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If you thought I was in a down mood during Jakked, you should've seen me after I found out my CMLL report was wiped out. Ay yi yi yi yi.

One Year Ago, Larry Musso recapped William Regal keeping his European Title but losing to Hardcore Champ Steve Blackman by DQ, T&A&T lose to the Hardyz, thanks to a little help from Crash, and a whole lot of Fozzy. 

TV PG LV Attitude Wrestler Free Open

LIVE WWFNY whatever. Al Snow (Book of the Week: Atlantis) and Michael Cole are enthused about the WWF's recent success (that last hour of Smackdown was a blur) and the three title matches tonight. It all leads up to Survivor Series and a match, which may or may not include wrestlers.

X-Factor (w/WWF Light Heavyweight Title) vs Justin Credible and Raven (w/Terri) - Oh boy, time for sudden recollections of old feelings. This could've been a feud, you know? Perhaps not the biggest heated one or the best wrestled one but you know, it would have given things for these people to do. Cole promises more on the Shane/Vince street fight tonight, oh goody. Al terms this match "pivotal" in setting momentum tonight. Terri's breasts are pivotal. I dunno anymore. X-Pac and Raven. Crowd cheers for X-Pac Sucks. Lockup, X-Pac with the spastic headlock, off the ropes, still on, hammerlock, Raven backs him into the corner. Al and Michael say X-Pac "is looking for respect", which probably isn't a good sign for his career. Elbow by Raven, and shoulders to the gut. Cole has one of those weird memories where he can remember the (not so epic) Raven/Justin Credible feud of 15 months ago but still hasn't pointed out that Justin used to be friends with those other two guys. X-Pac ducked a clothesline and hit his corner combo - here comes the Bronco Buster but Justin is in and spin kicked down. Raven with the clothesline and that stops that. Tag to Justin, hold for a kick. Rights to the head by Justin, who celebrates. X-Pac tags in Albert while Justin is being happy. Justin is no longer happy. Tag to Raven, no, Raven's in the midst of an important conversation with Terri and simply can not come in right now. Just is upset and Albert's just waiting for him. Justin tries begging off, doesn't work, then tries running, which does work. Rights, as Al finnaly remembers why Justin's tights look like X-Pac's. Of course, Justin's punches aren't enough to stop Albert and he gets his turn. corner whip, Justin flip (in the ring), into a press slam, dropped onto Raven. Justin clotheslined out. Cole calls Albert "a moose."  Catapult into the second rope for Raven. Albert goes out, retrieves Justin, and tags in X-Pac. Hold for a kick. Chop. Chop. Whip, reversed, Raven gets a leg up and Justin hits his backspin DDT. One two no. Turnbuckle shot. Tag to Raven. Raven with punches. Corner whip, rebound clothesline. Calling X-Pac up - Mr. Wrestling #2 Kneelift knocks X-Pac out of the ring. Raven slides out, walks over to X-Pac and slams his head into the stairs. X-Pac thrown in and pushed into the Alliance corner. Tag to Justin. Hold for a kick. Turnbuckle shot. X-Pac fights back with kicks and punches but one knee stops that. Boot choke. Pulling powerbomb one two kickout. Tag to Raven. Albert is stomping the mat to get any one to cheer for X-Factor. Sadly, no one does. Double beating, double whip, double clothesline misses, double clothesline by Raven. X-Pac (X-Pac's favorite wrestler) crawls for a tag, looking for the fans to cheer him to his corner, and the fans do cheer, when they show Terri bouncing. Tag to Albert. Right for Justin. Right for Raven. Clothesline for Justin. Scissors kick for Raven. Whip, clothesline misses on Justin, lunging shoulderblock does not. Albert yells for Justin to get up, forgetting that he's not the legal guy, and unaware that Terri is going to the top. He is aware before she actually goes off the top and easily catches her - press slam! No, double leg trip by Justin and Raven and Terri falls safely on top. Double suplex? No. But for Albert, yes! Baldo Bomb on Justin but Raven with a sledge to the back before Albert can drop him. X-Pac's taking a nap in the corner, I think. Clothesline and Raven and Albert go out. Now X-Pac's all alert - kick wham X-Factor BLOCKED SUPERKICK! one two no Albert breaks it up. Albert resumes where he left off with Justin (Baldo Bomb) and Raven breaks it up again. Raven off the ropes, right into the Baldo Bomb. Albert doesn't bother to hold on to cover and is actually pushing Raven away with Justin dropkicks him to break up the non-pin. On a second look, it doesn't look like Raven does much in the way of moving after the move and Albert and the ref pause to check on him, but if the ref is just shoving him out of the ring like that, I think he's probably just selling. X-Factor on Justin, and Albert follows with the big splash. One Two Three. (5:40) Justin wasn't the legal man, yep. I think X-Pac pushed down Albert to make it all the more devastating. 

Moments ago, Shawn Stasiak arrived. He's been using his injury time (five weeks) to take a class on being concentration - Stone Cold told him that if he was more focused, he'd be at the top of this business. Ooops, he fell down the stairs and hurt his ankle. 

Cole and Snow makes jokes. Al thinks Stasiak is dumb, you know. Later, Test vs Edge.

1-800-Call ATT and tell them about the new tag team champions last Monday

How can these two co-exist? 

Moments ago, Shawn Stasiak fell down some stairs. I was shocked that he didn't say "I've fallen and I can't get up" because it seems just fresh enough for the WWF. The "fall" looks even better this time and the acting, oh the acting. 

Now, Stasiak is icing his ankle and elbow. And really being specific on his cheeseburger. He's a healthy eater and that's good to know.

Coming up later, Test vs Edge for the IC Title. Coming up next, Kanyon (Invasion MVP shirt) vs Bradshaw for the E Title. Al gets cut off in the middle of a joke. 

who betta than krhis kanyon vs Bradshaw for the WWF European Title - There's the (older) graphic. Circle. Lockup, push in the corner by Bradshaw. Right, knee, headlock, pulling the middle, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Strangely, Al just called Kanyon "innovative." HOLY CRAP BRADSHAW LA MAJISTRAL CRADLE one two NO but he just won some cash, I bet. It was the slowest La Majistral in the history of man but it counts. Right by Kanyon, so Bradshaw nails him in the throat. Smackdown Your Vote Rally Monday at the University of Louisville, 12PM and 1PM. If you're just finding out now, it's probably to late. Whip, clothesline misses, Kanyon does a cross body so Bradshaw can catch him and throw him. Kanyon rolls all the way out while Bradshaw takes a break. Bradshaw out. Kanyon with a nice trip as Bradshaw tries to attack from behind. Stair shot. Thrown in. Kanyon covers one two no. Whip, head down too soon so Bradshaw hits in. Chop right chop right no Kanyon blocks that one and turns into a swinging neckbreaker. One two no. Kanyon's holding his right shoulder but I don't remember when that happened. Maybe he landed on it. The announcers have even noticed it so I feel dumb. Russian legsweep. Kanyon going up but Bradshaw is quickly recovering - crotched. Bradshaw with a shot to the back - back superplex! Both men down. One two three four five Bradshaw up first and hits a headbutt. Whip, clothesline misses, lunging shoulderblock hits. Whip, big boot. Whip, powerslam. One two no. Eye rake by Kanyon. Corner whip, charge in he'll miss and Bradshaw hits the clothesline. One two three. (3:51) They thought it'd look dumb if they did four straight Bradshaw whip spots so they changed it up, you see. Bradshaw celebrates. Where's Faarooq?

Coming up, Test and Edge. But next, Hurricane and Tajiri.

There's a skit where Stasiak is dumb and has bad luck here - he gets hit by a door. There's the punchline. Cole and Snow find it hilarious. 

the Hurricane (w/Mighty Molly) vs Tajiri (w/Torrie and Last Monday) for the WCW Cruiserweight Title - He got to be champion and he didn't even have to do that tryout match with Super Crazy; that Tajiri is a smart man. Cole goes on about Al being really funny doing commentary in the locker room on the lingerie match at No Mercy. Circle. Pose. Lockup, Hurricane with a waistlock, Tajiri with a waistlock, Hurricane with an armdrag, legtrip, cover for zero (Tajiri does a token "push off" but it's completely transparent), Tajiri with the leg trip, cover for zero (looked better but had a kinder angle), Hurricane with the armdrag, Tajiri with the armdrag, Tajiri with a kip up, plead for claps pose spot. Hurricane ask for the handshake, gets it, and gives an eye poke. Kick to the back of the leg leg, repeat, whip, reversed, Tajiri hiptoss blocked so he just kicks him in the face. Chop. Open hand slap. Hurricane push in the corner, open hand slap. Chop. Tajiri escapes, walks away, and hits a back thrust kick. Whip, reversed, handspring elbow no Hurricane was supposed to reverse it to a reverse neckbreaker but it was muffed. This match must've looked a lot better when they ran through it earlier that day. Cover one two kickout. Hurricane goes for the suplex, and hits it. Pose, off the ropes, legdrop. Pick up, snap mare, pushed down (why did he pick him up if he was going to do such a light move to put him back down?), up to the second rope, fistdrop, one two kickout. Tajiri up and comes back with fists but runs right into the thrust kick. Hurricane goes to the apron so Molly can put the cape on (wait, why does he need it now and he didn't need a couple seconds ago?), up to the top rope and right into the stomach kick. No attempt to make it look like he was actually going for something. Spinning heel kick. Tajiri is getting pumped. Slap exchange, Tajiri wins. Hurricane poses and tries again, so Tajiri locks him into a airplane spin like hold. Hurricane is stretched on Tajiri's back (instead of the shoulders) and spun around quite a few times. Hurricane tries to pose and is too dizzy. Tajiri with a quick "kick caught, enzuiguri not" one two kickout. Corner whip, reversed, Hurricane charges in and gets the Tarantula. Molly into argue about it (no DQ), now Torrie in and slapping Molly. Molly with a kick, pulling Torrie buy her arm, corner whip, reversed, and Molly gets the Tarantula. Hurricane breaks it up, then goes up (no cape) - flying sunset flip but Tajiri rolls through, dropkicks Hurricane in the face, then kicks him in the head. One two three. (4:10) The WWF is 3-0.

Coming up next, Test vs Edge

Slim Jim IC Title Win of Last Sunday

this is a Test vs you think you know Edge for the IC Title - Let's take a moment to look at Stasiak with even more ice. Oooh, the new graphic for the IC Title. Test is the MVP of the Alliance, I've been told. You know how much more effective (which is pretty much "at all") that line would be if they just said "Test is the MVP of the Alliance because blah blah blah blah." Blah blah blah blah is more of a reason than they've given. Lockup. Pushing Edge into the corner. Forearm by Test. Elbows. Corner whip. Test charges into an elbow. Edge charges out, Test tries a clothesline, then politely stands there as Edge turns it into a bulldog. One two kickout. Forearm. Whip, reversed, hiptoss blocked, hiptoss blocked, Edge with a shot to the gut and tries the flip out escape but into a 'rana and it's spectacularly blown. Cover one two kickout. Right. Right. Right no Test ducks and hits his full nelson slam. The announcers talk about Edge and Christian as a means to get to the RAW match. Cover one two kickout. Punches to the head. Turnbuckle smash. MVP MVP MVP I'm gonna start calling him Dale Toreborg if they don't shut up about it. (Note to wannabe recappers: Obscure Thunder references beat Obscure WWF 90's references.) Corner whip, charge in clothesline. Repeat. Hey Test you wanna cover him? No. Okay. Pulling him up, hanging vertical suplex. One two no. Whip, clothesline misses, now it's an exchange of punches. Edge wins somehow. Whip, immediately reversed into a sidewalk slam. He's going up! And he's jumping into a dropkick. X-Box replay. one two three four five six both up. Blocked, not blocked. Blocked, not bock. Miss, not missed. Off the ropes, clothesline. Clothesline. Duck, spinning heel kick. One two no Test kicks out. Whip, hiptoss, blocked, Edge going for the 'rana again but Test reverses into a powerbomb. One two no. They might want to have someone successfully hit spots like that multiple times if I'm to be at all surprised when they're reversed but perhaps that's too much. Test waiting for Edge to get up - big boot is ducked, spear! One two he's no Rhyno. Test up but holding his ribs - kick wham no reversed into a knee to the gut, pumphandle no Edge (awkwardly) falls behind - Edge-O-Matic. One two NO. Both men struggling to get up but Edge clotheslines them both out. They way they're taking their time on the floor there, hmm, well, one two three four five six seven eight nine (up and punching each other) ten. (DCO 5:38) Test drops Edge on the barricade neck first, then goes into argue the sudden reinstatement of the countout rule. Test decides to kill Timmy White, but Edge is back in - kick wham Buzzkill. Oh wait, now it's the Edgeacution. JR will still not call it. You think they'll do a program with these two? You think they'll remember this tomorrow? Eh.

Here's a promo for RAW that features very few wrestlers.

Here's a video package to hype that match. Whatever (6:15)

That's it.

I heard they were going to ask Shawn his feelings on (his first name being changed AND) his good buddy and former tag team partner Chuck Palumbo getting fired on Smackdown, but darn it, they ran out of time.

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