in. Off the ropes but Kidman catches him in the Ski Hi. No cover, Kidman slowly up. Forearm. Corner whip, splash misses and Scotty gives him a flapjack. Kidman up first and tries a clothesline but Scotty ducks under and punches. Right. Backdrop. Kick wham DDT. One two kickout. Suplex no Kidman goes behind and a reverse cradle one two kickout. Kidman clothesline misses and Scotty hits the superkick one two shoulder up. Scotty is very annoyed at the count. "THREE!" Scotty gets that look again - off the ropes, Kidman ducks under, kick to the stomach, backslide feet on the second rope one two three. (2:03) Wait a minute, I thought Kidman was a cool dude like RVD. Scotty is unhappy and complains to Charles Robinson then gets that look - two handed bulldog, W O R M. Play Scotty's music. But Kidman's still the champ.

One last look at Jericho and Rock, but we'll end with a video package of that Stone Cold Title Defense (~4:00)

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